I feel weird. Ohio is weird. It’s my first night here and I just feel weird. Maybe it’s the fact that my sinuses are clogged beyond repair or maybe it’s because i feel like a speck of dust floating in the air, but I feel weird.

I am all moved in, my dad has come and gone, and my roommate and I have exchanged some small talk about our home lives and old schools.

However, as I sit here on my new bedding, looking at my tidy desk and 4 dorm walls where I’ll be spending a great deal of my next 9 months, I can’t help but feel weird.

This feeling is one I’ve felt before. It’s the feeling of being in a new place. When you don’t know what to do, so you float, you just float and float and float until you are given a routine or a task or a human plucks you from thin air and says you are not dust anymore.

I don’t want to be dust. I have 2 full days before school starts and I just feel like dust. Sunday will be fine with floor meetings and involvement fairs and scoping out classes.

But tomorrow, what will be of tomorrow? I might just go out and scope out campus, maybe grab a cup of coffee and write until my heart’s content. I don’t know what will be of tomorrow,  or the days and weeks to come after; but I know one thing: I do not want to be dust.

Back to school series: school year goals

Finishing up my back to school series by doing something I love making; lists of goals. Whenever I start something new; a year, a school, a job, etc. I love making a little set of goals for myself. Here are my goals for school this semester

  1. Go to the gym 6 days a week
  2. Drink 64oz of water daily
  3. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night- Usually, I’d want 8 but let’s be honest
  4. Finish all of my homework before the day it’s due- Usually pertaining to essays and studying
  5. Get 10,000 steps in daily- With my job on the opposite end of campus, this should be no problem
  6. Try not to skip class more than once a month- The goal is not missing at all but it’s bound to happen a few times a semester and that’s okay.
  7. Use my planner!
  8. Visit my professors at least once each- Nothing says dedicated like going to office hours no matter how small the question may seem
  9. Join an extracurricular  activity (or 6)- I’ve already got a few ones I I’d like to join, it just depends on whether or not they fit into my schedule
  10. Aim for Straight As
  11. Read a book or two that wasn’t assigned- I love reading but sometimes I find that Netflix and napping are higher on my list of priorities
  12. Save money

What are your goals for the next 6 months?


Back to school series: essentials for your emergency bag

Hi everyone, tomorrow I am leaving for Tennessee to see the total eclipse (yes, I’m pumped) so I’ll be queueing a post or two while I’m gone to finish up my back to school series because once I get back… I go back to school. I am super excited to go to school and my room looks like target and bed bath and beyond exploded in it. Nevertheless, Poppy and I can still make our way to my bed which, of course, it all that matters.

Now for the fun stuff. I’m usually known as the parents of the friend group because I’m prepared for everything (I’m only the dad too because I handle everyone’s money when we go out to eat). My backpack will be nothing short of a mom’s as well. In my backpack (or purse when school is not in session) I keep an emergency bag of things that may come in handy to me, a friend, or a random somebody in my Spanish class.


  1. Tampon/Pad– This one is sort of a given and you NEVER know when it may strike anyone while wearing white jeans.
  2. Bandaids- Whether you get a paper cut in class or stab yourself with a knife, having a band-aid (or 10) never hurts
  3. Tide stick- I have a long history of spilling on myself and cleaning it right away prevents staining and people thinking that I  don’t know where my mouth is.
  4. Hand Sanitizer- For before you eat or you touched a foreign sticky substance.
  5. Tissues- For when September comes and literally everyone starts getting sick
  6. Chapstick- To prevent triple lip in winter months
  7. Writing utensil- For when you lose yours or that really attractive human next to you needs one
  8. Safety pins/bobbie pins- For bad hair days or when your clothes just aren’t cooperating (not pictured because I used the ones I had and my containers of them are already packed away)
  9. Hair ties- When its lab day and your usual hair is missing or it breaks
  10. Brush/Comb- for windy days or class after the gym

Another thing I like to keep in my backpack is a sweatshirt or something for if you have a large spill or its freezing in a lecture hall

What do you always have on you no matter what??


Back to school series: guide to moving in

Officially one week until I leave for Ohio and 8 days until move in. In honor of this, I would like to share my guide to moving into college. Obviously, every college is different but I’ve talked to a few friends and we all agree that for the most part, these things are universal (at least at our schools). Move in can be a fun time but when you start to stress and your parent(s) does the same it can be less than enjoyable.


  1. Talk to your roommate(s) about what you are bringing- By doing this it can save you from having 2 printers or 2 vacuums or 2 of any bulk item really. Things like toilet paper and paper towels are fine to bring a lot of because they’re cheap, but why spend $200 on a printer when you don’t have to. Also, if your roommate is bringing something big offer to bring something else (my roommate is beginning a printer so I am bringing printer paper and ink).
  2. Talk to your roommate(s) about which side of the room you guys want- This may seem minuscule and odds are neither of you will care, however, trying to make a good first impression can set the tone for the entire year. Always be considerate to your roommate, even with the small things.
  3. Check before you arrive to see if your dorm has an elevator– This will drastically change how you pack. If your dorm has an elevator, odds are you can use bins to haul up all of your stuff to your dorm. However, if your dorm does not have one, you may want to enlist your siblings to come with and to pack a heck of a lot lighter.
  4. Check what you can put on your walls- Will command strips stick? Can you use nails? How much of your walls can be covered? All of these are really good questions to ask when packing for school and avoiding fees at the end of the year.
  5. Bring a door stop- If your door automatically locks, this makes it easier and quicker to open it with constant trips to and from the car. Also, if you keep your door open, people can stop and say hi while moving in so you can make a few new friends.
  6. Get there early- The earlier you arrive on campus, the fewer people that are there so you get first dibs on the move in carts and the elevator. Also, you’ll be done sooner which means you can relax and hang out with your family before they leave.
  7. Pack smartly- Pack desk items together, pack toiletries together, etc. It will make the unpacking and moving in a lot less painful if everything is sorted and neatly in its own place.
  8. Put your bedding on last- When you’re moving in, and your roommates are also moving in, the floor is not a safe space to put your things.When I moved in at San Diego, I threw everything on my bed and then unpacked accordingly. When I was done unpacking, I put my bedding on and then I’m all ready to relax… I mean study.

What other move in tips do you have to make move in day a breeze?


Back to school series: back to school preparation

Good afternoon all, and on this installment of my back to school series, I wanted to discuss some ways to prepare for going back to school, whether it be high school, college, grad school, etc. These are some things I find to be most helpful for me when getting ready for back to school

  • Get on a solid sleep schedule- As much as people love falling asleep at 6 am and waking up at 4 pm, in school, life that just doesn’t work. Start waking up and going to bed earlier and earlier until you are getting a sufficient amount of sleep with hours that work with your schedule.
  • Develop an exercise routine- As easy as it is to finish class or work and just want to go to bed, exercise is such a great way to relieve stress and stay healthy so no matter what type of exercise you do (walking, running, weight training, biking, etc.) make sure you get in at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Stay hydrated- This is a given but if you start drinking your 8 cups or so of water each day before school starts (and in general) you’ll be more inclined to be drinking enough water daily, without thinking.
  • Create a routine- Something that I love having down pact is a morning and nighttime routine. Whether you take an hour for a face treatment or you read before bed, having your routines set before school makes the transition from home to school such a breeze.
  • Set goals- Whether it be maintaining a certain GPA, joining a new club, or just going to more office hours, setting small goals along the way is a super helpful way to reach longterm goals (getting a job, graduating, etc.)
  • Use your planner and get ORGANIZED- My planner is my whole life during school. It tells me days off, tests and quizzes, homework assignments, club meetings, everything. Start using it before school and write down any assignments you know you’ll have or university days off so that when school starts you’ll have one less thing to do.

How do you prepare for back to school?

Back to School Series: college misconceptions

In the next few weeks, 18-year-olds across the country will be road tripping to their new home and beginning the next four years of their lives. When my dad and I flew out to San Diego 2 years ago, I was terrified, excited, nervous, and every emotion in between. The only thing I could base college off were the movies, and that certainly wasn’t easing my mind. To prevent current and future freshman (or transfers) from having their share of mental breakdowns, I’ve decided to compile a post of some misconceptions my friends and I had about college our freshmen year.

  1. High school prepares you for college- In high school I barely studied, missed school once every other week (or more), and didn’t really care about high school in general. I still maintained a 4.2 GPA all 4 years of high school. However, when I got to college I was in for a major shock. In college, you can’t skip class, you have to study, and you HAVE TO care. These things are vital to succeeding, graduating, and getting a job.
  2. Getting classes out of the way early is a good idea- No. I had an 8 am second semester and 2 9ams my first semester. I am a morning person, however, having to sit in a room with words and facts being spewed into your face for an hour really takes the life out of you. On my days where classes didn’t start until 10 or 11, I had much more energy and was able to get little tasks done in the morning like eating breakfast, going to the gym, and organizing myself.
  3. Midterms and finals are hell- If I’m being honest, they do suck. I won’t lie. Having to know a semester worth of information for 5-6 classes isn’t easy, however, it’s not the end of the world. If you’ve been reading your books, attending classes, and studying regularly, finals will be over before you know it.
  4. Everyone parties- This was probably my biggest fear entering freshman year. I’m usually very introverted and I don’t like large crowds (unless it’s a concert) and I’m  more conservative when it comes to attire… college parties are not the place for me. I did go out a few times freshman year (first weekend, halloweekend, etc.) but most of my friends and I didn’t go out most weekends and that’s okay.
  5. You won’t make any friends- Join a club or make study groups with people in your classes and you are guaranteed friends. Freshmen (any year really) are always looking for new people to talk to with similar interests. Go out of your comfort zone and start up a conversation and you’ll be sure to have a few new friends.
  6. The food is bad- I don’t know where this rumor started but the food at San Diego (And Ohio from what I’ve had) is really freaking good. There are professional and student cooks who make such a variety of different foods daily to please everyone’s palette. If you can’t find something you like, you aren’t looking.
  7. Greek life is everything- Greek life is a good way to make friends and be social, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t join a sorority. At my schools and most of my friends’ schools, Greek life is less than 10% of the student body. If you want to go Greek, do it!, But if not, don’t feel pressured.
  8. You’ll never leave the library- First semester, I went to the library twice and the only reason I was there was to print something because my printer broke. If your roommate is quiet enough and you don’t have a lot of group projects, you are given a really nice desk that can work just as well as the library.
  9. You have to know what you want to do as a freshman- Most people enter college with one idea of what they want to do and end up changing it one, two, or ten times before they really know what they want. Don’t fret if you enter undecided!
  10. People instantly mature when they get to college- Have you ever met a college boy?

To all the new college students, I hope this helps. What else are you nervous for or what were you nervous for before starting college?


Back to School Series: college shopping list

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve posted last. I’ve been getting ready for college and sleeping on the couch with Poppy so I’ve been exhausted. But, here I am, 9  days until I leave for Ohio, excited as ever.

Since I’ve been doing this whole shopping thing, I’ve decided that since I scoured the internet compiling dorm shopping lists, that I would make my own shopping list for people in college or people getting ready to head off to college. I hope you enjoy and let me know if there’s anything you would add.


Back to school series: BTS playlist

Hi everyone, I’ve made a few playlists in the past, and I’ve decided that back to school deserves its own playlist. I made 2 playlists: 1 of some pump up songs to get excited for the next 9 months and the other is an ironic playlist… which you’ll see when you take a look at it.



What are some songs that get you pumped for back to school or other new endeavours?



Back to school series: class schedule

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to do a little back to school series to get everyone just as pumped for the school year as I am. I figure I will kick this little series off with my class schedule for the fall semester. I am a Spanish Education and Spanish Language double major and I’m trying to minor in something but I’m not sure what that will be yet. So, until then, here are my classes for the semester.

For those of you wondering what all of the abbreviations and things mean.
MWF 1255-1:50 Intermediate Spanish 2
MTWF 200-2:55 Beginner Italian 1
MWF 305-4:00 Introduction to Psychology
M 515-8:20 Intoduction to Teacher Education
T 435-5:55 Transfer Learning Community Seminar
W 5:15-8:15 Technological Apps in Education

This class schedule isn’t ideal (unles I’m the biggest partier in the world… which I’m not), however, the 2 classes from 515-820 were mandatory and the only slots open so those had to stay. Also, in San Diego, I took 2 classes on Wednesday: one from 9-1140 and another from 4-640. I hardly ever went to the 4-640 class because after my 9am I would put my pajamas on, take a nap, go to the gym, and do everything I normally do after classes, and then when 330 would come, I would really really really not want to go to class, so half the time.. I didn’t. With this schedule I can wake up later, get lunch, breakfast, homework, and the gym in all before class starts. Then, on some days… I’ll have 7 hours of class, however it’s all in a rw so I have no excuse for missing a class.

Are you in school? What do your classes look like this semester?

Best day of my life

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the final post in my super late Peru series. This post is dedicated to one of the best days in my entire life: the day I visited Machu Picchu.

There are physically no words to describe my time at Machu Picchu. My entire day was surreal and went by far too quickly; from waking up at 330 to returning home close to 24 hours later. I met so many people from all corners of the globe and while I would love to say something more about my time, no words can amount to the indescribable day I spent there. So, instead, please enjoy some of my favorite photos from one of the best days of my life.

The train station in Aguas Calientes