Coffee Shop Romance

I fall in love with every handsome pair of eyes I come into contact with.

When I’m not in class or asleep I’m typically in a coffee shop. It’s not a habit I’m willing to break. It’s been going on for the last 5 months and probably won’t quit once I transfer to ASU or embark on my future career.

They have a very calming aura, one that I can’t seem to find anywhere else, and they have become much of a second home for me.

When I’m annoyed with my roommate, want to get out of the dorm and just away from everyone I know, I turn to coffee shops.

They provide me with a solace and safe haven away from judgement and they make me extremely happy to be there. No matter which one I go to, I love every second of my time there.

Whenever I embark on my day long journey to the coffee shop of my choice, I always come into contact with a masterpiece. I always want to go up to these boys’ parents and congratulate them on creating such a sight.

From the glances back and forth, to the slight smiles when I knock my phone off the table,  I fall more in love with this person.

However, after hours of the unspoken conversation, one of must depart.

And I begin the wait until my next adventure.

And the next pair of eyes to fall in love with.



5 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Romance

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