The Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers

Hi, everyone. Look at me double posting. My life update post will be up in the next few days, however, I was checking my stats page this morning and saw that I had a lot of viewers that were referred to my blog by DietToGo.

Curious as to how that was, I clicked the link in my stats and was brought here

I immediately noticed that the post was entitled “The Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Until Now)” and got super stoked because people have noticed I exist and they think I’m decently cool.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.26.44 AM.png

Your girl (me) was lucky enough to score spot #13 on that list (happens to be my favorite number too) and I’m just so happy/stoked/honored to be put on this list with so many other amazing bloggers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.53.42 AM.png

So, I recommend everyone check out DietToGo’s post and check out all of the other amazing bloggers who are also featured on the list. I know I did!

Anyway, I want to say again how excited I am that I was featured and want to thank Caitlin (author of the post) for taking the time to hand select my blog and to read some of my posts. It means so much

Talk to you all soon,




Happy New Year

Hi folks. So, while most people are sound asleep at 1:38 in the morning hoping to wake up in 5 ish short hours t head to the gym (to complete one week of their lose weight new years resolution) or head to work or school, I sit here in bed with not a care in the world… except for registering for classes and hoping my classes I want for 2nd semester haven’t been filled up yet. Quite an easy life for me it seems.

For this post. I have decided to discuss some goals I have for the new year. I will also (hopefully) follow up on them a few times a year to see how they’re going.

  1. Become vegan. (Robbed Target of fruits, veggies, and other vegan necessities)
  2. Become Buddhist (I bought the book “Walk like a Buddha” and can’t wait to read it)
  3. Blog at least 4 times a week (not including during midterms or finals)
  4. Lost 30 pounds (I’ve been lower than 30 pounds lower than what I am but it’s a start)
  5. Keep my room clean (A clean room is a clean mind)
  6. Make new friends
  7. Get 10,000 steps 5/7 days of the week (I have a fitbit so she counts them for me)
  8. Get a new tattoo and piercing (not sure where or what but I want them)
  9. Try 5 new coffee places (I love coffee and cute coffee shops)
  10. Love myself (something I’ve been working on for years and will continue to work on)
  11. Take care of myself. (Brush my teeth, eat good, floss, take vitamins, shave, tweeze my eyebrows, get my nails done, lotion my body, etc)

This is only 11 but I probably have more things but it’s almost 2am and I’m loopy

Talk to you all soon

Alicia 🙂


Goals upon goals

Hey all.

Recently I had to do a project for my Honors class where we had to create a 15 minute presentation discussing our goals and how we plan to achieve them. However, I don’t believe life is all about our long-term (5+ years) goals. I believe having short terms are necessary as well. So what better way to remember these short-term goals than by blogging about them?

Day goals:

  1. Make my bed- making my bed gives me a false sense of having my life together- and I love it
  2. Do homework- I hate doing it but it has to be done
  3. Return the phone I got- Verizon sent me two iPhones and I have to trek to the post office and return it
  4. Reach 10,000 steps- My daily fitbit step goal
  5. Eat 100% vegan- pretty self explanatory
  6. Drink 2 liters of water- DO THIS EVERYDAY-IT’S GOOD FOR YOU

Week goals:

  1. Ace my Bio Exam
  2. Meet my Sorority Big (I’m not in it anymore but she still wants me to know who she is)
  3. Go to the Homecoming Football Game
  4. Finish all of my homework- And don’t procrastinate on it
  5. Make a packing list for going to Phoenix
  6. Get my lotus tattoo and nose piercing (Friday)

Month Goals:

  1. Begin studying for finals- I can’t procrastinate
  2. Have a blast in Phoenix- visiting my aunt and best friends for Thanksgiving
  3. Make a packing list for going home- I love lists and hate forgetting things
  4. Write down everything I need to buy at home or bring from home so i don’t forget
  5. Explore coffee shops- if you check out my instagram that’s all I do

Semester Goals:

  1. Don’t fail any classes
  2. Make more friends
  3. Join clubs
  4. get a 3.5 GPA
  5. Be 100% vegan

Winter Break Goals:

  1. Work as a nanny
  2. See everyone I’ve missed while at school
  3. Relax
  4. Create 2nd semester schedule
  5. Switch closets with my sister- we switched rooms once I left but I need to get everything out of my closet

Year long goals:

  1. Decide on a major- double major in Spanish and _______
  2. Get a job
  3. Join clubs
  4. Become an AM
  5. Become an Ambassador

That’s all I have for now, but the list will grow. I think I will post weekly goals on my Monday posts. But probably not daily goals because I don’t always post the posts the same day I wrote them.

Talk to you all soon