If we were having coffee [2]

Hi all. I realized I’ve only posted a handful in 2019. From “Hi I’m in Spain” to “Hi, my life’s a mess” I’ve been struggling with the whole posting thing. I’ve been struggling with the whole writing thing as well. I wrote here and there for the blog with my friends [shameless plug] but I do miss sitting in a coffee shop, blank word document in front of me, with an iced coffee in my hand, which is something I haven’t done in MONTHS. So, as I sit here, in my favorite coffee shop at home, I want to take a bit of time to share with all of you my latest life update. Grab a coffee, a pastry or two, and listen to my whole life from the past few months.

If we were having coffee I finished my junior year of college! I’ve posted since this, but I never really talked about my semester from hell. Eight classes, a job, two exec boards, and the most stress I’d ever been under AND I FINISHED STRONG. I finished with 7 As and only one B+, a second job, and a lot less on my plate for the fall. I’d also mention that this will be my last semester on OU’s campus but I’ll get to that in a little bit 😉


If we were having coffee I’d tell you about my other blog with my two best friends! I’ve mentioned my other blog LVNG Limitless in the past but I want to talk about it more! I absolutely adore my two friends and this blog that started with a text message. My two friends Grace and Hannah and I now manage a team of 10 other ladies, edit blog posts and photos, and put out weekly content [every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday]. I love this blog and Live Pulchritudinously will ALWAYS and forever be my child but it is nice to have this blog as well with some of my favorite people.

If we were having coffee I would tell you about my trip to Spain! I spent eight weeks in Toledo Spain with 22 of my new best friends. I took three classes, explored Spain on the weekends, improved my Spanish, and just furthered my longing to travel the world. I cannot wait to go back to my third home, Toledo.


If we were having coffee I’d tell you how I spent my 22ndbirthday in Paris, the best birthday I’ve ever had. I hate birthdays usually and I always dread my birthday. I always make up these scenarios for my perfect birthday and then get so disheartened whenever they don’t come true. This year though, WOW. I spent my actual birthday with a two-day celebration [I KNOW] surrounded by over half of my new best friends with Italian food, drinks, and so many laughs. Then, the day after my birthday I headed to Paris for an amazing weekend of art, history, and BREAD. I could easily live in Paris and it has taken the cake for my favorite city I’ve ever been to.


If we were having coffee that I got bangs! I’ve been wanting bangs for about 10 months now and I finally got them! I am obsessed with them and might keep them for a while. Hot take: bangs actually look good on everyone and people say they’re ugly because they just get flashbacks to fifth grade when they didn’t know how to style their greasy rat’s nest and remember those bangs instead of the super cute bangs that I am now and forever rocking.

If we were having coffee I’d let you all know that I’m going abroad again next Spring! As I mentioned above, this fall will be my last semester at OU. That’s because I will be completing my student teaching abroad: I’m not sure where and I’m sure the exact days but I will be finding out sometime this fall and will update as such. I can’t wait to cross another country off my travel list as well as teach Spanish in another country!

If we were having coffee I’d share that I’m doing the best mentally that I have in years! I don’t know if it’s visiting a new place [Spain] or making a drastic appearance change [bangs] or what but I’m doing so well + I’m stoked!! It’s been years since I’ve been this genuinely happy + I’m hoping this sticks around for a good while.

If we were having coffee, what would you share with me?


Spain Recap Vlog

Hi all! I want to make a final wrap up on Spain in writing, however, I’m also trying to work on my editing skills to hopefully one day run a YouTube channel. So, for now, enjoy this video of my Spain trip [while you’re on my channel check out my Peru vlog too 🙂 ]

Much love,


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