See you again

Hey everyone…

A few posts ago i talked about my sorority that I’m in at my university. Well, much to my dismay, I had to drop from it the other day. It’s not because I hated it, oh gosh quite the opposite I loved the girls and everyone I’d met through it. However,  after becoming a broke college kid, I can’t pay for it this semester. I will be working all winter break back home and am hoping to get a job here in San Diego next semester in order to pay for it. Until then, I have to drop from the sorority.

It’s been so weird seeing everyone and having them ask where I’ve been and being removed from our pledge class’ group message. While I’m very sad to be going I can’t ask my parents or grandparents to pay for it after I’ve made them pay for all the damages that the scammer did. I am very sad to go, but it’s not goodbye. I have made great friendships with so many of the girls that we will continue to hang out and that I will be back if not in the spring, then definitely next fall. i will miss all of my sisters and hanging out with them on the daily, but I will continue to support them all in their philanthropy and such.

Also, big little week is this week and since I was given a big, she is still going to be ‘revealed’ to me but just in person not a big reveal like the other girls in the sorority do.

Talk to you all soon.



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