That crazy blonde man with the flow

Hi everyone, with the Iowa caucus in a little less than a month, I just decided that I would rant a bit about a fellow who is somehow leading the republican race. Now, before I begin I would like to point out a few things before you trumpers begin to tear this post apart. Yes I am a very left wing Democrat. I am pro-choice, pro gun control, feminist, and pro obamacare (not that it doesn’t have its flaws… what doesn’t) and most importantly anti racism, and anti removal of all Muslims.

Wow, some of you may be thinking. This girl has no idea what she is talking about and just wants Bernie to win the presidential election just like all other teenagers and people in their early to mid 20s. Well, for your information, you’re wrong. I started caring about politics when politics started affecting my life. yes, obviously it has always affected my life, however when I’m terrified of walking down the street because I don’t know who might have a conceal and carry weapon with them and could possibly kill me with the slightest flick of their finger,that’s an issue to me. When old crotchety men have more of a say about my body and every other women’ body than we do, there is an issue. When we blame every single Muslim individual for the actions of a mere few thousand of them but can’t blame every gun owner for the same number of violent killers, there is a problem. When all people want to do is protect the 2nd amendment right that was written over 200 years ago, there is an issue. When the 3rd amendment is no longer necessary, doesn’t that mean that other amendments (cough having a gun wherever you go) could also be voided. Or is some random teenager who actually is educated and knows what she is talking about just as clueless as Donald Trump?

No, a Republican candidate is not the ideal presidential candidate for me personally, I would pick any Republican candidate over Donald Trump any day. ANY DAY. Yet, somehow, Donald Trump is in the lead. We can spend millions of dollars building a wall at the US and Mexico border, get rid of 12 million Mexican immigrants, ban every Muslim individual from entering the United states, and became the epitome of racism, but a woman who was raped, can’t afford a child, etc. can’t get an abortion… Children can’t get a proper education and elderly people and impoverished people can’t get sufficient health care? Since when did “And freedom and justice for all” a phrase uttered by millions of children in public schools across the country every day at 8am become “and freedom and justice for those who can afford it?”

Rant over. That’s all.

Talk to you all soon

Alicia 🙂

P.S. If you have an questions about my views or Donald Trump, don’t be afraid to comment or as me on my tumblr


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