Quick College Update post

Hi everyone. So, a couple posts ago, I mentioned that I had absolutely zero clue where i wanted to transfer to next fall. Well this is still the case, but I have a little bit more figured out.

For starters, college. I have been looking into schools for about a month, picking ones with a variety of majors, extracurriculars and good financial aid packages. I had written a list of maybe 15 colleges down that had all of these. Upon further investigation, hearing from other students, etc, I have narrowed my list down to 7, and here’s why.

  1. DePaul University- Lincoln Park, Il: DePaul is a great school that is close to almost everything in Chicago. With a wide variety of extracurriculars. Sports, and majors, it’s basically perfect. The only con is that because of the proximity to my house, my parents are urging me to live at home while I attend. I get saving $15000 and potential loans in ideal, but at what cost?
  2. Ohio University- Athens, Ohio: This is newer on the list so I don’t have an insane amount of reasons why it’s there. The school is great, they have everything I need and more, plus  I Wouldn’t have to live at home…
  3. Xavier University- Cincinnati Ohio: Xavier is still high on my list because it was my second option for schooling the first time around. It’s a beautiful quaint campus with an impressive track record on all things academic. My only issue is it doesn’t have a huge variety of majors so if I want to switch (again) I may be out of luck.
  4. The University of Findlay- Findlay, Ohio: These last 4 are on the list because they have everything I need, some even more. I really want to attend one of the top 3, but if somehow that can’t happen, one of these four will be just as great.
  5. Otterbein University- Westerville, Ohio: These last 4 are on the list because they have everything I need, some even more. I really want to attend one of the top 3, but if somehow that can’t happen, one of these four will be just as great.
  6. Winona State University- Winona Minnesota: These last 4 are on the list because they have everything I need, some even more. I really want to attend one of the top 3, but if somehow that can’t happen, one of these four will be just as great.
  7. Clarke University- Dubuque Iowa: These last 4 are on the list because they have everything I need, some even more. I really want to attend one of the top 3, but if somehow that can’t happen, one of these four will be just as great.

I have asked my dad to let me visit Xavier and University of Ohio soon so that I Can gauge if I want/still want to attend either. I have visited DePaul, however I have not taken an official tour. I want to do and get a bit more information to make a truly educated decision.


Mental Illness Awareness Week

Hi friends, this week was mental illness awareness week. Basically, having mental illnesses suck but we need to understand that 1 in 4 people struggle with them and that typically, these people can function in society just like people without.

I always struggled with my mental illnesses since I was in middle school. Now, I am finally coming to terms with them and myself. It’s very unfortunate that I had to struggle with mental illnesses alone for such a long time. I do not want any of you, or anyone ever to have to go through something like this alone.

Recently, I started following the instagram @wearyourlabel which is basically a clothing store that tells you it’s okay to not be okay. This instagram sells shirts with slogans such as “self care isn’t selfish,” “you are enough,” and “anxious but courageous.” I really like all of them and in order to prevent impulse buying each of them, I am holding off until I can narrow down until there is only one I am absolutely in love with.

After I started following wear your label, another instagram account @buddyproject. Intrigued as to what the ‘buddy project’ was all about, I followed them back and took a look at their website. Basically the buddy project is a project started by Gabby Frost. Gabby’s mission was to pair people as buddies while raising awareness for mental illnesses.

I really think that the buddy project is a great organization and kudos to Gabby for thinking about it. It’s very easy to sign up for a buddy. All you have to do is share you name, twitter handle, email, and share what a few interests are and bam! You’re signed up. I’m not sure how long it will take to get my buddy, but when I do find out, I’ll be sure to let you all know. I also recommend everyone suffering from mental illnesses or those wanting to be more aware of mental health in general, to take a look at either wear your label or buddy project.

Have a great weekend and Always Remember to be Aware of Mental Illnesses. I didn’t write 2 essays and three speeches about them in college for nothing


Addicted… to Social Media

Hello all. Today, I was browsing the snapchat discovery page and saw a girl gave up social media for a month and discussed her overall experience, pros, cons, etc. I have seen many people (not really.. Only about 5) give up social media and then write about their overall experience. What struck me in the article I read today, was that she discussed reasons why she went back on social media… No one, other than this one obviously, has discussed why they returned to social media, only the pros of giving it up. All of these people, including myself, did discuss why social media is controlling, frustrating,etc, but I realize I never mentioned, in depth, the reasons I didn’t bid adieu to social media forever. So, I figured I would give a few pros to social media, and revisit a few of the cons as well.

Pro #1: Keeping up to date on what your friends/family are doing.

I follow over 500 people on instagram, about 300 on twitter, have over 1000 facebook friends, and probably 150 or so snapchat amigos as well. Social media gives me the opportunity to keep track of what they’re doing with their lives. Obviously, I hear big events from people I am close with via text, phone call, or face to face encounter. However, random things, like cool concerts, adventures, and other random things that I may think are cool are not always brought up. While not everything I see or read on social media about people is life changing, I do like seeing when people I am close with, or even simple acquaintances are having a blast in their lives.

Con #1: Political Posts

These are the reasons I still don’t have the facebook app downloaded on my phone. POLITICAL POSTS. Yes, I post my own, almost everyone I know posts something political every once in awhile. A girl has blocked me for my liberal posts and when I see people who are so intolerant and unaware of the state of our country it makes me want to vomit. I totally understand that people have their own opinions, no matter how much sometimes they make me cringe, but being as ass to someone for their views isn’t something I’m too keen on. And when people have the audacity to bring their Donald Trump bullshit onto MY POST I draw the line right there and will drag them into the dark depths of republican hell… Hillary Clinton-ville.

Pro #2: Memes/filters/fun

You are lying to me if you say that putting on funny alien faces and having fireworks pop out of your face on snapchat isn’t funny. Despite the terrible Harambe incident, the memes are chuckle worthy. Whenever I go on social media I am bombarded with memes, stupid filters, and videos of funny people doing funny things. I could spend hours on vine looking at people talking about their croc tattoos, random dancing videos, and cats doing actions that hysterically correlate to songs. If I had to thank social media for one thing, it’s making me laugh until I am crying and my stomach hurts on a daily basis.

Con #2: Take up time when could do something productive

My favorite thing to do is going on twitter and seeing people tweeting about how much homework they have, or how many tests they have to study for. WHY ARE YOU TWEETING IT WHEN YOU COULD BE STUDYING? Maybe I should practice what I preach. Whenever I am trying to get out of doing work, I immediately grab my phone and press the twitter app. All of a sudden it is an hour later, and I have scrolled past countless tweets, videos, and photos and have yet to write that 5-page essay. Hmmmmm. It is nice to check a few times a day, but when there are more pressing issues, such as homework that can’t complete itself, social media can be quite the menace.

Pro #3: Being independent of your phone

My phone was always sort of a safety blanket for me. Any ‘awkward’ moment I found myself immersed in, I would immediately pick my phone up, like today when my avocados dropped out of my cart and I didn’t notice and had to wait for a lady to go “Miss, you dropped these!” from 50 feet away. I immediately thanked her and pulled my phone out, mindlessly scrolling through in order to forget the situation that had just occurred.

Whether I would be walking to class, waiting for our professor, standing in line at the grocery store, any moment of silence I would pull my phone out. I still do that, less frequently, though. I don’t know if I’ll ever be 100% independent from my phone and comfortable enough to not pull out my phone in any awkward moment of my life, but I am starting to be more independent from it, and I don’t need it attached at my hip every second of the day anymore, which is a start.

Con #3: Rude people

I know this is a bit more popular when you have quite an instagram following, but cyber bullying is a real thing, even if there are quite a few people who seem to think it isn’t a pressing topic. I have personal experience on this and I know many other people do as well. Rude people are everywhere and it’s a shame that people hide behind computer screens to show hatred. I know you can go on private and block people blah blah blah, but if people really want to talk shit, as unfortunate as this is,  they will find a way.


Ther you all have it. A social media review from both sides. Hope you all enjoyed this post and the fact that I’m getting back in the swing of things and posting more frequently.

Until next time


What’s your position

Hey guys, so for my sociology class, we had to write a Position paper. What this entails is taking a position on a sociological topic, and writing 5 pages about it. I wrote mine on school lunches because this topic of food is very important to me and I thought I would share my findings.

As processed foods increasingly become a part of the everyday diet for most Americans and many people across the world, we need to stop and think. What is actually in processed foods? Well, the answer to that question is nothing good. The reason the childhood obesity rate in the United States has risen 11% in the past 22 years (CDC) is because of these processed foods. Children are being given these processed foods in schools because they are cheaper, quicker, and just easier for the school and parents to provide. Processed foods have taken over America and have become a staple in almost every American child’s diet, hence the alarming obesity rate here. We as a Nation need to remove processed foods from children’s diets. While no one can assure that children don’t eat processed foods in the comfort of their homes, we can ensure that schools do not feed the children processed foods and for the schools that have vending machines, do not permit processed foods in these machines. While this is a stretch in happening, the health of our youth and every citizen in general needs to be a top priority so that not everyone in America ends up with Diabetes by the age of 30. As far back as I can remember, the idea of a food pyramid and eating healthy has been shoved down the throats of students across the country in order to promote healthy eating and to decrease the rate of obesity and overweight children across the country. There is one problem with this. How are we supposed to be eating healthy when our school lunches are not healthy?
Both of my parents work and it was a struggle to remember or have time to pack me a lunch everyday because of how early they had to leave so nearly every day I had a hot lunch (lunch provided by the school). These lunches ranged from corn dogs and peas which an orange slice to a pizza slice with extra cheese and fruit cup. No one (at least no one I knew) ate the peas because no one liked them. The orange slice and fruit cups were always soggy or too ripe to eat so everyone discarded the healthy options merely because they didn’t look or seem as appetizing as the pizza or corn dogs. According to livestrong.com, in 2012, the US government update the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs (NSLP) which says, “Changes included counting fruits and vegetables as separate meal groups, offering fruit every day, making half of grain choices whole grains, giving different grades different meal sizes and reducing sodium and trans fat in meals.” However, even after implementing these changes, not all schools follow this rule which means that not every school gives students the healthy options the deserve and need, and not every student is able to eat a balanced diet. This rule is supposed to ensure that students across the Nation are being fed what they need to live a healthy life, not ignored by schools everywhere. I’m not one hundred percent sure whether or not my school followed/follows this rule, however I’m well aware that even though a fruit cup, or serving of peas or carrots is served to students on a daily basis, that does not guarantee that these students will be eating them. Our nation needs to not only focus on how to get all schools to give their students the recommended amount of healthy foods needed to function, but also to ensure that we focus on getting students to want to eat healthy as well. Eating healthy is a two-way street. Schools will only feed their students healthy food if they know the students will eat them and the only way for the students to be able to eat the healthy food is for the schools to provide it for them.
Another issue with the school lunch debate is that lunches have become another quarrel with numbers. The caloric limit for a school lunch, the max amount of money spent on each school lunch per student per day, etc. With the debate on numbers, it is almost as if the student does not matter in this equation. According to the culinary Arts department of the Art Institute, schools receive $2.68 per student per meal per day. While many would assume that this $2.68 is solely for the food itself, we are incorrect. “That $2.68 must cover payment not just for the food, but also any labor, facility, and structural costs a school incurs. Additionally, schools are mandated to use part of that money for milk purchases (Art Institute).” Do we not see the issue here? How is it possible to give a healthy lunch to students (31.2 million students participate in the school lunch program across the country (Art Institute)) when they must get a meal, get people to serve this food, and do so many other things with $2.68 per student? It’s not feasible. We as a nation need to get our priorities straight. People across the country are always complaining that we spend so much money on Healthcare, yet how can we reduce the costs on Healthcare when more and more people are getting diabetes from poor eating habits, which most of the time start in schools? According to Forbes, In February of 2014, the annual Healthcare spending in the United States reach a chocking high of $3.8 trillion. Not nearly is all of this money spent on overweight/obese children, however overweight and obese children lead to overweight and obese adults. When you are overweight and obese as an adult you have a higher risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal blood fats, metabolic syndrome, cancer, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gallstones and so many more diseases (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) , which the United States does spend millions of dollars on per year. While the Health Care spending would not plummet by a Trillion dollars, by spending more money on providing healthier food for our children, the effect would be that we would be spending less on Health Care later in life because these children would not need as much care as they would have needed if they were obese. We need to start working sooner rather than alter on addressing this issue until all 38% of people ages 6­19 who are obese end up with some of the above mentioned diseases and our health care spending has to continue increasing to cope with everything that healthier food could easily fix.
While there are many people who believe that school lunches need to be fixed and fixed quickly, there are also some people who believe that school lunches are fine the way that they are. These who believe that schools that make lunches more healthy are unnecessary for a variety of reasons. According to Livescience, children will throw away their fruits and vegetables no matter how many they are given, simple because they do not want them. If they do that then the whole process of getting fruits and vegetables into lunches would have been a waste. However, a study conducted by Live Science, shows that students would be eating their fruits and vegetables had they had more time to eat. They eat their favorite part of the meal first and the fruits and vegetables last, but only if they have time. With some schools giving their students only 20 minutes (and in some cases less) to eat their lunch and socialize with friends can only be assumed that not everyone will finish their lunch. The answer to this problem is easy: Rearrange the schedule so that kids have more time to eat. The more time they have to eat, the more likely they are that they will eat their vegetables. Michelle Obama, who is notorious for trying to make school lunches and children’s lives more healthy in general, has received white a hatred for this. Students across the country have created a hashtag for twitter (#ThanksMichelleObama) because they do not like the lunches they are being given. Despite all of this hate, and people thinking that children aren’t eating their fruits and vegetables, there are those students fighting back. Students are discussing that they will be eating their fruits and vegetables and telling the students using the #ThanksMichelleObama that they will thank her in 20 years when they don’t have diabetes. Michelle Obama is moving us in the right direction of getting students to believe in eating healthier, we just have to get the rest of the Nation on board as well.
As the era of processed foods become more and more prevalent, it is necessary that we stop and tell ourselves that while processed food is quick, cheap, and all around easier, it is not necessarily better for us. Students across the country are struggling with obesity due to the processed and unhealthy food they are being given at school on a daily basis. Schools need to implement more fruits and vegetables, and healthier food in general into the diet of all students because the obesity rate of children and adolescents in the United States is on the rise and needs to start going down soon before everyone in America is overweight or obese and has diabetes. There are many rules in place to try to ensure healthy eating in schools but these rules are not always followed. We all need to work together to promote healthy eating, lengthen the time of lunch for students, and show the government that healthy eating will benefit us all in the long run.
Well, hope you all enjoyed that and that you learned something
Talk to you all soon