I’m Back

Hey all, Long time no talk.
I have been so busy this past week finishing essays and doing projects and cramming every second I possibly could with homework so that I would have a break over Thanksgiving, and somehow there is still more to do Not to fret though, I’m back and ready to blog. I will try and queue a few posts to post in the coming week but with finals just around the corner there is no guarantee that I can write every day. I will try to write every day but for the next few weeks there will be pretty much no consistency and I apologize for that. However, I’m doing my best to blog and study and blogging will be a nice break for when I need to take on. I have 4 finals; one for my honors class, one for Spanish, Biology, and my Sociology classes. I have them on December 10th, December 15th, 16th, and 17th and then I go home on December 17th for an entire month. I’m very excited to going home but I was so accustomed to living in the dorm. Having my dad wash my clothes and not having to pay $2 overtime I need to wash clothes, will be an  ice luxury, however. I am also very excited that I can see all of my family and friends because I haven’t seen everyone since August 20th and for those of my friends who left for school  before me, even earlier than that. However, the 2 things that I am looking forward to the most are sleeping in my own bed in my own room where I can lock he door and jam to songs in my underwear (here you’re never certain when an unsuspecting roommate may walk in) and to see my puppy. My sister sends me videos and pictures of her on occasion however, those will not suffice. I need to snuggle with 100 pounds of fur and slobber and love. Honestly, if I could I would spend the whole month cuddling with her in my bed catching up on TV shows I have missed. But, alas I have friends and family who want to see me and my baby has to take the backseat.
Just a few things to remember in the coming weeks: during Thanksgiving break a majority of my time will be spent with my aunt and uncle, and my friend who goes to school in Phoenix. The rest of the time will be allotted to sleeping and homework, so like I said if I only post once or twice next week, I’m sorry, life is hectic. Then, the week I get home is pretty low key. I have a few presentations to give and a field trip and an essay due but nothing too extreme. All of the hard work will have been done during Thanksgiving Break.The week after that however, is basically hell week. I will be cramming my brain with information I didn’t bother to learn before and rarely leaving the comfort of my bed or the library, unless it’s to pee or eat, sleeping is optional. So, that week and the week following will be very insane due to everything I have to know for my exams, But once December 17th and 10am comes along, I will be free and will be able to blog and sleep, and Netflix, and cuddle, and get myself completely immersed in the Christmas Spirit until my heart is content.
So, that’s my life update,
Talk to you all soon


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