Ohhh hey, more sorority talk

Hey all, this will probably be a quick post. So, as I’ve posted a bit, I joined a sorority, and then had to drop due to money and being poor, however, we had already picked bigs (she’s basically a mentor we mutually pick who becomes our bestie) had already made my crafts and still wanted to do a cute reveal for me.

So, me, my big, and my grandbig (my big’s big) went to lunch and I was introduced to the “AMORE Fam” (there are different families in each sorority) and they have been so kind and loving even though I’m technically not in the sorority right now. That was yesterday (Wednesday) that we got together and had my mini reveal.

Anyways, today was actual Big-Little reveal and my family took a picture together so I took the time to Photoshop my cute self into and post it on instagram. So the whole family took the picture and posted it on Facebook and instagram and commented how they were so sad I couldn’t so the sorority this semester but that they were looking forward to me being back next semester.

Honestly, it makes me so sad that people hate on sororities because these girls are so amazing and i love them all so much

Love my family
Love my family

Talk to you all soon


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