Lil School Update

Hey friends, just decided to give a bit of a life update and tell you all how school is going for me since I somehow survived the first week back.

As mentioned in one my earlier posts, I had been put on the waitlist for some classes. Unfortunately I am still on the waitlist to have a later chem lab. Ugh. So tomorrow morning I will be in the lab bright and early at 8am. Woot. On the bright side however, I’ll be done with class no later than 11 and will basically have the whole day to relax, do homework, etc. So, I suppose it isn’t the end of the world. Also, I somehow got dropped out of my history class and don’t know how… I’m on the waitlist for it again so we’ll see how it ends up.

Back to school is always a fun time. Donning my red hair and seeing everyone I hadn’t seen in a month as great. I missed California and after a week, I am back in the swing of things. I made a schedule for my day and instead of confusing you all with numbers and days I’ll copy and paste it here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 5.48.22 PM

That’s all for my update.

See you all soon


P.S. I chose a bank: US Bank

P.P.S. I made an instagram specifically for the blog if you want to follow @buddhisttvegann


home again home again jiggity jig

Long time no blog. This post is a few days overdue but here it is. I am back in San Diego and very happy about that. It’s weird though. Both times I have left Chicago for San Diego, I have gotten a weird feeling the night before and the entire morning up until getting on the plane. I can’t quite explain what that exact feeling is. Perhaps not one, but a mixture. Perhaps this swirl of emotions is a combination of excitement, anxiety, fear, anticipation, exhaustion, and confusion. Of course I’m excited to be back in San digeo, my new home because of the people and things to do/ see. I’m anxious that I could have possibly forgotten something at home or forgot to see someone. I’m fearful that I did these as well and fear that I could miss my flight or my friends wouldn’t return 2nd semester. Anticipation to be back in my comfy cozy dorm, exhaustion because I got a solid 2 hours of sleep the night before I left due to all of these emotions, and finally confusion. Confusion because of these emotions and why the mere sight of my dog that morning caused me to cry.

Leaving home, my solace throughout the last 10 years is weird. Not bad weird, because leaving is a sign of moving on… but good weird. Weird isn’t the proper term. Surreal is. Going to school and then having a tease of a month that seems like you never left in the first place. Surreal is the only way to describe. Waking up in my dorm this morning with my roommate getting ready for the gym was surreal. The fact that I can’t wake up at 11 or 2 and then just lay around my house with my dog all day. Surreal. All of it. Leaving my dog, sister, friends, and family.I don’t mind it. I’ll be back in the groove of things within a week and it’ll seem as though break and never happened.

Going to college 2500 miles from home and only being able to go home a select number of times throughout the year has taught my many times. One, that time goes by fast and these breaks while they seem as though they never happened, will give me everlasting memories and that I must appreciate the time I have with them. From Christmas festivities, New Years Parties, late night Denny’s run, or even just dinner with my grandparents. I have learned to appreciate time and that I won’t remember every little detail of break or use my time wisely every day (staying up until 6am and waking up at 3pm) I have learned to appreciate time because I won’t always be living in Chicago. As much as I love it there and the people and everything to do I would prefer to not be a human popsicle in the winter.

Anyway, back to this surreal feeling. Besides the mix of emotions, it may also be a feeling of growing up, or maybe leaving a place where I hated initially but have grown to love, or maybe leaving the familiarity of a place. Despite it, it completely disappears when I sit down at my gate alone at the airport.

Then comes excitement. The excitement that I can leave my house with wet hair and not become a walking icicle, Excitement about 2nd semester, and seeing my roommate, and all of my friends, and just being able to explore a new place again (Just because I can tell you every coffee shop in a 20 mile radius doesn’t mean I know San Diego completely haha).

After getting off of the plane I get a feeling of relief. Relief that the guy next to me on the plane was hot, didn’t smell, and talked to me abut his life and asked me about mine for a good portion of the flight. Relief that I didn’t die on the plane. Relief that soon my backpack and luggage that is crammed full with books, clothes, food, etc., made it to San Diego safely, and that it didn’t burst despite all of my thoughts and that I made my sister sit on both of my suitcases so I could zip them. Relief that after a short uber ride I would be in my dorm and would be able to relax, unpack, and wait for the arrival of my roommate

Upon arriving to my dorm, exhaustion hits. It’s only 1 San Diego time but I woke up at 330 in the morning San Diego time. And after only 2 hours of sleep and a series o short naps on the plane, exhaustion probably isn’t a harsh enough word. Exhaustion from lugging my bags all over the place and my back hurting from all of the textbooks in it. Exhaustion from traveling and being yelled at by TSA people and just exhaustion from being uncomfortable on the plane. All I want to do is sleep but my 2 suitcases that are bursting at the seams are crying out, “Alicia, unpack us please” I know I have to do so much but my bed looks so comfortable. I push forth and unpack my bags. Once all of my things have been put away neatly, and my suitcases are back under my bed awaiting for spring break, content is the only thing I feel. I’m content that I am in San Diego. Content with my neat room and that I have nothing left to pack. Content that I can sprawl out in my bed and not me crammed in a plane. Content that the only thing on my agenda is telling people  I made it to the dorm safely. I am content with me. I am content. I am content with being content.

Talk to you all soon



New hair… Follow up

Well friends, hello. So, as yo all saw in my most recent post. I dyed my hair yesterday and am absolutely in love wit it. Most of the people I know enjoy it or at least saying they like it for ,y sake. However some people have expressed their disgust for it. I decided to share my findings on red/pink hair lovers, and judgemental pricks whom I have no time for. here we go

My mom: She did it for me so she can’t hate it too much. She thinks it’s weird because she isn’t use to it

My dad: Very judgemental man but is just content that it isn’t permanent (yet)

My sister: I’m not too sure. She hated it when we were in the midst but enjoys me pretending to be Princess Fiona from Shrek when I use my face mask

My grandma: “Red hair??” Not negative or positive, merely shocked

My grandpa: “Getting ready to go back I see” was his initial response… Midway through dinner and he chimed in with “Going for the Raggedy Ann look but with longer hair.” I thought it was funny

My aunt: “wow that is pink” She wasn’t a fan

Her husband: “That is a wig… right?” wasn’t a fan either

My mom’s facebook friends:

  • “Read head rock! ;)” thanks
  • “Is that Aztec red from L’oreal?” get it bc I’m an aztec
  • Lovely so different” my neighbor is rad
  • “Rebel!’ my great aunt is cute
  • “:o”
  • “Well, I DID love the blond…”
  • “Wow!!! You are gorgeous in any color.” THANKS  AUNT PAM
  • “Oh shit! You are beautiful, don’t screw with it!” BYE
  • “I dyed my hair red too” he has no hair
  • “I wish I saw your dad’s face”
  • “Yummy”
  • “Marisa (my parents’ friends’ 3 year old) said she likes it!” which is actually the only opinion I cared for

My friends:

  • “ilysm youre the coolest for having fun hair (like I used to… sigh”
  • “alicia you look so good!!!”
  • “it looks so good!!! (heart eye emoji)”
  • “I hate it haha” u r irrelevant bye
  • “I see you’ve joined me in the red head club”
  • “It looks amazing! what made you do it?”
  • “I love it lol didn’t think you had the balls to”
  • “I dig this”
  • “^^I agree”
  • “hey I think u fell asleep on cotton candy…… I LOVE IT”
  • “Suite life of Zack and Cody” refe0rring to my caption
  • “Aww now your just like me <3” wrong your omg
  • “Love”
  • “OMG I love it”
  • “I get you and your references” referring to my caption
  • “Dead.” referring to my caption
  • “Looks like you’re living the suite life” referring to my caption
  • “what’s the capital of Honduras” referring to my caption


Anyway here is what people have to say. However, all that matters is that I love it which I do

Talk to you all soon

Alicia 🙂


P.S. This gif is literally me and my hands rn



New Year… New Hair

Yes, I hate myself for the title of this post just as much as you do. But anyway, I do have some new hair.

For quite a while now, I have wanted to try out a new hair color… a red hair color. I have always wanted to and never had the guts. Today, I grew a set and dyed my hair. Well, my mom dyed my hair. I went to Target and bought a temporary red hair dye- temporary because I wasn’t sure I would like red hair… But I love it. Kind of sad that it’s not longer lasting. I love it so much and am so glad I did it. So, here’s a few (maybe a lot) of pictures I took of my new hair. Hope y’all like it as much as I do.

That’s all for today folks.

See you all soon

Alicia 🙂


Things I’ve Learned

Hi guys, here is a late night/early morning post depending on where in the world you all are. I just wanted to discuss what I have learned since leaving for college…

  1. Living away from home is an experience that everyone needs
  2. College food kind of sucks
  3. Coffee is so much better at small cafes than Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts
  4. But Starbs is always good
  5. Having an entire day with no class is a blessing and a curse
  6. Quality friends over quantity
  7. People who only talk to you when it’s convenient for them are not the type of people you need
  8. Friends from home will be friends for life
  9. However there will be a break or two that you don’t see them
  10. And that’s okay, They still love and miss you
  11. Get your homework done early…
  12. Go out and have fun… It’s college and you’ll never get those days back
  13. But make sure you know when to stop
  14. Make decisions for yourself, based on what you want… no one else
  15. Boys are dumb and you are a strong independent black woman who don’t need no man
  16. Clean early and then you don’t have to clean so much at one time
  17. Buy that pair of shoes you’ll love them and will always regret not buying them
  18. Keeping a schedule/ planner is the best thing in the world
  19. Exercising is so good for you, and you will never regret a workout
  20. What people say about you don’t matter, what only matters is what you say about yourself.

That’s all for tonight

Talk to you all soon



Finding a Bank

Hi guys, as mentioned in my old post, my ex boss stole all of my money and as a result I am not able to bank at my prior bank Chase. I’ve been on the lookout for new bank and I’ve decided to talk about it here and see if any of my followers have any ideas for banks.Or what bank you use/ what bank is perfect for a college student.



  1. Don’t need to put money in every month or whatever
  2. Convenient ATM/ bank branch close/on campus
  3. No minimum balance fee
  4. Easy access so my parents can deposit money
  5. Nationwide bank so I can use it after college
  6. Free checks and debit cards
  7. Phoneapp


Options for banking

  1. Bank of America
  2. Citibank
  3. Navy Federal Credit Union
  4. Wells Fargo
  5. U.S. Bank
  6. PNC Bank
  7. Bank X
  8. Mountain America Credit Union
  9. TD Bank
  10. Fifth third
  11. Capital One
  12. Suntrust
  13. BB&T


Banks Available in San Diego,Chicago, and Phoenix

  1. Bank of America
  2. BMO harris – CHI and PHX only
  3. Citibank- CHI and SD only
  4. US Bank
  5. wells Fargo


So followers, what do you all recommend??

Talk to you all soon



2nd Semester

Hey guys. My university used to have this thing called crashing where if a class was filled up, you could show up to the class and ‘crash’ it. You would give the professor your name and he/she would make a wait list and if a student dropped the class, the crashers would be put on. This is based on who actually cares enough about the class to actually show up and who really want/need this class in their schedule. However, as of spring 2016,they decided to switch it up and create a waitlist online. While it benefited me, I know a lot of seniors who aren’t registering until tomorrow or the 14th who need classes to graduate and they are going to be #30 on the waitlist. This makes it a very low chance that they will get the class they need. So, while it has benefited me this semester, it may not benefit me in the semesters to come.

Enpugh about the waitlist, here’s my tentative schedule for next semester

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 6.46.39 PM

or how about an easier version of a timetable view

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 6.47.51 PM


However I’m hoping to get a different chem lab which would start at 11 on Tuesday so that my earliest class everyday is 11 because


Also,  my Africana studies 140  class; I hope it can move to 1530-1645 on Monday and Wednesday, and not shown there is my online class.

So, there is my schedule for the semester. If I do get off of the waitlist, I’ll let you guys know if/when it happens

Talk to you all soon




My all time Favorite Coffee Shops in San Diego


Hi guys, so in case this hasn’t been prevalent, I Love coffee and whenever I can, I am trying new coffee shops and different things at these shops. So, I’m going to make a list of my top 5 favorite coffee shop in San Diego, and my favorite things from there. If anyone has any coffee shops that I should try in the San Diego, Phoenix, or Chicagoland areas please let me know!!

  1. Coffee and Tea Collective
  • Favorite thing:  Soy Latte
Soy Latte
Soy Latte
  1.   Lestat’s Coffee House
  • Favorite thing: Vegan Cupcakes


  1.   Heartwork Coffee Bar
  • Favorite thing: Soy Iced Mocha


  1.   Dark Horse Coffee Roasters
  • Favorite thing: Iced Tea/ donuts (THEY ARE VEGAN!!!!!!)

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 3.01.13 PM

  1.   Cafe Italia
  • Favorite thing: Soy Mocha
I didn't take a picture of my coffee but this was about a block away from it
I didn’t take a picture of my coffee but this was about a block away from it


There you all have it… My favorites. Do you guys agree or have suggestions?

Let me know

Talk to you all soon

Alicia 🙂


P.S. While searching for a featured image I found a bunch of hilarious coffee gifs and thought I would share

1314811785_cockatiel_vs_stirring_coffee giphy-3 Best-Coffee-GIF-2015 giphy-2 giphy-1


Tourist in my own city

Hi guys,

With just a little over a week left in Chicago before my 2nd semester at San Diego State, I have realized how fortunate I am to live in 2 of the top 10  largest cities in the United States. I have taken so many photos of my time in San Diego and all the explorations I have done there, yet never realized how amazing Chicago is. So, I’m going to make a nice lil compilation post about my explorations of Chicago since I’ve been home.

There you all have it.. me being a tourist everywhere I go

Talk to you all soon



Dorm DIYs

Hey guys. Being a college girl, we all want fun and decorated rooms, but we don’t have tons of money to spend on these things. So basically, I decided to make some DIY dorm room decorations and post what I did on here for you all to  see.

What I did was just add my own fun twist to two pieces of wood (& sign and arrow) that I bought at Target. Very simple but very cute at the same time


All of my materials needed (all bought from target) Tic Tacs optional 😉

Wooden Arrow

For the wooden arrow, I bought dry erase tape and the arrow wood piece at Target to create a dry erase arrow. This will look very cute outside of my room at home by putting my name on it or will alo look very cute at school on my desk with my daily tasks or random thoughts on it.


  1. Wooden piece (can be an arrow like mine or even an initial or just a square)
  2. Dry erase tape(or chalkboard tape if you prefer)
  3. Scotch Tape- for securing the Dry erase tape on the back of the wood
  4. Optional- Washi Tape for decorating around the arrow.

Step 1- Measure out the dry erase tape based on the length of the arrow and cut accordingly


Step 2- remove the bottom of the dry erase tape revealing the sticky side. Place the tape on the wooden piece


Step 3- Cut off excess tape or fold over the tape to the back of the wood


Step 4- Use Scotch tape to firmly secure the excess tape on the sides and back of wood

Step 5- Optional… Cover the rim of the wood with Washi Tape for additional support and a little pop to the piece

Step 6- Begin writing on your new mini White board


Project 2- & sign decorations


  1. Wooden piece (like mentioned before can be & but can be anything else too)
  2. Washi Tape

Step 1. Begin in the middle of the sign my measuring out tape, ripping tape, and placing on sign

Step 2. Continue with this method alternating with as many patterns of washi tape until the whole & is covered

Step 3. Finish by covering the siding of the sign with washi tape for support

Finished. Now you have a super cute letter/sign/symbol in your room. I chose the & because it is the symbol of my fave coffee shop (Coffee &Tea Collective) which you can read about here. And if I do end up going to ASU I’ll always have a little piece of C&T with me.



Here we have the finished pieces and a very fun dorm room. I may continue with these DIY posts or at least do a few more

Hope you all enjoyed

Talk to you all soon

Alicia 🙂