Mystery Blogger Award… Round 2

Hi everyone, before I get into this post, I may or may not be doing the final prompt for NaBloPoMo which is: Have you chosen a word of the year for yourself for 2017? What is it? If not, what words would you consider? I may do it but I’m in a weird funk today and don’t want it to be a shitty post and I was already planning on doing something like this next month… but we’ll see. Anyway, if not… NaBloPoMo was a total success and I posted every single day and some days twice. I am not guaranteeing I will keep this up forever but it was nice to have some consistency.

Onto the award…

The Rules

1.Put the award logo/image on your blog

2.List the rules.

3.Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

4.Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well

5.Tell your readers 3 things about yourself

6.You have to nominate 10 – 20 people

7.Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

8.Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)

9.Share a link to your best post(s)

So a huge thank you to Darcy from Darcy’s Book Blog for nominating me for this award and   Okoto Oke Enigma for creating this super fun award. Definitely give both of their blogs a visit because they post super cool posts.

3 things about myself

  1. I LOVE goats
  2. I am highly allergic to cats
  3. My whole life I told myself I didn’t want to work with kids and now that’s what I’ll be going to school for.

My best posts

Quintessentially Autumn Day


Society Told Me

My answers

  1. What would make you not finish a book? Well.. if I lost it, which I don’t think I’ve ever done. Or if I’m 100 pages into and it pains me to continue
  2. Do you annotate your books? For school I do sometimes, but not books for pleasure
  3. What is your favorite genre? Romance or Sci Fi
  4. What format do you like to read your books? Hardcover? Paperback? ebook? Audio? Paperback or ebook… I honestly hate hardcover…
  5. Do you like to have noise going on in the background while you read? I like alpha waves but that’s about it.

My questions

  1. What was the last movie you saw?
  2. What is your favorite thing about winter?
  3. Do you have any pets?
  4. What was the last book you read?
  5. Are you allergic to anything?

I nominate…

A Sprinkle of Laughter             Azra               Renxkyoko               Bea

There you have it… If I post again tonight… talk to you later, but if not, talk to you in December 😉


Hot doctor… Hairy legs

Nov. 29: What was your most embarrassing or scary trip to the doctor?

Preface: I hate myself and think about this visit a lot so thank you BlogHer for bringing it up once again.

I think I may have talked about me injuring my knee on here before but if not… or you’re new to this blog let’s take a trip down memory lane.

When I was a freshman in high school I played on my school’s basketball team. It was more rigorous and intense than my middle school and recreational teams so it took a toll on my left knee. It was always swollen and hurt… a lot.

Fast forward to that following summer. I was playing in my school’s summer league, playing 5-6 basketball games per week and working out on my own. I improperly did a lunge which resulted in a lot of swearing, doctor’s appointments, crutches, etc.

My junior year of high school, my knee still wasn’t 100% but I was determined (or my dad was…) to play varsity basketball. While playing against arguably the best girl on our team, I went up to rebound the ball, as did she, and we both came crashing down, and haha for me, I landed right on my left knee.

That winter, I couldn’t bend my knee, and it hurt to stand on it for any period of time… which made showering quite the task. To keep my showers short and sweet, I decided to not shave for the entire winter. Mainly because I was curious to see how long my hair would be and after not shaving for that first week, it becomes a habit to not.

I went to the doctor so many times that winter and spring… so many. All of my doctors were old men who had definitely seen worse than a girl who didn’t want to shave, or women who totally felt my pain (my leg hair became a topic that ritually came up during physical therapy).

During a trip to visit the orthopaedic surgeon, only for him to tell me that there was nothing physically wrong with me and he had absolutely no idea why my knee looked like a grapefruit and I was in an obscene amount of pain, there was an assistant (I think a resident) doctor who was BY FAR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON (definition tall, dark, and handsome). He came in after the surgeon had looked at my knee so my yoga pants were pulled down, hiding the forest on my leg.

The surgeon told the assistant (Brad) that I would need a shot of cortisone in my knee and that none other than Brad himself would be administering that shot.

Shit, I thought. He will see my leg and my dreams of having a surgeon husband will be gone forever.

WAIT… it get’s worse.

Not only did I need a shot of cortisone in my knee, my knee had to be bent at 90° for the shot to be administered. So, Brad had to spend about 5 minutes bending my knee (it hurt that bad) while holding onto my poodle of a leg, all the while I am crying hysterically telling him to stop because of how bad it hurt. Once my calf was finally perpendicular to my thigh, Brad gave me my cortisone shot (I am still bawling by the way), gave me an empathetic look before leaving, never to be seen again. Also, cortisone is supposed to relieve pain and I can say, without a doubt, it did not work. So, Brad had to see my hairy leg AND my ugly crying face for no reason whatsoever.

Until tomorrow


Prance the Cat

Nov. 28: What was your most precious possession when you were a kid?

Hey everyone… I can’t believe that November is basically over and that Christmas is in less than a month! I had a successful Black Friday and cyber Monday and only have to buy presents for two more people.. Success.


This is Prance. Prance was the literal love of my life when I was little. So much so that Prance still lives on one of the shelves in my bedroom. I don’t remember getting Prance but I do remember when I was in first grade we got to bring a stuffed animal to school. We got to carry it with us all day, write about the animal, and then read what we wrote to the class.

I do not know why I remember this but I do. I had written out my little spiel about Prance and I brought it to my teacher Mrs. Kadlec for her to edit for spelling and grammatical errors. The cat’s name was Prance (it said so on the beanie baby tag and I wasn’t going to confuse the poor cat by changing her name obviously).

Mrs. Kadlec had insisted I was spelling the name wrong. I was a pretty smart 1st grader and also wasn’t good at admitting I was wrong. She went on for about 5 minutes how the cat’s name should be spelled “Prince” and not “Prance.” After I let her give her side of the case, I once again told her she was wrong, left my seat, retrieved my cat, and showed her the tag,  which showed the name of “Prance” written clear as day. With her mouth agape and her stunned facial expression, she accepted defeat and dismissed me back to my seat with a smile on my face and Prance in hand.

While there are tons of pictures of me and that cat and my mother remembering how she didn’t leave my side, this is my only memory of Prance. I think it’s funny that my sass and need for being correct started so early on

Until tomorrow


Recipe of Me Tag

Hi everyone, Debbie over at Debbie’s Library tagged me in this tag a week or so ago and I just got around to doing it today. Thank you to Debbie for the tag and also thank you to Trisha at Cake and Poetry for creating the tag. Definitely go and check out both of their blogs.


  • Tag the creator
  • Tag 5 other people
  • Give a method that you feel is the ‘recipe of you’.

Leash’s Quiche Recipe (this was a nickname in highschool so that’s why I’m using it)

  1. Grab a really really really really big bowl, there’s a lot of ingredients in this one. Preferably a blue one but if not… totally fine.
  2. Preheat the oven to like 200 degrees. Can’t make her too hot, but we also can’t make her too cold, can we?
  3. Start by putting about 3 cups of animal love in
  4. Add a dash of liberalism… NOT THE WHOLE BOX YOU IDIOT.. It’s fine, she can’t start too many debates, can she?
  5. Add a pinch of emo
  6. 4 tablespoons of coffee
  7. A cup of depression with some anxiety mixed in
  8. Put some bad eyebrows in there.. She can fill them in later
  9. Add some procrastination… anywhere from 1-3 cups. You can choose later
  10. Heck, add like 4 more cups of that depression anxiety mix in there
  11. Add just a pinch of salt… or a handful… a handful is good
  12. Add some peppermint in there so she’s pumped for the holiday season
  13. Throw a thesaurus in there, so she has the ability to use big words but can choose stupid ones instead
  14. Throw in some tofu… she’s vegan remember?
  15. Add some happiness in there (optional)
  16. Add half a cup of creativity so she can think creatively but can’t draw for shit.
  17. Add in a ton of blue food coloring and toss in a pan.
  18. Now bake for about 10 minutes, not too long because it will go from white to burnt in the blink of an eye
  19. Once she is on the brink of white and burned take the Leash Quiche out of the oven. Don’t forget the oven mitt… too late. Go ahead and swear since the pan burned you.
  20. Sprinkle (pour) some sass on top for an enhanced version.
  21. Do not consume: too consumed with itself.

This tag was super fun and I really don’t want to nominate anyone because I want to see what everyone’s recipes would be. If you do this tag, be sure to tag me in them because I would love to read them.

Until tomorrow


Typical “Me” Items

Hi everyone, I hope to get back to posting posts at normal times during the day on Monday or even tomorrow but this week has been so hectic. I am trying to see all of my friends who are home from school, spend time with family, and i am dog sitting for 3 dogs. There are three dogs in my house at the moment and one I drive to take care of throughout the day and when I’m not busy seeing people, I have all of the dogs competing over who I will pet. Anyway, let’s get started with this post.

A few weeks ago, Zwaan at MissMarvellousss, did a post depicting her 5 typical ‘me’ items and it inspired me to do the same.

1.Band T-shirts: I love music. Whenever I go to concerts I feel the need to splurge on a tee to let everyone know, yes I was at that concert and yes, I’m cool for having a shirt that says so. Also band shirts are always 10x more comfortable than regular shirts which makes sense since I have spent like $40 on some of them


2.Oversized Sweaters: I love sweaters. Like I love them. My grandma used to knit and she made all sorts of sweaters. I have about 10 of them now and wear them all the time. I also love buying sweaters too… I’m not biased.


3.Leggings: I live in leggings. Like if I wear jeans… It’s a holiday. They’re comfortable and you can look like a garbage hoe or nice in them depending when the last time I showered was…


4.Cross-body bags: I feel like a mom when I wear them but they’re so much more practical. I always hated holding purses or having them propped up on one shoulder and with crossbody bags you don’t have to do either. It’s a win-win for me.


5.Liquid Lipstick: I love lipstick. I can’t do makeup for shit and my winged eyeliner looks like it got hit by a truck so lipsticks are the only makeup (besides my eyebrows) that I am good at. I love lippies and have so many colors that I almost never leave my house (unless it’s a garbage hoe day) without one.


6.Nail Polish: I always have nail polish on and whenever I do, it always makes me feel more put together. I go and get them done every other Sunday with my mom and the ladies that do them are the sweetest and I was sick one weekend and didn’t go and they were so worried about me and were so happy to see I had returned the next time my mom and I went.


7.Earrings: I have 10 ear piercings so it’s only fitting that earrings are a typical ‘me’ item. I used to live in the earrings section of Claire’s because they’re super cheap and are good for people with sensitive skin like me.


That’s all for tonight. I would love if you guys did this too because I’m curious to see what your items would be


Is time really money?

Nov. 25: What do you think we could all do better with if we looked at it with a child’s eyes?

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you are all having a good week, whether you celebrated Thanksgiving or not. I just got back home from Black Friday shopping with my sister and was able to get quite a few cool things; things not only for myself but for some of my family members as well.

People always seem to say “Time is money.” When we’re children we really have no concept of time. We are awake when it’s light and asleep when it’s dark. We have no idea how much time has passed when we are playing, sleeping, watching TV, spending time with family.

Now that we’re older our lives are controlled by time. We wake up at 6, are at work from 9-5, eat dinner at 7, go to bed at 10 and repeat. Our lives are constant schedules and we find comfort in having a schedule because we know where and when we have to do things. We base everything off of time and schedules.

Why can’t we look at our day with a child’s eyes? Why can’t we live without the constant need for schedules and worries about being late. Why must we be consumed by schedules and eyes glued to clocks all day in anticipation for the beginning and end of events. Our lives revolve around scanning watches and writing in planners and as much as I wish they didn’t, I  guess time really is money.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 24: Have you ever rage-quit a job?

Hey fam. I don’t want to do today’s prompt because I am in a vegan food coma, am tired and am surrounded by so many dogs… so just a quick post tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers and myself. Just another year of celebrating that dickweed Columbus and all he did/ didn’t do for our country.

I hope you all have/had a great Thanksgiving holiday and are thankful for so many things. I had a nice day with some of my family, celebrating the holiday, my great aunt’s birthday and her recovery from a stroke, and just getting together in general. It is so nice to be able to see my whole family even just a few times a year so we can reconnect and celebrate old times.

There are so many things that we all can be thankful for today and everyday and I love that we have a whole day to celebrate what we are thankful for,

Happy Thanksgiving  and remember: eat mashed potatoes (with vegan butter) instead of turkey today 🙂


Dogs are gross. Cute… but gross

Nov. 23: What’s the weirdest/grossest thing your pet has ever done?

Hi everyone. I mentioned a couple posts back that my dog is rather fond of eating anything she can get her mouth on. So, naturally, the weirdest and grossest thing she has ever done is eaten something disgusting. She has eaten a wide array of things, from socks to sports tickets.

However, none of them compare to her personal favorite place, the bathroom garbage. Why she (and every other dog I know of) likes this forbidden wasteland is beyond me.

We try to keep the doors shut of our house to my keep up-to-know-good dog from getting into places she shouldn’t, but when it’s really cold/ hot out and we need better air circulation or someone has just gotten out of the shower, it can be difficult to keep them closed or have someone watching at all times.

The most disgusting, almost vomit inducing thing my dog has ever done happened in the bathroom. Someone (unbeknownst to me) had just gotten out of the shower, and naturally left the door open so the room could cool down and the condensation can dry up.

As I was getting ready to hop in the shower, i heard a rustling noise that could only be my dog up to no good. I peeked my head out of my bedroom only to see my dog’s butt and the rest of her body hidden in the bathroom.

Yelling at her to get out of the bathroom, she obliged without looking at me, knowing she had done wrong. I closed the bathroom door in annoyance and continued on with getting ready. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a string hanging out of my dog’s mouth. Oh no, is all I could think.

After chasing my dog around the house and finally getting her to drop the mystery item, I saw it. My dog had stolen a USED TAMPON from the bathroom garbage and had planned on eating it.

By far the worst thing she is ever done. Ever

Until tomorrow


I LOVE The Fosters

Nov. 22: What TV show are you obsessed with? Share 10 reasons it’s better than the other shows.

Hey everyone. If you saw one my more recent posts about hating MTV, you probably could understand that I was obsessed with Finding Carter… for so many reasons. I don’t watch an immense amount of TV shows, and if I do they’re with my dad because we both enjoy a chuckle or two together. However, since I really can’t pick Finding Carter, I am totally obsessed with the Fosters. It’s a show on ABC Family Freeform and it is definitely one of my all time favorite shows. Why, you may ask? Here’s 10 reasons why.

  1. Maia Mitchell is in it. She is such a funny person in real life and is an amazing actress as well.
  2. They address current events from both perspectives. Trans rights, LGBTQIA+ rights and lives in general, police brutality, foster children, mental illnesses, drug abuse, school shooters, etc.
  3. It isn’t your stereotypical ideal family. There are two moms, one biological child, and 4 adopted kids
  4. They address household troubles. Whether is be spouse fights, parent to child fights, or sibling fights This show lets you know that there can be fights and disputes in a family and there can still be so much love.
  5. It is relatable in general for all ages. There are adult characters who go through shit and teens as well. If you ever feel alone, watch this show and you won’t.
  6. PLOT TWISTS. There are so many things I never expected would happen and BAM they happened.
  7. Great chemistry between the actors. I follow a ton of the actors on social media and even when they aren’t acting they are together and the main characters are the best of friends on and off set.
  8. You will experience every single emotion possible in the span of one hour. I have laughed, cried, screamed, hyperventilated and more throughout a single episode.
  9. There is definitely drama but it does not overpower the rest of the sow like so many TV shows do.
  10. This show is the epitome of “love is thicker than blood.” from adopted children, marriages, to best friends, this show tells you that in the end, love is the most important thing that everyone needs and not a single character will settle for less.

I would highly recommend this show to everyone and if you watch let me know if you love it as much as I do.

Until tomorrow


Get this… I like being alone

Nov. 21: What is the one thing you wish people better understood about something in your life?

I wouldn’t consider myself an extrovert, but I also wouldn’t consider myself an introvert either. I love spending time with my friends, family, etc. but only to an extent. I have never been one of those people who can spend every day of the week, weekend, summer, etc with their friends. After I use so much of my energy spending time with people, whether it be family or friends, I need a day or more to recuperate and regain my energy.

Not only do I need time to reenergize,  I also hate last minute plans. I am one of those people who definitely has plans for doing nothing and have allotted time in my week for doing so. If I am laying on the couch, watching TV or doing nothing at all and someone asks to hang out with me, I can’t say yes. I always make up some excuse that I have to go somewhere soon and that we should hang out that weekend or what not. It’s not that I don’t want to see that person, it’s just I am emotionally ready enough to leave the house and socialize.

People never seem to understand how I am not always ready to go somewhere and do something. I just really wish people wouldn’t question my need for doing these things and would accept this and simply try to make plans a day or two in advance.

Until tomorrow