The Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers

Hi, everyone. Look at me double posting. My life update post will be up in the next few days, however, I was checking my stats page this morning and saw that I had a lot of viewers that were referred to my blog by DietToGo.

Curious as to how that was, I clicked the link in my stats and was brought here

I immediately noticed that the post was entitled “The Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Until Now)” and got super stoked because people have noticed I exist and they think I’m decently cool.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.26.44 AM.png

Your girl (me) was lucky enough to score spot #13 on that list (happens to be my favorite number too) and I’m just so happy/stoked/honored to be put on this list with so many other amazing bloggers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.53.42 AM.png

So, I recommend everyone check out DietToGo’s post and check out all of the other amazing bloggers who are also featured on the list. I know I did!

Anyway, I want to say again how excited I am that I was featured and want to thank Caitlin (author of the post) for taking the time to hand select my blog and to read some of my posts. It means so much

Talk to you all soon,




Family Visits

Hi everyone, last weekend, my aunt and uncle made the venture out from Phoenix Arizona to come to visit me here in San Diego. I am so thankful that they are close enough where they can visit me for fun and get to me if something were ever to happen. Also, the fact that she’s super cool and I get to live with her in the fall is a plus. The two of them  Her came out last Friday night, picked me up Saturday morning and dropped my back off at my dorm mid morning on Sunday.

We spent the day traveling to different breweries in San Diego (a hobby of my uncle’s) among walking along the beach, checking out some stores on the coast, and finding come cool places to eat which also served vegan food. We also went on a little walk at Torrey Pines, the golf course. While my uncle and I were in awe of all of the people who get to play there and how amazing playing there would be (however if you aren’t local the $350 to play a round makes me question so much), my aunt just wanted to take a few pictures.

After visiting countless breweries (literally… I lost count after 5) and eating super yummy food, we returned to the hotel my aunt and uncle were staying in. My uncle passed out in bed in a mere 10 minutes and my aunt and I went to see Deadpool. 10/10 would recommend, however there is an R rating for a reason, so keep that in mind. But I absolutely loved it and would 100% go and see it again.

They were ‘kidnapping’ me, my aunt said and making me stay in their hotel with them.  However, the fact that I got a queen size bed, a private shower, and no need to wear shower shoes, I sure as hell will take that. Honestly, as much as I love going far away for college, the one thing I hate are the showers. I would go home for just a weekend to simply take a shower in a private bathroom, with no fear of someone going in and stinking up the entire room, and to see my dog of course.

Alas, they had to get back to Phoenix Sunday morning… you know work and school taking over out lives once again. So after my well rested night in a huge bed, and a nice shower with no shower shoes, we got breakfast and they dropped me off back at the dorm to attend to laundry and all of the homework I seemed to have forgotten existed after my day full of fun the day before..

So, I will be seeing them again soon, well not super soon but Mid May, after finals. My dad is flying to Phoenix, driving my aunt’s car out to San Diego to move me out and then drive back to put all of my stuff in my NEW ROOM IN MY AUNT’S HOUSE. That’s so crazy. Update on all of that, my cousin who lives with my aunt has a room sort of separate from the rest of the house. He is moving out of the house in a month and that will become my room. So, if I ever get home after they go to bed, I won’t have to worry about them being woken up and I can have my privacy and keep my business to myself while still living with them and being able to have puppies, free food, and family close by. So, it’s nice and I am excited for the fall.

Well, talk to you all soon. Hopefully Thursday.


Beauty School Dropout

Hi all… So before deciding on my school of San Diego State University, I had also applied to 15 other schools. One of those schools was Arizona State University. My aunt lives only 15 minutes away from the Tempe campus so it would have been great for me to live in the dorms freshman year and then live with my aunt for the rest of college. I’d get my own car for driving to and from school, grocery shopping, and possibly working if I get a job out there. That would have been a good option for me however, when I first decided to go to San Diego, it was because I wanted to major in international business, which they are ranked #5 in the whole country for. However, now that I want to switch my major to engineering (and may end up switching again… you never know) and I would rather go to a school with a wide variety of good programs rather than a select few amazing majors.

So, I’m going to make a pro-con list of transferring to ASU. Some feedback on my pro con list would also be loved. Here we go

Pros of transferring to ASU

  1. Get my own car
  2. Live with my aunt
  3. Get free food and board
  4. Switch to engineering major
  5. Be able to switch majors later if I want
  6. get a fresh start
  7. Join a new sorority- the one I initially want to join
  8. Be close to family but still be independent
  9. Be able to get a job off campus
  10. Be able to intern at my aunt’s work
  11. Be able to get a job at my aunt’s work
  12. Make new friends
  13. Won’t have to be an RA (my mom doesn’t want to pay for housing)
  14. be by puppies all the time
  15. I have freedom of what I can do (in my dorm you can’t have coffee makers, smoothie makers, candles, etc
  16. Easier to get things I need- especially with a car. (don’t have to make a day of going to target because of how far it is)
  17. Fam can visit more often and for cheaper
  18. Can explore a completely new city and state
  19. Won’t have to move out of dorm every spring
  20. Going places with my aunt and uncle (they go on cruises a lot)
  21. Pool in my backyard(helps make my knee feel better)

Cons of Transferring to ASU

  1. leave my friends
  2. may be hard to make new friends
  3. Have a lesser sense of independence
  4. leaving San Diego
  5. Possibility all of my credits wont transfer
  6. Leaving my favorite coffee shop
  7. Commuting every day

Honestly, it seems that the right idea is ASU but for some reason I’m still not sure.

Please help in my decision.

Talk to you all soon