The Real World

Achy. I am achy. Standing for 8 hours moving cardboard and building cardboard and moving product and stocking product, with 3 hours in between breaks. It’s only been 2 days and already the pain courses through my entire body with every step I take. The short walk to the break room is still far too long and I barely make it before collapsing on the plastic chair.I am achy.

Exhausted. I am exhausted. Waking up at 530 every morning and being out the door by 6 was never something I imagined I would have to do. Alas, here I am, doing just that. Waking up before the birds, and working until my droopy eyes struggle to stay open. Barely making my way to the car before passing out in the passenger seat. I am exhausted.

Stiff. I am stiff. Continuously standing for hours on end, not being able to move around because the task at hand requires no movement whatsoever. When I finally am able to walk around, my knees can hardly bend and my back tries desperately to budge from the 45-degree angle it was in for the past 8 hours. I am stiff.
Opulent. I am opulent. Not quite, but my wallet is squealing with excitement every hour that passes and every piece of cardboard that I touch. It hasn’t even been a week but it feels like a lifetime. I am (not quite) opulent.




Finding a Bank

Hi guys, as mentioned in my old post, my ex boss stole all of my money and as a result I am not able to bank at my prior bank Chase. I’ve been on the lookout for new bank and I’ve decided to talk about it here and see if any of my followers have any ideas for banks.Or what bank you use/ what bank is perfect for a college student.



  1. Don’t need to put money in every month or whatever
  2. Convenient ATM/ bank branch close/on campus
  3. No minimum balance fee
  4. Easy access so my parents can deposit money
  5. Nationwide bank so I can use it after college
  6. Free checks and debit cards
  7. Phoneapp


Options for banking

  1. Bank of America
  2. Citibank
  3. Navy Federal Credit Union
  4. Wells Fargo
  5. U.S. Bank
  6. PNC Bank
  7. Bank X
  8. Mountain America Credit Union
  9. TD Bank
  10. Fifth third
  11. Capital One
  12. Suntrust
  13. BB&T


Banks Available in San Diego,Chicago, and Phoenix

  1. Bank of America
  2. BMO harris – CHI and PHX only
  3. Citibank- CHI and SD only
  4. US Bank
  5. wells Fargo


So followers, what do you all recommend??

Talk to you all soon