Dorm Tour | ’17-’18

Hi everyone, I had planned on making this post weeks ago but after a finishing touch on my room was finally delivered today (I ordered it in August) I decided it would be the perfect time to show you my dorm. I have decided not to show my bathroom and sink area because…  there is nothing personal about it except a $4 soap dispenser and who doesn’t know what a bathroom looks like??

When you first step into my room, you are greeted with this adorable welcome mat that says “Home Sweet Home.” My roommate and I both loved it and we incorporated the vine theme above our beds. Stay tuned

Next is just an overview of my bed and study area. I figured I would show you all the big picture before I delved deeper into each section

Onto my bed area. Above my bed is the vine theme with some fake flowers surrounding my initial. My roommate’s is identical except her letter is an ‘O’ for Olivia. We DIY’d the heck out of a fake plant, fake flowers, and some wooden letters. On my wall are just some pictures of me with friends and family, alternating with navy patterned triangles. I got them at Michael’s to match the Triangles on my comforter. My bedding is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and it came with 2 sets of sheets, 2 sets of towels, 2 washcloths, a mattress pad, a pillow, a throw blanket, and the comforter, obviously for only $129.99. I’m thrilled with it and it’s very cute. I got the remaining pillows from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and the little white pillow in front says “calm.”

Onto my desk area. My desk itself has all of the basics, books, laptop, water, hand sanitizer, air fresheners, office supplies (I love how my desk this year has drawers because the one at San Diego did not :/) etc.


However, above my desk is my absolute favorite part of my room. Starting from the top and working my way down: these 3 posters I think are so cute and the “She designed a life she loved” is one of my favorite quotes. The “Maybe swearing will help” is sort of an inside joke between my roommate and I and the “Let’s GO” poster is my little blip about how I love to travel. I also adored the color of it.

Below that are just some super adorable pumpkin lights that I got at Walmart for like $5. And at the bottom is my cork board with has my schedule at the top and some pictures from home and San Diego below it, which is surrounded by my dry erase monthly and weekly calendars.

Now moving onto my closet and the random crap section of my room. I have a closet, which is filled to the brim on the right side, a built-in shelf unit with storage and pictures on top, my children in the middle, and a shitpile ranging from lipstick to forks on the bottom. Underneath my built-ins are 4 drawers, which I keep my delicates, pajamas, pants, and t-shirts in.

I just figured I would show in my closet. Like I said, filled. Also, that shoe rack on the bottom is a total lifesaver. Behind the rack are boots which I have yet to bring out

Next, I figured I would show my fish tank. Olivia and I are working on our 3rd, 4th, and 5th fish (the first two were flushed) and our first snail. We named our first fishes Adam and made these cute mini chalkboards with their initials and we didn’t want them to go to waste, so for our current family, each of them has their initials on the board (A, D, A, and M). We have Mada the snail (Adam jumbled), another Adam (all orange), Dot (has a dot on her head), and Antoine (black and orange). We are quite the happy family and these guys and gal have lasted longer than the others (knock on wood).

Finally, I wanted to show off our window. Olivia bought these curtains because our pull down blinds sometimes don’t work and I bought twinkly lights to go behind them. It always looks super cool at night and we get compliments on them all the time.

Hope you enjoyed our room.

Until next time

Alicia, Olivia, Adam, Dot, Antoine, and Mada

My workspace… Not really

When you walk into college on the first day, you are presented with a desk, closet, micro-fridge,and a bed. I purposely bought a chair cushion to use for it because I knew the chair wouldn’t be comfortable. How many times have I used that cushion? I Think four times but never have they been for school work. I spend most of time in the dorm under the warm comforter I bought because out thermostat likes to tell us it is 65 degrees in the dorm even when we have it set for 90.

Nevertheless, I still use most of the objects on the desk and will give you guys the lowdown on everything on and around my desk.


Let’s start on the top and work my way down. P.S. my desk is typically this clean when I don’t have class. If I do have class it also contains my key, papers, folders, notebooks, more water bottles, and the occasional shoe.

Paintings– My sister made them. I didn’t. I have nary an artistic bone in my body. I forced her to paint me the cat one and she painted me the Tangles one for my birthday. She’s chill.

Calender- This was probably the best investment for school. I think I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s a 3 piece sticky calendar set. One is a month calendar, one is a week calendar, and the 3rd is a notes board. I use this thing religiously and it’s always so much better than getting my planner out. @everyone going to college next year or who’s in college now. get one. Now

Top Shelf– Contains large pack of paper my roommate and I may never fully use, a few stuffed animals from home, my Buddha, cards and letters from home, my pencil holder which I definitely need to position closer to my bed because getting up every time I lose my pen in bed is a hassle, my alarm clock (still haven’t used it. My phone definitely works just as well), deck of cards for when I’m bored, room freshener (it’s a cute one with the beads and highly necessary. We both smell and this keeps us from smelling less), my mouth guard (I grind my teeth when I sleep).

Middle shelf Assortment of notebooks, notepads, random journals I told myself I would use and never did. dictionaries (English and Spanish yay Spanish), paper clips, stapler, hole punch, tape, highlighters, sticky notes. You know the random desk necessities which you don’t need until you don’t have. Minus the hole punch and stapler. I have surprisingly uses them a substantial amount this year.

Bottom shelf– large pile of crap I got from school which I will need at some point, just not today. Also my toms bag which has stickers and things I want to put on my laptop once I get a hard case for it. More notepads and sticky notes. I also have a large roll of tape for when I have to send my textbooks back at the end of the semester and my old phone. lol my old phone

Right of my desk– an empty water bottle which shouldn’t be empty. The cup that we all got on the first day of school. I haven’t drank from it but it did hold my earrings when I cleaned them. An electric pencil sharpener is also hiding behind my water bottle. A lamp that I have only used to charge my phone when I couldn’t find the wall plug and a picture of my grandma.

Left of my desk: Well my laptop cover which has nothing in it because I’m using my laptop. I have my sunglasses, headphones, vitamins, lint roller (COMES IN SO HANDY WOW), a large thing of hand sanitizer (ALSO COMES IN SO HANDY WOW), and of course mt textbooks, a few notebooks, and folders.

That’s my desk. I also have more crap on my floor and stuff. I may make an entire room tour video thing if this posts gets a comment or a few likes that say they want me to do it.

Until next time.