Things I’ve learned… Relationship edition

Nov. 11: What are five funny (but real) things your current relationship has taught you?

Good afternoon everyone. I’m currently single so this is what I have learned from my last relationship/ current state of being single.

  1. Having control of your own time and schedule is such a blessing. Not having to worry about someone else’s time is just one less weight off my own shoulders.
  2. I can shave whenever the hell I want when I’m single.  If I don’t want to shave for a month then I don’t have to.
  3. When you’re single you can do what you want with your body, clothes, makeup, etc. Men always seem to have an opinion on what clothes you wear, what your hair looks like, what makeup/ how much makeup you put on your face. While it doesn’t impact them and they should have no say in the matter yet they still seem to think they do.
  4. My friends and I should be hired by the FBI. When my ex-boyfriend got a new girlfriend I knew where she was from, about her family, even that she had a cat named after her favorite book as a kid. Or when I almost got into another relationship we knew everything about that guy hence why I am not dating him nor ever did date him.
  5. Dogs are better at listening to feelings than your significant other. They may leave you when food is around but so would he so what’s the difference?

Basically what I have learned from my past relationships and life currently is that you are better off alone. Men need you but you don’t need them.


Things I’ve Learned

Hi guys, here is a late night/early morning post depending on where in the world you all are. I just wanted to discuss what I have learned since leaving for college…

  1. Living away from home is an experience that everyone needs
  2. College food kind of sucks
  3. Coffee is so much better at small cafes than Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts
  4. But Starbs is always good
  5. Having an entire day with no class is a blessing and a curse
  6. Quality friends over quantity
  7. People who only talk to you when it’s convenient for them are not the type of people you need
  8. Friends from home will be friends for life
  9. However there will be a break or two that you don’t see them
  10. And that’s okay, They still love and miss you
  11. Get your homework done early…
  12. Go out and have fun… It’s college and you’ll never get those days back
  13. But make sure you know when to stop
  14. Make decisions for yourself, based on what you want… no one else
  15. Boys are dumb and you are a strong independent black woman who don’t need no man
  16. Clean early and then you don’t have to clean so much at one time
  17. Buy that pair of shoes you’ll love them and will always regret not buying them
  18. Keeping a schedule/ planner is the best thing in the world
  19. Exercising is so good for you, and you will never regret a workout
  20. What people say about you don’t matter, what only matters is what you say about yourself.

That’s all for tonight

Talk to you all soon