Change is good

Something I have tried pushing to the back, the far back, of my head, recently is that Obama will soon cease to be the president of the United States. But as I tearfully watched his final speech as president I really have to face reality. Donald Trump is our president-elect and soon, he will hold the highest position of power in the entire United States, and one of the top positions of power across the entire world.

It is gut-wrenching, frustrating, sickening, and all around unbelievable. Nonetheless, it is true. There are things Obama didn’t get right, but there are far more things he did get right.

Something I think about frequently, is what I would do had I been elected president, had I been in the position of trump. What things I would change about the nation I call home. While there are so many, there are a few that stand out among the rest. Here they are.

Preface: If any of you decide to disagree with my views, believe that Trump is a good fit for president, or just want to be an ass, keep your comments to yourselves. This is my blog and I can/ will post whatever the hell I want, and I can easily click the delete button on your comment without much thought. If you don’t want to read this post, click off. Easy as that.


  1. Gun control: I live in a suburb of Chicago, a city with one of the largest gun deaths/casualties in the entire nation. There need to be harsher laws about owning a gun. Yes, I know people will be able to get black market guns, there really is nothing we can do about it now, however we will be able to control the amount of kids who find their parents’ guns and kill themselves or their family members, how many domestic disputes that end in a gun casualty, and so many other things. There are so many school/airport/ theater shootings recently (almost all of which the guns were legally bought) that could have been prevented had we had harsher laws on gun ownership.
  2. Better funding for education: Education is a necessity. Education helps us get jobs, which helps give back to society, which helps the country function. Once again, in Chicago, year after year, schools are being shut down because of lack of funding and it needs to stop. This is causing classrooms to be overfilled, or for students to have to drop out because the nearest school is not within reach. With better funding, children will be able to continue their educations so they too can give back to society.477703351922915034-party-logo-donkeyhotey-flickr.13.4.971.492.full.jpg
  3. No more political parties: The party system in the United States needs reworking or complete removal. People tend to vote with their parties despite their candidate’s views and that isn’t right. We should be educated on the candidates we vote for and vote for people based on their views on issues, not whether they stand in front of a poster with a donkey or an elephant on it.
  4. Rewrite the Constitution: When the Constitution was written, the founding fathers thought that the Constitution should be rewritten every 20 or so years. However, we have not done that in the 250 or so years we have been a country. People get so stuck on the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms) because when it was written, it was necessary; WE WERE BATTLING AT ALL TIMES. Which is also why the 3rd amendment (prohibits soldiers from temporarily residing in private homes during peace time without getting the permission and consent of the owner) was created. However, we no longer need soldiers to reside in private houses, so this amendment and quite a few other amendments/pieces of the constitution are null and void.img-plannedparenthood-logo
  5. Make it illegal to band funding to Planned Parenthood: Old white men seem to think that the only thing Planned Parenthood does are abortion procedures. Planned Parenthood funds so many other things from mammograms to STD testing. Planned Parenthood is a necessity to people across the US and it cannot be defunded. Also, what people seem to forget: Defunding Planned Parenthood will not eliminate abortions, it will eliminate safe and sanitary abortions!

Like I said, there are so many things that the United States needs to change, but these I feel are of the utmost importance. What would you like to see the US change?







Blogger Recognition Award

Hi everyone, I was nominated by Jamie the other day for the Blogger Recognition award. Thank you so much for nominating me and I definitely recommend checking her blog out, it’s one of my favorites. Let’s get started.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

How I started blogging:

I have been blogging since I was 14. I stumbled upon someone’s summer bucket list blog and I decided that I wanted to make one as well. So, that summer and the summer after, my friend Molly and I made a summer bucket list blog. We are no longer friends, however, I wanted to continue blogging so I have made a few blogs over my lifetime to continue blogging, mainly just random writings and a bit of food tracking. However, last October, I decided that I wanted to document my time in college so that’s how I started this blog.

2 pieces of advice to new bloggers:

The biggest piece of advice I have is to be social. Follow people, like people’s posts, comment on posts, etc. With all of my other blogs I never did that, however, with this blog, I like, comment, and follow so many people’s blogs and have met so many awesome people because of it.

Another thing is to be consistent. If you’re going to post like once a month people really won’t follow you or keep up with you. I’m not saying you have to post daily, but make a schedule and try to stick with it. Yes, there will be times that you won’t be able to maintain it, say during finals or vacations, but definitely try your hardest to stick to a schedule that is pretty frequent.

I nominate:

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Mermaid Moon Child       Maggie’s Simple Life


Once again, thank you to Jamie for nominating me for this award and be sure to check out everyone that I nominated because they are definitely some of my favorite blogs to read!


Pea protein? no whey

Hello everyone. Right now, I am sitting in front of my laptop, post workout, disgusted as I gulp down my protein smoothie. But wait: it’s full of fruits, vegetables, coconut milk yogurt, AND almond milk so how can I be disgusted you may be wondering?

It is filled with a minuscule amount of pea protein powder that gives off a chalky before, during, and aftertaste no matter how I incorporate it into my post workout drink. However, I put the last of my frozen fruit and yogurt into it, so I cannot make another.

Since going vegan, people I don’t even know have the audacity of asking me ‘Where do you get protein?’ to which I always roll my eyes and eat another crabless crabcake. Before I went vegan, I used whey protein in my smoothies and I couldn’t taste it. However, whey protein isn’t really an option for my plant-based self.

I am calling upon the vegan community (or hell just anyone who uses proteins that aren’t whey) to tell me what their favorite protein powder is. I would go out and buy all of the proteins and see what I like the most, however, protein powder is not by any means cheap and I don’t want my possible protein deficiency to break the bank.

I really do enjoy the benefits of protein powder, and especially since I have been working out a ton since the New Year I would like to have some protein to build muscles because I know there are days when I (everyone for that matter) is deficient on some of the key nutrients we need. However, I would like mine to never be protein so that the next time someone asks me about my protein consumption; I can spike their drinks with pea protein.

Please please please help me. I have resorted to plugging my nose while I drink my smoothie today and I need immediate assistance with the task at hand.

Until next time



I have officially forgotten how to blog. After two months of daily prompts thought up a month or so in advance and now moving to a fresh clean, promptless slate, I have forgotten how to blog. I have sat at my computer for 15 minutes because the only thing I wanted to write about was snow, candy canes, and Christmas.

So, until I regain the ability of blogging, I have decided to write a little blurb about how I chose the title of my blog (I mentioned it in an award post but I guarantee no one reads those so, I’m going to elaborate and write a new one).

Flashback to October 2015, when I first had the idea of creating a blog. After scouring the web for URL ideas, I decided on the URL buddhistvegann. I had originally planned on making my blog about transitioning into the vegan lifestyle and I wanted to talk about how I was following my the teachings of the buddha and things of that nature.

Fast forward to the beginning of June 2016, when I began my social media detox and decided to start a life I wanted to live. I created the name selflovinalicia, because I was, and still am on a journey of self-love. That name lasted for a few months but I soon decided I needed something else. I also didn’t want my name in my URL. No hate or anything to people who include their names in their URLs but it just wasn’t for me.

When I returned to social media in August or September or whenever, a friend of my mom’s commented on a photo (of my family) “What a pleasurable plethora of pulchritude.” Having never heard/seen that word I went and googled it (hoping he wasn’t calling us ugly or annoying) and I found out that pulchritude is defined as beauty. Live pulchritudinously meaning ‘live beautifully’ which is something I aspire to do on the daily, so I decided to change my blog URL to livepulchritudinously as a reminder to live a life full of pulchritude, and it’s a very good conversation starter.

So, there you have it, the reason behind my blog title.


Peru plans?

Hi everyone. I haven’t been in the biggest writing mood, mainly because I am trying to keep up with my New Year’s resolutions, one of those being ‘get and maintain a solid sleep schedule.” 99% of the time my best posts are written between the hours of 1 and 3 in the morning, and that just isn’t cutting it for my body right now.

So, it is only about 9:30 right now at night and I still have plenty of time before my newly created bedtime.

One of my other resolutions (although I’m not sure if I put it on my list and quite frankly I don’t feel like checking) was to volunteer, more specifically volunteer abroad.

Since something I want to do with my life is teach English abroad, I think it is a smart choice to test out what working abroad is like. Yes, traveling is fun but If I don’t like living out of a suitcase or two for a month, what will it be like for an entire semester?

Basically, I have applied to volunteer at an orphanage in Lima, Peru, starting April 1st 2017 and spanning for 4 weeks. This is something I really want to do, not only to see if I enjoy going abroad, but to be able to give my time to children in need is something so rewarding beyond words.

Phase 1: Get accepted into the program is complete.

Phase 2: Have enough money to fund this trip is almost complete

And finally Phase 3 (yes I know there are so many other things I need to do like get shots, buy proper shoes, etc. but the phases at hand are not those quite yet): convince my parents is a merely 50% complete. I have convinced my mother; she is excited for me and even a bit jealous (going to Macchu Pichu is the top item on her bucket list) however my dad, is a little more reserved and harder to talk to about this type of thing. I brought it up once and he completely grazed over the entire idea, which is, in the least, frustrating.

So, I have an entire google doc of my trip itinerary and budget planned out, and my dad would rather watch Pitch Perfect 2 than discuss the trip of a lifetime with his eldest daughter. So, while I continue to plot how we ever will discuss this trip, Ill be here, saving all of my money and comparing all the brands of hiking shoes there are.


Winter Necessities

Hi everyone, this was originally going to be a Blogmas post, however I wanted to wait and see what I got for Christmas as a filler for this list. I was going to post this earlier however I haven’t had much time or motivation for posting. But here I am, back in action.  I also appreciate all the comments, likes, and emails about my dog. I appreciate everything you have said and thank you for your kind words. Let’s get started with some of my winter necessities.


Oatifix Face Mask (Lush): During the winter my dry skin becomes dryer and the fact that my skin is sensitive does not help one bit. I am a firm believer in keeping my skin care and life as natural as possible so shopping at Lush is a natural move for me. With its mix of vanilla, oats, and bananas, this mask is perfect for moistening dry skin and is great for those with sensitive skin as well.  I am in love with this facemask and I use it all the time.


Acure Brightening Facial Scrub: I have been using this face wash for a few months now and I use it religiously in the winter. During the winter, I tend to get stressed more (not sure why) so I always break out. This mask is a savior for clearing up my skin. It helps keep skin clear and keeps skin bright which is necessary during the winter.

Candles: Candles are my shit. No matter the scent or color or size or whatever of the candle is, I love candles. I burn candles day in and day out. The one I am obsessed with at the moment is an Essenza candle is the scent Pomegranate Fuji Apple. My dad got a 4-pack of those candles from a work party a bit ago and I love all four of them.


Biore Strips: More skin care woot. During the winter, my pores seem to triple in size, leaving loads of room for blackheads to form. However, I use Biore strips on my nose (and my chin sometimes too) so I don’t look like I have tiny volcanoes littering my face.


Fun (Lush): This is an amazing soap/ shampoo duo that can also be used as a bubble bath. I am a firm believer in baths, especially during the winter when it’s cold outside. This fun is able to be molded into fun shapes or just tossed into the bath for a bubble bath. It is such a versatile product and not to mention, it smells fabulous.

Slippers: Alright, I have never owned a pair of slippers (or at least not in the past like 9 years) and I received a pair a few weeks back, and my life has been changed. I died and was then resurrected. I am the 2017 Jesus. Basically, they’re like walking on clouds and if I’m in the house, they are on my feet. If you own slippers, I am now part of the secret slipper sisters club, and if you don’t:  Buy some…NOW

Bath Robes: Basically just read the slippers one except substitute slippers with bath robes and you’re good.

These are my winter necessities, what are yours?

Ruff day

Yesterday morning I disregarded my alarm clock and decided to sleep in. At around noon (didn’t want to sleep that late) I was awoken by a vibrating phone on my nightstand. Seeing my mom’s caller ID, I answered. The first words I heard yesterday morning were “Well, do you want to come with me and do it?” from my sobbing mother. With no context, I knew it was about my dog.

My first words yesterday morning were “No, you’re kidding me.” I immediately rose from my bed, not sure if I was coherent and the message I just heard was real or not, putting pants on and walking out of my room. I sat at the top of the stairs, where my dog should have been after her vet appointment that morning, and watched as my sister got ready to leave to go to a friend’s house.

What started as a day we had hoped would discover an abscess tooth living inside my dog’s mouth soon turned into a lump in her chest and sores coating her tongue and throat.

As I sat there listening to my mother repeat the message to me, igniting my sobs from leaving my body. I trembled and shook as I learned the fate of my beloved dog. After deciding I had to say goodbye, I tried to do something with my unkempt sleep hair and swollen eyes while waiting for my mom to pick me up to head to the vet.

As I walked into the private room at the veterinary office, a sudden gust of sadness engulfed the room. As I sat on the floor waiting for the receptionist to bring my dog into the room, I remembered why I had worn sunglasses on that gloomy day, so no one could see the red clouds that were my eyes.

This was it. The second I saw my dog, sad, scared, and desperate, I was done, tearing welling in my eyes, hoping to burst past the levies and ignite a flood of emotions I wasn’t prepared to unleash.

After seeing some familiar faces, she took a seat on my lap and all I could do was hug her. Hug her for being the best dog I could ever have, hug her for being sorry that she was in so much pain, and hug her for being so strong.

After we left I cried more. I have tears staining my cheeks, my coat, my pillow, everywhere. The house is quiet and empty and every time the doorbell has been rung I expect to see her getting up to see who is there, or whenever I eat food, I expect to see her wanting some and I keep closing the bathroom door behind me, even though there is no need. It has been a weird day and I know it will be a weird few weeks or months as I get out of the habits I took 9 years to build.

I won’t be able to eat popcorn or carrots the same way again and I will miss our couch cuddles you pushing me off the couch you weren’t even allowed on.  I will miss my slippy slippy lovie girl. She was the greatest joy to come home to. Cancer sucks and I will miss and love you always.

“It is a fearful thing to love what death can touch.”


This post has been sitting in my drafts for almost a week, with the first two lines edited so many times I cannot count.

One of the NaBloPoMo prompts was to choose a word for 2017. At the time I hadn’t thought about my goals for the New Year because the year wasn’t over and I had no idea what I would want to accomplish in the New Year.

I do now. I know exactly what I want to do. I want need to persevere.

Something I do a lot is start things. I start so many things. I start working out, start eating healthy, start planning for something, start reading a book, start etc. etc. Something I don’t do is finish. I am a quitter. I don’t like to label myself as a quitter, no one does,  but it’s what I am. I quit working out, I quit eating healthy, I quit planning, I quit reading, I quit everything. I quit when the going gets tough and I am sick of it.

I have quit so many things throughout my life and I hate it. I want to persevere. I want to keep going. When the going gets tough, I want to get tougher. Maybe it’s because I put too much on my plate, or maybe it’s because I’m lazy, whatever it is, I need to persevere.

Year in review

Sup fam. Happy New Year. I did a whole lot of popcorn and ice cream eating last night, followed by cards and my dad singing from the other room. I have decided to take a walk down memory lane that was 2016. 2016 in general sucked ass, however personally, it was hit or miss. I’m going to go thru the months and share some of my most memorable moments.

New year, new hair. The most exciting thing about January was dying my hair red. I also started my second semester of school but that’s not important. I also got a traffic ticket in January, which also sparked the first time I ever cried in a public bathroom, but let’s not talk about that.

February was such an irrelevant month filled with homework, coffee shops, and the start of politics. The only remotely interesting thing was that Leonardo DiCaprio won his Oscar. That’s it, bye February you irrelevant month.

Breaking news! Martin O’Malley drops out of presidential election! Basically the saddest news of 2016. Followed by my innerds combusting inside of me giving me my period at an alarming rate for the entire month. The only good thing that happened in March was my friend Marisa coming to visit and going home to a nice warm bed and home cooked food.

April is the month of final projects in school. I was cursed with my group and did 97% of the work for ours. We ended up receiving the highest grade in the class, but only thanks to me. My cousin also married her high school sweetheart so that was adorable.

Welcome to the big girl world. I finished my first year of college in May and started my first real job. My sister also graduated 8th grade, so she’s moving up in the world too.

Bye bye to my social life and up-to-dateness on everything. I gave up social media completely during June and am still glad I did it.

“She looks so perfect standing there” with her broken toe covered in an ice wrap. My dog broke her toe in July and had to ice and heat her poor foot every day. I also saw my favorite band in concert so that was one of the best days of my life. as well.

Such a preface to fall. I fell out of my kayak in August. I also redownloaded social media but that’s not too much of an event.

Wake me up when September ends. Literally, this month I started my babysitting job and soon realized I needed to quit said job.

October was cool, and I don’t just mean the weather. I quit my babysitting job from hell and saw one of my favorite bands, Saint Motel

Hey Chicago, what do you say, the Cubs won the World Series today. Just when I thought that everything was right in the world, Donald Trump flipped me the bird, spat on my face, grabbed me by the p*ssy, and won the presidential election. But then my dog turned 10 on November 10th, so I was able to forget about Satan and his soon to be reign for at least a few days.

“This is where I binge eat vegan donuts in my corolla.” On December 8th I had the pleasure of seeing my favorite comedian, Chris Fleming. It was fab and basically the only thing eventful that happened in December; unless you call getting shit on for your makeup on Christmas by your whole family eventful.

That was my 2016, how was yours?


Happy New Year

Hi folks. So, while most people are sound asleep at 1:38 in the morning hoping to wake up in 5 ish short hours t head to the gym (to complete one week of their lose weight new years resolution) or head to work or school, I sit here in bed with not a care in the world… except for registering for classes and hoping my classes I want for 2nd semester haven’t been filled up yet. Quite an easy life for me it seems.

For this post. I have decided to discuss some goals I have for the new year. I will also (hopefully) follow up on them a few times a year to see how they’re going.

  1. Become vegan. (Robbed Target of fruits, veggies, and other vegan necessities)
  2. Become Buddhist (I bought the book “Walk like a Buddha” and can’t wait to read it)
  3. Blog at least 4 times a week (not including during midterms or finals)
  4. Lost 30 pounds (I’ve been lower than 30 pounds lower than what I am but it’s a start)
  5. Keep my room clean (A clean room is a clean mind)
  6. Make new friends
  7. Get 10,000 steps 5/7 days of the week (I have a fitbit so she counts them for me)
  8. Get a new tattoo and piercing (not sure where or what but I want them)
  9. Try 5 new coffee places (I love coffee and cute coffee shops)
  10. Love myself (something I’ve been working on for years and will continue to work on)
  11. Take care of myself. (Brush my teeth, eat good, floss, take vitamins, shave, tweeze my eyebrows, get my nails done, lotion my body, etc)

This is only 11 but I probably have more things but it’s almost 2am and I’m loopy

Talk to you all soon

Alicia 🙂