Hi everyone, if you have stumbled upon this page it means one of two things. 1. You are trying to get to know this girl behind her MacBook or 2. You have no idea where you are and aimlessly clicked the about me tab. Whichever the case, welcome.

For those of you who clicked here on purpose, some of you may have followed me on one of my previous blogs… you may be wondering why I have decided to show my face. Why I am no longer a hidden face behind my MacBook. When I was 14 and had just started blogging, not only was I afraid of stalkers (stranger danger… thanks middle school for teaching me something) but I was embarrassed. I had a weight loss blog and was terribly embarrassed of my weight and size and skin and just my whole life.

I’m 21 now. I’m a college student who is trying to live her best life (while simultaneously trying to get my shit together) and I have nothing to be afraid of anymore. I am no longer embarrassed (of my body anyway… my dance moves are a different story).I am comfortable in my own skin and comfortable sharing my life; past, present, and future with all of you with no shame whatsoever.So, here’s to the past of hiding, and to the future of being confident, extraordinary, and visible to the world.

IMG_0404I started writing because it has been something I could always do. I’m not an artist but writing is still art without the headaches (okay sometimes I still get them). I’ve lived in the suburbs of the Windy City (Chicago… and no it’s not called the windy city because of its wind but nice try) for the past 20 years. Minus that one year I spent studying at San Diego State.  Yes, I loved that school, the WEATHER, and everything San Diego had to offer, however, California (specifically Southern California) just really wasn’t where I belonged. So, after a gap year and a trip to Peru, I ended up in a small town in Southeastern Ohio, where I’m studying International Business + Spanish!

On this blog, you will find a modge podge of my life. I like the term lifestyle blog but hate how people use it. Some people post strictly fitness, others strictly fashion. I am not just a college student, not just a vegan, I am so much more. This is why you will find a lot more than one subject on my blog. There was a time when I tried to make a general theme here. I later realized that I am too much of a messy bitch to have a mere one to two topics here. That being said, you will find a mix of fashion, fitness, veganism, mental health, recipes, life updates, and a whole lot of sarcasm.

So, take your coat off and stay a while.

My favorite things: tattoos, piercings, matte lips, good eyebrows, goats, dogs, all animals let’s be honest, my dog, fruit, vegetables, smoothies, vegan ice cream, tic tacs, latte art, the many ways you can prepare potatoes, acai bowls, ice water, Target, Mariano’s, Trader Joe’s, Ohio University, Chicago, San Diego, Peru, High School Musical, Shrek, Disney Movies, Brooklyn (the movie not the place) Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin O’Malley, the Obama family, my sister, Michael Clifford, Harry Styles, Misterwives, One Direction, Manwolves, Saint Motel, making lists, working out, no chip manicures, leggings, traveling, sleeping, fall, cacti, pumpkins, the color blue, printed photographs, writing, museums, bookstores, thrift stores, crunchy leaves, candles, office supplies, cobblestones streets, the smell of the flower section at Trader Joe’s, the feeling in your stomach when your plane takes off and lands, singing in the car, sunsets, the ocean, early morning when all you hear are birds chirping, seeing pictures people took of me doing things when I didn’t know I was being photographed

My least favorite things:  negative people, jeans, Donald Trump people’s obsession with Nutella, most men, when people use the wrong form of ‘your’

26 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the part about you being so much more than one or two topics :)) I’d like to think we all are, and it’s so hard to narrow it down and focus on one thing! I am thinking about that now with my blog I just started. I never do blogging could be so fun. Thx for the follow and making me laugh w/your about me lol! –jess

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  2. So nice to know a little more about my 10th follower on The Procrastinate Reader: A Different Kind of Book Blog!! PS: your blog name is awesome. Ok, you are too, but that should go without saying! I look forward to actually reading your posts and not just blindly following! If you’d ever like to do a guest post for me HMU (Twitter or TPR is best but anywhere works. I have a random blog in addition to my book blog called Rockin’ Randomness (http://RockinRita03.blogspot.com). So if you would like to do a guest post and it’s not about books, it still has a wonderful home to hang out!

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  3. Hi kinda stumbled on your blog – funny when I visited Chicago I would turn a corner and feel a warm wind in my face – so I too thought that’s where it got its name – I stand corrected. Have a nice day.

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  4. Thanks for following my blog! I like to think that I have a decent vocabulary but I’ve never heard of the word pulchritudinous until now. It sounds like a vulgar word but conversely it means beautiful. Such is the oddity of the English language…..Hope you enjoy reading my blog! 😀

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