What I’m Thankful for

Hey all, so I hope you all are having a good Thanksgiving Holiday. I left for my aunt’s house yesterday and I am so happy to be on this break. My aunt took me shopping for all of the vegan and gluten free food I could eat which I’m very thankful for and she even bought me some soap so i didn’t have to lug my big pump soap dispenser all the way to Phoenix. She is working a half day today, so I have spent my time relaxing, cuddling with her 3 puppies, watching real TV and not Netflix (1st world problems I know) and doing aa bit of homework. Since there are 2 days until Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to beat everyone to the punch of saying what I’m thankful for. For starters, I typically never think about what I’m thankful for, because I’ve been pretty lucky in growing up. Granted I don’t have my own car or go to Harvard or can always be buying whatever I want, I always have had a roof over my head, food on my plate, and a loving and caring support group of family and friends who are always there when I need them. I remember one year, my mom, sister, and I went up to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving weekend to visit my mom’s best friend and her family. On Saturday they did their Thanksgiving dinner and after we went around the room and said what we were thankful for. One of the ladies had recently gotten laser eye surgery and said that she was thankful for being able to see. One little girl said she was thankful for puppies that exist because her dog recently died and puppies made her not miss her dog so much, and someone else said they were thankful to not have to work on Thanksgiving for the first time in 10 years. I can fully admit that I have taken each and every one of these things for granted in my life. I have 20/20 vision and the only time  I can’t see is when my eyes are closed. Puppies are such a gift and despite my depression, going into a pen filled with puppies can lighten anyone’s day, I’m telling you try it sometime. I’ve never worked on Thanksgiving. Granted I have only been a nanny but had the parents both had to work on Thanksgiving, I might have had to do that. It’s so funny. All the things we take for granted and things we never really appreciate until other people don’t have them and we notice it on them, or we don’t have them ourselves.
I’m thankful for so much, it’s not even funny. I’m thankful that I wake up everyday bright eyed and bushy tails (not all days) and am given the opportunity to go to a good college and learn to further my education.
I’m thankful that I have clean drinking water and can brush my teeth, shower, and drink something so pure and clean.
I’m thankful that I was given the opportunity to travel over halfway across the country for college and that my parents and grandparents are helping me and paying for most of it.
I’m thankful that I have a nice warm bed to retire to at the end of every day and that no matter what, it will be there
I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head and food on my plate. Not everyone has both. Not everyone has even one of these things and I’m so thankful that I was given a life where both are not seen as luxuries
I’m thankful for my family, friends, peers, acquaintances, random hot boys I have seen at coffee shops,etc. I’m thankful for all of you because, you have all impacted my life in some way, even if just in the slightest sense.
I’m thankful for electricity. Thank you computer, iPhone, iPad, TV, etc for existing because you make my life so much easier. While you have created an antisocial society, you have helped me write essays, capture moments, and stay in touch with family despite being 2500 miles away
I’m thankful for animals. I love animals. I love how I feel when I am around animals and I’m thankful that animals have given me the inspiration to pursue a career with them in mind.
Finally, I am thankful for myself. Why? I am thankful that I have a good head on my shoulders and that I have dreams and aspirations and that I can do anything I set my mind to. I love you self
That’s a bit of what I’m thankful for. Talk to you all soon


Rant time

Hi all, so, at my university, I am taking a class called Africa Studies 200. It’s like a writing and rhetoric studies class but the thing we focus on in our writings are Africana studies. I am a very liberal human being, and if you were friends with me on Facebook you would certainly know that due to the many things I share on Facebook on a daily basis.  That and my love for dogs and Christmas. I only post about those 3 things… or so I was told. So, prior to taking this class, I wouldn’t say I had a poor knowledge on the world but I have come to realize after being in this class for 13 weeks, is that white people suck. I’m white, I can say that honestly, we suck. The Paris attack occurred about a week ago, and the other day on campus a white male student, attacked a Muslim student. He  pushed a girl and pulled her by her head scarf all the while making hateful remarks and threats to this woman solely based on her ethnicity. She wasn’t physically harmed, but emotionally I can only imagine what she is dealing with right now. The man got away and now, students, police, and faculty all over campus are trying to catch this man so that he doesn’t do anymore damage.
There is this app, called YikYak, that is mainly used for college students. It’s like twitter but anonymous. Someone posted on this app the sketch of the suspect for the crime, and that there was to be a rally the next day to show out support for this girl and every other Muslim student on campus  and someone commented with “One guy does this small thing and you guys are freaking out over this? It’s nothing. Get over yourselves.” How can we live in such a world today where women getting hit and threatened based on merely their ethnicity is a thing, and there are some people who don’t see the bad in that? I can’t comprehend with how this is a thing. This is not one small and stupid occurrence. Something like this could happen again and again and we will keep blowing this off.
Back to the Paris attacks (Sorry this is all over the place but I’m ranting and in doing so I am just letting my mind flow free) or not even to the Paris attacks but back to everything that occurred on that horrible Friday the 13th. People are only discussing the Paris attacks because it occurred by Muslims. That is the only reason that it is so hyped. By no means am I trying to play off what happened in Paris as something minor. All I’m trying to say is that there were so many other events that occurred on that day, The Lebanon Attacks, the Mexico Earthquake, just to name a few. But there are so many people who don’t/didn’t know about the other events on this day is because the victims were white Europeans/white European descendants. People in this day and age, and the media especially, are only focusing on white Anglo-Saxon individuals because for some reason people still believe that they are more important than others. This concept boggles my mind. On the day of the France v Germany soccer game (I’m from America so football is soccer and American football is football), an individual tried taking a bomb into the  arena, with what I’m assuming, hope of detonating it in there in hopes of killing many more people than were killed on the 13th. A man spotted this bomber and was able to ensure that he wasn’t allowed to enter. The bomb was taken and detonated outside of the arena (hence the explosion that alarmed those in the arena that night). I’m going to assume that many of you didn’t know that. Want to know why? Because the man who saved the entire arena from dying was a Muslim man. And, a Muslim man can’t be a hero.
It baffles my mind how people are not able to compare every Christian individual with the KKK yet we are able to identify every Muslim individual with ISIS and being a terrorist. This world we live in is not a good one, and there are so many things wrong with the world. Innocent people are being killed, innocent people are being ‘randomly selected’ in airports (yay racial profiling) and innocent people are being blamed for one small group of their religious groups for being absolutely insane, when 99% of them are innocent and only want peace. The world we live in needs work, and the way to not get that done is by being racist homophobic misogynistic assholes. We need to work together to get to world where we can all coexist peacefully and not blame an entire religion for a small sect’s doings.
Talk to you all soon, and hank you for listening to my rant


What’s your position

Hey guys, so for my sociology class, we had to write a Position paper. What this entails is taking a position on a sociological topic, and writing 5 pages about it. I wrote mine on school lunches because this topic of food is very important to me and I thought I would share my findings.

As processed foods increasingly become a part of the everyday diet for most Americans and many people across the world, we need to stop and think. What is actually in processed foods? Well, the answer to that question is nothing good. The reason the childhood obesity rate in the United States has risen 11% in the past 22 years (CDC) is because of these processed foods. Children are being given these processed foods in schools because they are cheaper, quicker, and just easier for the school and parents to provide. Processed foods have taken over America and have become a staple in almost every American child’s diet, hence the alarming obesity rate here. We as a Nation need to remove processed foods from children’s diets. While no one can assure that children don’t eat processed foods in the comfort of their homes, we can ensure that schools do not feed the children processed foods and for the schools that have vending machines, do not permit processed foods in these machines. While this is a stretch in happening, the health of our youth and every citizen in general needs to be a top priority so that not everyone in America ends up with Diabetes by the age of 30. As far back as I can remember, the idea of a food pyramid and eating healthy has been shoved down the throats of students across the country in order to promote healthy eating and to decrease the rate of obesity and overweight children across the country. There is one problem with this. How are we supposed to be eating healthy when our school lunches are not healthy?
Both of my parents work and it was a struggle to remember or have time to pack me a lunch everyday because of how early they had to leave so nearly every day I had a hot lunch (lunch provided by the school). These lunches ranged from corn dogs and peas which an orange slice to a pizza slice with extra cheese and fruit cup. No one (at least no one I knew) ate the peas because no one liked them. The orange slice and fruit cups were always soggy or too ripe to eat so everyone discarded the healthy options merely because they didn’t look or seem as appetizing as the pizza or corn dogs. According to livestrong.com, in 2012, the US government update the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs (NSLP) which says, “Changes included counting fruits and vegetables as separate meal groups, offering fruit every day, making half of grain choices whole grains, giving different grades different meal sizes and reducing sodium and trans fat in meals.” However, even after implementing these changes, not all schools follow this rule which means that not every school gives students the healthy options the deserve and need, and not every student is able to eat a balanced diet. This rule is supposed to ensure that students across the Nation are being fed what they need to live a healthy life, not ignored by schools everywhere. I’m not one hundred percent sure whether or not my school followed/follows this rule, however I’m well aware that even though a fruit cup, or serving of peas or carrots is served to students on a daily basis, that does not guarantee that these students will be eating them. Our nation needs to not only focus on how to get all schools to give their students the recommended amount of healthy foods needed to function, but also to ensure that we focus on getting students to want to eat healthy as well. Eating healthy is a two-way street. Schools will only feed their students healthy food if they know the students will eat them and the only way for the students to be able to eat the healthy food is for the schools to provide it for them.
Another issue with the school lunch debate is that lunches have become another quarrel with numbers. The caloric limit for a school lunch, the max amount of money spent on each school lunch per student per day, etc. With the debate on numbers, it is almost as if the student does not matter in this equation. According to the culinary Arts department of the Art Institute, schools receive $2.68 per student per meal per day. While many would assume that this $2.68 is solely for the food itself, we are incorrect. “That $2.68 must cover payment not just for the food, but also any labor, facility, and structural costs a school incurs. Additionally, schools are mandated to use part of that money for milk purchases (Art Institute).” Do we not see the issue here? How is it possible to give a healthy lunch to students (31.2 million students participate in the school lunch program across the country (Art Institute)) when they must get a meal, get people to serve this food, and do so many other things with $2.68 per student? It’s not feasible. We as a nation need to get our priorities straight. People across the country are always complaining that we spend so much money on Healthcare, yet how can we reduce the costs on Healthcare when more and more people are getting diabetes from poor eating habits, which most of the time start in schools? According to Forbes, In February of 2014, the annual Healthcare spending in the United States reach a chocking high of $3.8 trillion. Not nearly is all of this money spent on overweight/obese children, however overweight and obese children lead to overweight and obese adults. When you are overweight and obese as an adult you have a higher risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal blood fats, metabolic syndrome, cancer, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gallstones and so many more diseases (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) , which the United States does spend millions of dollars on per year. While the Health Care spending would not plummet by a Trillion dollars, by spending more money on providing healthier food for our children, the effect would be that we would be spending less on Health Care later in life because these children would not need as much care as they would have needed if they were obese. We need to start working sooner rather than alter on addressing this issue until all 38% of people ages 6­19 who are obese end up with some of the above mentioned diseases and our health care spending has to continue increasing to cope with everything that healthier food could easily fix.
While there are many people who believe that school lunches need to be fixed and fixed quickly, there are also some people who believe that school lunches are fine the way that they are. These who believe that schools that make lunches more healthy are unnecessary for a variety of reasons. According to Livescience, children will throw away their fruits and vegetables no matter how many they are given, simple because they do not want them. If they do that then the whole process of getting fruits and vegetables into lunches would have been a waste. However, a study conducted by Live Science, shows that students would be eating their fruits and vegetables had they had more time to eat. They eat their favorite part of the meal first and the fruits and vegetables last, but only if they have time. With some schools giving their students only 20 minutes (and in some cases less) to eat their lunch and socialize with friends can only be assumed that not everyone will finish their lunch. The answer to this problem is easy: Rearrange the schedule so that kids have more time to eat. The more time they have to eat, the more likely they are that they will eat their vegetables. Michelle Obama, who is notorious for trying to make school lunches and children’s lives more healthy in general, has received white a hatred for this. Students across the country have created a hashtag for twitter (#ThanksMichelleObama) because they do not like the lunches they are being given. Despite all of this hate, and people thinking that children aren’t eating their fruits and vegetables, there are those students fighting back. Students are discussing that they will be eating their fruits and vegetables and telling the students using the #ThanksMichelleObama that they will thank her in 20 years when they don’t have diabetes. Michelle Obama is moving us in the right direction of getting students to believe in eating healthier, we just have to get the rest of the Nation on board as well.
As the era of processed foods become more and more prevalent, it is necessary that we stop and tell ourselves that while processed food is quick, cheap, and all around easier, it is not necessarily better for us. Students across the country are struggling with obesity due to the processed and unhealthy food they are being given at school on a daily basis. Schools need to implement more fruits and vegetables, and healthier food in general into the diet of all students because the obesity rate of children and adolescents in the United States is on the rise and needs to start going down soon before everyone in America is overweight or obese and has diabetes. There are many rules in place to try to ensure healthy eating in schools but these rules are not always followed. We all need to work together to promote healthy eating, lengthen the time of lunch for students, and show the government that healthy eating will benefit us all in the long run.
Well, hope you all enjoyed that and that you learned something
Talk to you all soon


I’m Back

Hey all, Long time no talk.
I have been so busy this past week finishing essays and doing projects and cramming every second I possibly could with homework so that I would have a break over Thanksgiving, and somehow there is still more to do Not to fret though, I’m back and ready to blog. I will try and queue a few posts to post in the coming week but with finals just around the corner there is no guarantee that I can write every day. I will try to write every day but for the next few weeks there will be pretty much no consistency and I apologize for that. However, I’m doing my best to blog and study and blogging will be a nice break for when I need to take on. I have 4 finals; one for my honors class, one for Spanish, Biology, and my Sociology classes. I have them on December 10th, December 15th, 16th, and 17th and then I go home on December 17th for an entire month. I’m very excited to going home but I was so accustomed to living in the dorm. Having my dad wash my clothes and not having to pay $2 overtime I need to wash clothes, will be an  ice luxury, however. I am also very excited that I can see all of my family and friends because I haven’t seen everyone since August 20th and for those of my friends who left for school  before me, even earlier than that. However, the 2 things that I am looking forward to the most are sleeping in my own bed in my own room where I can lock he door and jam to songs in my underwear (here you’re never certain when an unsuspecting roommate may walk in) and to see my puppy. My sister sends me videos and pictures of her on occasion however, those will not suffice. I need to snuggle with 100 pounds of fur and slobber and love. Honestly, if I could I would spend the whole month cuddling with her in my bed catching up on TV shows I have missed. But, alas I have friends and family who want to see me and my baby has to take the backseat.
Just a few things to remember in the coming weeks: during Thanksgiving break a majority of my time will be spent with my aunt and uncle, and my friend who goes to school in Phoenix. The rest of the time will be allotted to sleeping and homework, so like I said if I only post once or twice next week, I’m sorry, life is hectic. Then, the week I get home is pretty low key. I have a few presentations to give and a field trip and an essay due but nothing too extreme. All of the hard work will have been done during Thanksgiving Break.The week after that however, is basically hell week. I will be cramming my brain with information I didn’t bother to learn before and rarely leaving the comfort of my bed or the library, unless it’s to pee or eat, sleeping is optional. So, that week and the week following will be very insane due to everything I have to know for my exams, But once December 17th and 10am comes along, I will be free and will be able to blog and sleep, and Netflix, and cuddle, and get myself completely immersed in the Christmas Spirit until my heart is content.
So, that’s my life update,
Talk to you all soon


Ohhh hey, more sorority talk

Hey all, this will probably be a quick post. So, as I’ve posted a bit, I joined a sorority, and then had to drop due to money and being poor, however, we had already picked bigs (she’s basically a mentor we mutually pick who becomes our bestie) had already made my crafts and still wanted to do a cute reveal for me.

So, me, my big, and my grandbig (my big’s big) went to lunch and I was introduced to the “AMORE Fam” (there are different families in each sorority) and they have been so kind and loving even though I’m technically not in the sorority right now. That was yesterday (Wednesday) that we got together and had my mini reveal.

Anyways, today was actual Big-Little reveal and my family took a picture together so I took the time to Photoshop my cute self into and post it on instagram. So the whole family took the picture and posted it on Facebook and instagram and commented how they were so sad I couldn’t so the sorority this semester but that they were looking forward to me being back next semester.

Honestly, it makes me so sad that people hate on sororities because these girls are so amazing and i love them all so much

Love my family
Love my family

Talk to you all soon


My workspace… Not really

When you walk into college on the first day, you are presented with a desk, closet, micro-fridge,and a bed. I purposely bought a chair cushion to use for it because I knew the chair wouldn’t be comfortable. How many times have I used that cushion? I Think four times but never have they been for school work. I spend most of time in the dorm under the warm comforter I bought because out thermostat likes to tell us it is 65 degrees in the dorm even when we have it set for 90.

Nevertheless, I still use most of the objects on the desk and will give you guys the lowdown on everything on and around my desk.


Let’s start on the top and work my way down. P.S. my desk is typically this clean when I don’t have class. If I do have class it also contains my key, papers, folders, notebooks, more water bottles, and the occasional shoe.

Paintings– My sister made them. I didn’t. I have nary an artistic bone in my body. I forced her to paint me the cat one and she painted me the Tangles one for my birthday. She’s chill.

Calender- This was probably the best investment for school. I think I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s a 3 piece sticky calendar set. One is a month calendar, one is a week calendar, and the 3rd is a notes board. I use this thing religiously and it’s always so much better than getting my planner out. @everyone going to college next year or who’s in college now. get one. Now

Top Shelf– Contains large pack of paper my roommate and I may never fully use, a few stuffed animals from home, my Buddha, cards and letters from home, my pencil holder which I definitely need to position closer to my bed because getting up every time I lose my pen in bed is a hassle, my alarm clock (still haven’t used it. My phone definitely works just as well), deck of cards for when I’m bored, room freshener (it’s a cute one with the beads and highly necessary. We both smell and this keeps us from smelling less), my mouth guard (I grind my teeth when I sleep).

Middle shelf Assortment of notebooks, notepads, random journals I told myself I would use and never did. dictionaries (English and Spanish yay Spanish), paper clips, stapler, hole punch, tape, highlighters, sticky notes. You know the random desk necessities which you don’t need until you don’t have. Minus the hole punch and stapler. I have surprisingly uses them a substantial amount this year.

Bottom shelf– large pile of crap I got from school which I will need at some point, just not today. Also my toms bag which has stickers and things I want to put on my laptop once I get a hard case for it. More notepads and sticky notes. I also have a large roll of tape for when I have to send my textbooks back at the end of the semester and my old phone. lol my old phone

Right of my desk– an empty water bottle which shouldn’t be empty. The cup that we all got on the first day of school. I haven’t drank from it but it did hold my earrings when I cleaned them. An electric pencil sharpener is also hiding behind my water bottle. A lamp that I have only used to charge my phone when I couldn’t find the wall plug and a picture of my grandma.

Left of my desk: Well my laptop cover which has nothing in it because I’m using my laptop. I have my sunglasses, headphones, vitamins, lint roller (COMES IN SO HANDY WOW), a large thing of hand sanitizer (ALSO COMES IN SO HANDY WOW), and of course mt textbooks, a few notebooks, and folders.

That’s my desk. I also have more crap on my floor and stuff. I may make an entire room tour video thing if this posts gets a comment or a few likes that say they want me to do it.

Until next time.



Goals upon goals

Hey all.

Recently I had to do a project for my Honors class where we had to create a 15 minute presentation discussing our goals and how we plan to achieve them. However, I don’t believe life is all about our long-term (5+ years) goals. I believe having short terms are necessary as well. So what better way to remember these short-term goals than by blogging about them?

Day goals:

  1. Make my bed- making my bed gives me a false sense of having my life together- and I love it
  2. Do homework- I hate doing it but it has to be done
  3. Return the phone I got- Verizon sent me two iPhones and I have to trek to the post office and return it
  4. Reach 10,000 steps- My daily fitbit step goal
  5. Eat 100% vegan- pretty self explanatory
  6. Drink 2 liters of water- DO THIS EVERYDAY-IT’S GOOD FOR YOU

Week goals:

  1. Ace my Bio Exam
  2. Meet my Sorority Big (I’m not in it anymore but she still wants me to know who she is)
  3. Go to the Homecoming Football Game
  4. Finish all of my homework- And don’t procrastinate on it
  5. Make a packing list for going to Phoenix
  6. Get my lotus tattoo and nose piercing (Friday)

Month Goals:

  1. Begin studying for finals- I can’t procrastinate
  2. Have a blast in Phoenix- visiting my aunt and best friends for Thanksgiving
  3. Make a packing list for going home- I love lists and hate forgetting things
  4. Write down everything I need to buy at home or bring from home so i don’t forget
  5. Explore coffee shops- if you check out my instagram that’s all I do

Semester Goals:

  1. Don’t fail any classes
  2. Make more friends
  3. Join clubs
  4. get a 3.5 GPA
  5. Be 100% vegan

Winter Break Goals:

  1. Work as a nanny
  2. See everyone I’ve missed while at school
  3. Relax
  4. Create 2nd semester schedule
  5. Switch closets with my sister- we switched rooms once I left but I need to get everything out of my closet

Year long goals:

  1. Decide on a major- double major in Spanish and _______
  2. Get a job
  3. Join clubs
  4. Become an AM
  5. Become an Ambassador

That’s all I have for now, but the list will grow. I think I will post weekly goals on my Monday posts. But probably not daily goals because I don’t always post the posts the same day I wrote them.

Talk to you all soon



See you again

Hey everyone…

A few posts ago i talked about my sorority that I’m in at my university. Well, much to my dismay, I had to drop from it the other day. It’s not because I hated it, oh gosh quite the opposite I loved the girls and everyone I’d met through it. However,  after becoming a broke college kid, I can’t pay for it this semester. I will be working all winter break back home and am hoping to get a job here in San Diego next semester in order to pay for it. Until then, I have to drop from the sorority.

It’s been so weird seeing everyone and having them ask where I’ve been and being removed from our pledge class’ group message. While I’m very sad to be going I can’t ask my parents or grandparents to pay for it after I’ve made them pay for all the damages that the scammer did. I am very sad to go, but it’s not goodbye. I have made great friendships with so many of the girls that we will continue to hang out and that I will be back if not in the spring, then definitely next fall. i will miss all of my sisters and hanging out with them on the daily, but I will continue to support them all in their philanthropy and such.

Also, big little week is this week and since I was given a big, she is still going to be ‘revealed’ to me but just in person not a big reveal like the other girls in the sorority do.

Talk to you all soon.



Why Random was the Right Choice for me

While most people spend months trying to sing the perfect roommate or trying to convince their high school bestie that living together won’t break up their friendship forever, I was still trying to convince my parents to let me go to school here in San Diego. Picking a roommate wasn’t really a top priority on my list.

All I did on the subject of a roommate was fill out a little survey of what time I go to bed, the loudness and brightness of the room when sleeping, and how clean I keep the room. Honestly, I was terrified since everyone I knew had hand-picked their roommate’s through facebook posts and messaging or through mutual friends.

Then I began to hear horror stories of bad random roommates. My aunt’s college roommate stole a lot from her, so much that she kept everything but bedding and toiletries in her car on campus.

The second we were able to see who our roommates were, I stalked her on instagram. It’s ok… she did the same to me. I saw that she was a vegan which is good I’m thinking because of my lactose allergy. She seemed like a nice girl.

Little did i know that a silly survey about bedtime and nightly regimen would turn into me finding my freshman year best friend. We both are allergic to gluten, love cartoon network, binge watching netflix, and silently judging people. She tolerates my obnoxious singing  and my “rockland” phrases, and I tolerate her random noise making and terrible California terms. We’ve made it two months without killing each other and I’m sure we can survive more. If she somehow hasn’t killed me yet, I think I’m in the clear.

I’m so happy I got my roommate as my roommate because I doubt I could make fun, yell at, sing to, annoy, and piss off as much as her and somehow not have a knife in my head (she has threatened but it has yet to happen). So many people say random roommates are shitty, but personally I think I’m happier than all of my friends who picked their roommates. We didn’t have to impress each other over facebook or give each other false expectations of the super cool life we live and how great we are in order to woo each other. We literally just showed up on the first day of school and the rest is history

Did any of you guys go random? Did you have the same experience as me… or different?

Talk to you all soon



Life Away from Home

Hey everyone.

So, a big question that I’m asked often if how do I do it? How do I spend months away from home. So far away from home my parents have to take a plane to get to me if they want to get to me that day or week. Do I get home sick often and how do I cope with being completely on my own? How do I miss my sister’s basketball game and dances, etc.?

To be honest, I don’t know. I ask myself how I don’t miss anyone or anything on the daily. I think it’s because I still keep contact with all my friends and family. And also because I wasn’t like inseparable with anyone in high school. My dad and I are pretty close and so are my sister and I but when I said goodbye to my sister I was half asleep and didn’t really realize I was saying goodbye for 4 months and my dad cried when I said goodbye so I cried then too. My mom and I really aren’t close and rarely talk and when we do, we yell. So, us being separated I feel has actually benefited us for the most part.

I have seen my family. My parents, sister, and grandma came to San Diego for parents weekend and then I’ll see them again at Christmas. I feel like since I know that I’ll see them I don’t have to dwell on the past of missing them when I can look forward to the next time I get to see them all.

Do any of you college peeps miss your families? Or are you cold and heartless like I am?

Talk to you all soon