This post has been sitting in my drafts for almost a week, with the first two lines edited so many times I cannot count.

One of the NaBloPoMo prompts was to choose a word for 2017. At the time I hadn’t thought about my goals for the New Year because the year wasn’t over and I had no idea what I would want to accomplish in the New Year.

I do now. I know exactly what I want to do. I want need to persevere.

Something I do a lot is start things. I start so many things. I start working out, start eating healthy, start planning for something, start reading a book, start etc. etc. Something I don’t do is finish. I am a quitter. I don’t like to label myself as a quitter, no one does,  but it’s what I am. I quit working out, I quit eating healthy, I quit planning, I quit reading, I quit everything. I quit when the going gets tough and I am sick of it.

I have quit so many things throughout my life and I hate it. I want to persevere. I want to keep going. When the going gets tough, I want to get tougher. Maybe it’s because I put too much on my plate, or maybe it’s because I’m lazy, whatever it is, I need to persevere.

4 thoughts on “Persevere

  1. I’m with you, I hate referring to myself as a quitter and I like to go with the excuse that life gets in the way (which it totally does) it’s hard to balance everything you want to get done so dont be so hard on yourself. For sure preserve through at least one thing at a time. I like to make a list of the most important things and Ill work on that and when I feel like I have time I can slowly add more and more things to do when I find that I have time to. Good luck girlie!!

    xo, JJ

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