My Happy Place

Do any of you have a place that you can go and be yourself and just totally relax? I hope you all do. Mine is my bed behind my computer screen blogging, however when I’m in San Diego, it’s a coffee shop in East Village San Diego. It’s called Coffee and Tea Collective and it is literally my favorite place. There is another C&T in North Park San Diego, but it’s always too crowded and too loud for me. Also, the one in East Village shares a space with a juice place called Juice Saves which has a menu filled with juices, kombucha,  and smoothies, which is perfect in San Diego. Typically when I’m at a coffee shop I’m there for hours on end doing homework, writing essays, studying, etc. and I typically eat something from both places.

For all of my San Diego Readers out there or those who happen to end up on my blog, here are some recommendations I have for you

Coffee and Tea Collective

  1. Black Iced Tea
  2. Soy Latte (they do adorable latte art)

Juice Saves

  1. Basic B*tch Smoothie
  2. Any on tap Kombucha they have

From my 4 months of living in SD I have been on a mission to find a safe ad quiet haven for blogging, doing homework, and getting my caffeine fix, and out of the countless coffee shops I have tried, this dynamic duo for sure takes the crown. Hope you all can try it and that you love C&T and Juice Saves as much as I do.

Talk to you all soon



P.S. My picture on the top of my blog was taken at C&T


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