The Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers

Hi, everyone. Look at me double posting. My life update post will be up in the next few days, however, I was checking my stats page this morning and saw that I had a lot of viewers that were referred to my blog by DietToGo.

Curious as to how that was, I clicked the link in my stats and was brought here

I immediately noticed that the post was entitled “The Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Until Now)” and got super stoked because people have noticed I exist and they think I’m decently cool.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.26.44 AM.png

Your girl (me) was lucky enough to score spot #13 on that list (happens to be my favorite number too) and I’m just so happy/stoked/honored to be put on this list with so many other amazing bloggers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.53.42 AM.png

So, I recommend everyone check out DietToGo’s post and check out all of the other amazing bloggers who are also featured on the list. I know I did!

Anyway, I want to say again how excited I am that I was featured and want to thank Caitlin (author of the post) for taking the time to hand select my blog and to read some of my posts. It means so much

Talk to you all soon,




Coffee Shop Romance

I fall in love with every handsome pair of eyes I come into contact with.

When I’m not in class or asleep I’m typically in a coffee shop. It’s not a habit I’m willing to break. It’s been going on for the last 5 months and probably won’t quit once I transfer to ASU or embark on my future career.

They have a very calming aura, one that I can’t seem to find anywhere else, and they have become much of a second home for me.

When I’m annoyed with my roommate, want to get out of the dorm and just away from everyone I know, I turn to coffee shops.

They provide me with a solace and safe haven away from judgement and they make me extremely happy to be there. No matter which one I go to, I love every second of my time there.

Whenever I embark on my day long journey to the coffee shop of my choice, I always come into contact with a masterpiece. I always want to go up to these boys’ parents and congratulate them on creating such a sight.

From the glances back and forth, to the slight smiles when I knock my phone off the table,  I fall more in love with this person.

However, after hours of the unspoken conversation, one of must depart.

And I begin the wait until my next adventure.

And the next pair of eyes to fall in love with.



Why Random was the Right Choice for me

While most people spend months trying to sing the perfect roommate or trying to convince their high school bestie that living together won’t break up their friendship forever, I was still trying to convince my parents to let me go to school here in San Diego. Picking a roommate wasn’t really a top priority on my list.

All I did on the subject of a roommate was fill out a little survey of what time I go to bed, the loudness and brightness of the room when sleeping, and how clean I keep the room. Honestly, I was terrified since everyone I knew had hand-picked their roommate’s through facebook posts and messaging or through mutual friends.

Then I began to hear horror stories of bad random roommates. My aunt’s college roommate stole a lot from her, so much that she kept everything but bedding and toiletries in her car on campus.

The second we were able to see who our roommates were, I stalked her on instagram. It’s ok… she did the same to me. I saw that she was a vegan which is good I’m thinking because of my lactose allergy. She seemed like a nice girl.

Little did i know that a silly survey about bedtime and nightly regimen would turn into me finding my freshman year best friend. We both are allergic to gluten, love cartoon network, binge watching netflix, and silently judging people. She tolerates my obnoxious singing  and my “rockland” phrases, and I tolerate her random noise making and terrible California terms. We’ve made it two months without killing each other and I’m sure we can survive more. If she somehow hasn’t killed me yet, I think I’m in the clear.

I’m so happy I got my roommate as my roommate because I doubt I could make fun, yell at, sing to, annoy, and piss off as much as her and somehow not have a knife in my head (she has threatened but it has yet to happen). So many people say random roommates are shitty, but personally I think I’m happier than all of my friends who picked their roommates. We didn’t have to impress each other over facebook or give each other false expectations of the super cool life we live and how great we are in order to woo each other. We literally just showed up on the first day of school and the rest is history

Did any of you guys go random? Did you have the same experience as me… or different?

Talk to you all soon