Dorm DIYs

Hey guys. Being a college girl, we all want fun and decorated rooms, but we don’t have tons of money to spend on these things. So basically, I decided to make some DIY dorm room decorations and post what I did on here for you all to  see.

What I did was just add my own fun twist to two pieces of wood (& sign and arrow) that I bought at Target. Very simple but very cute at the same time


All of my materials needed (all bought from target) Tic Tacs optional 😉

Wooden Arrow

For the wooden arrow, I bought dry erase tape and the arrow wood piece at Target to create a dry erase arrow. This will look very cute outside of my room at home by putting my name on it or will alo look very cute at school on my desk with my daily tasks or random thoughts on it.


  1. Wooden piece (can be an arrow like mine or even an initial or just a square)
  2. Dry erase tape(or chalkboard tape if you prefer)
  3. Scotch Tape- for securing the Dry erase tape on the back of the wood
  4. Optional- Washi Tape for decorating around the arrow.

Step 1- Measure out the dry erase tape based on the length of the arrow and cut accordingly


Step 2- remove the bottom of the dry erase tape revealing the sticky side. Place the tape on the wooden piece


Step 3- Cut off excess tape or fold over the tape to the back of the wood


Step 4- Use Scotch tape to firmly secure the excess tape on the sides and back of wood

Step 5- Optional… Cover the rim of the wood with Washi Tape for additional support and a little pop to the piece

Step 6- Begin writing on your new mini White board


Project 2- & sign decorations


  1. Wooden piece (like mentioned before can be & but can be anything else too)
  2. Washi Tape

Step 1. Begin in the middle of the sign my measuring out tape, ripping tape, and placing on sign

Step 2. Continue with this method alternating with as many patterns of washi tape until the whole & is covered

Step 3. Finish by covering the siding of the sign with washi tape for support

Finished. Now you have a super cute letter/sign/symbol in your room. I chose the & because it is the symbol of my fave coffee shop (Coffee &Tea Collective) which you can read about here. And if I do end up going to ASU I’ll always have a little piece of C&T with me.



Here we have the finished pieces and a very fun dorm room. I may continue with these DIY posts or at least do a few more

Hope you all enjoyed

Talk to you all soon

Alicia 🙂


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