8 down. 8 to go

Hi all, today marks the end of my eighth week in Ohio. I moved in literally 9 weeks ago today. Isn’t that crazy. It feels like I’ve just started yet we’re halfway done. Yet here I am, 9 weeks since that fateful night I was rethinking every aspect of me coming here, how I could transfer again, how I would make my dad drive 7 hours back to Ohio to pick me and all of my things up and head back home.

I had a really deep conversation about this with my roommate Wednesday night. Her friend is transferring to OU next semester so we were discussing our experiences and what we wish we knew, etc. She reassured me that she has also cried since being here. She cried about feeling alone, about credits not transferring, about not knowing what to do, etc. It made me feel so much better about my situation and wanting to go home and not thinking Ohio was the right place for me.

Olivia and I both agree that we haven’t made too many friends. CHAARG has helped immensely as have class and work and I’m making baby steps towards those ‘life-long college friends.’ But it’s hard.  It’s hard being singled out as transfer students. We aren’t surrounded by freshmen (people who also need/want friends) but we are surrounded by other transfer students (I can assure you that Olivia and I got the short end of the stick when it comes to the pick on our floor) and 2nd year students who have already found their niches on campus. Like I said, baby steps.

So, is school still weird? Yes, but a whole lot less weird. Ohio is beautiful and I love all of the people (minus those in Make America Great Again shirts). I truly believe that Ohio is the place I belong. Sometimes, though, I just wish I’d thought of Athens Ohio 3 years earlier.


Beauty School Dropout

Hi all… So before deciding on my school of San Diego State University, I had also applied to 15 other schools. One of those schools was Arizona State University. My aunt lives only 15 minutes away from the Tempe campus so it would have been great for me to live in the dorms freshman year and then live with my aunt for the rest of college. I’d get my own car for driving to and from school, grocery shopping, and possibly working if I get a job out there. That would have been a good option for me however, when I first decided to go to San Diego, it was because I wanted to major in international business, which they are ranked #5 in the whole country for. However, now that I want to switch my major to engineering (and may end up switching again… you never know) and I would rather go to a school with a wide variety of good programs rather than a select few amazing majors.

So, I’m going to make a pro-con list of transferring to ASU. Some feedback on my pro con list would also be loved. Here we go

Pros of transferring to ASU

  1. Get my own car
  2. Live with my aunt
  3. Get free food and board
  4. Switch to engineering major
  5. Be able to switch majors later if I want
  6. get a fresh start
  7. Join a new sorority- the one I initially want to join
  8. Be close to family but still be independent
  9. Be able to get a job off campus
  10. Be able to intern at my aunt’s work
  11. Be able to get a job at my aunt’s work
  12. Make new friends
  13. Won’t have to be an RA (my mom doesn’t want to pay for housing)
  14. be by puppies all the time
  15. I have freedom of what I can do (in my dorm you can’t have coffee makers, smoothie makers, candles, etc
  16. Easier to get things I need- especially with a car. (don’t have to make a day of going to target because of how far it is)
  17. Fam can visit more often and for cheaper
  18. Can explore a completely new city and state
  19. Won’t have to move out of dorm every spring
  20. Going places with my aunt and uncle (they go on cruises a lot)
  21. Pool in my backyard(helps make my knee feel better)

Cons of Transferring to ASU

  1. leave my friends
  2. may be hard to make new friends
  3. Have a lesser sense of independence
  4. leaving San Diego
  5. Possibility all of my credits wont transfer
  6. Leaving my favorite coffee shop
  7. Commuting every day

Honestly, it seems that the right idea is ASU but for some reason I’m still not sure.

Please help in my decision.

Talk to you all soon