Living the Srat Life

A common misconception of sororities is that all the girls in the sorority paid to make their friends. Well, it you’re a college student, you paid for college, and you made friends in college. Doesn’t that make any friend you’ve made in school a friend you paid for? Any club or organization in school and on campus has dues, so you literally are paying to make friends. Yet, people always say to get involved on campus because it’s a great way to make friends. I got involved on campus through my sorority and made many friends. Friendships I never would have made had I not rushed and joined the Greek system. I love all of my new friends and wouldn’t trade my rush experience for the world.

Another misconception of all sororities is that all they do is party and sleep with guys. Sororities were founded on philanthropy and community service and that’s exactly what we do. My sorority, Delta Zeta, has a philanthropy where we work with Starkey hearing and try to help people hear. We raise money through gofundme and by having nacho nights at the chapter house a few times a year. We also go on sisterhood hikes to raise awareness too. While there are parties that every frat house hosts, not everyone in the chapter participates and parties aren’t only excluded to girls in sororities. Nearly everyone in college goes out and parties at least once and you don’t have to be in a sorority to be in one.

A lot of my younger friends have asked me about the pros and cons of joining Greek Life and I guess since I’ve told literally everyone I’ll tell you guys too in case any readers are wondering whether or not Greek Life is the life for them


  1. You make so many lifelong friendships
  2. There is always someone to get food or go on an adventure with
  3. Leadership opportunities (resume booster)
  4. Connections with alumuna and your sisters/brothers for jobs after college
  5. Sisterhood retreats- Day trips to Disney, random pumpkin patch trips and more
  6. Philanthropic Events- nothing is better than giving back to others, but what makes it even better is doing it with your brothers and sisters.


  1. Costs- It’s very expensive and I’m going to have to get a job in order to pay for it
  2. The stigma- people who aren’t in Greek Life seem to hate and give it a bad rep
  3. It takes up a lot of time(this hasn’t been an issue for me yet but it’s what everyone says so I’ll put it up here)
  4. Rules- You have to dress a certain way for certain days and buy this shirt for this day.
  5. Hazing- My sorority doesn’t haze and a lot of sororities don’t have either but frats are a different story. My roommate’s brother had to get his nipples pierced prior to being initiated.

Personally, I never thought the Greek scene was for me, until i rushed and met some amazing people who convinces me that being the stereotypical sorority girl wasn’t necessary to join a sorority, And now, I have some great friendships and memories that will last me forever.

What are your opinions on Greek Life? Are you in a frat or srat? Which one?

Talk to you all soon



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