Change is good

Something I have tried pushing to the back, the far back, of my head, recently is that Obama will soon cease to be the president of the United States. But as I tearfully watched his final speech as president I really have to face reality. Donald Trump is our president-elect and soon, he will hold the highest position of power in the entire United States, and one of the top positions of power across the entire world.

It is gut-wrenching, frustrating, sickening, and all around unbelievable. Nonetheless, it is true. There are things Obama didn’t get right, but there are far more things he did get right.

Something I think about frequently, is what I would do had I been elected president, had I been in the position of trump. What things I would change about the nation I call home. While there are so many, there are a few that stand out among the rest. Here they are.

Preface: If any of you decide to disagree with my views, believe that Trump is a good fit for president, or just want to be an ass, keep your comments to yourselves. This is my blog and I can/ will post whatever the hell I want, and I can easily click the delete button on your comment without much thought. If you don’t want to read this post, click off. Easy as that.


  1. Gun control: I live in a suburb of Chicago, a city with one of the largest gun deaths/casualties in the entire nation. There need to be harsher laws about owning a gun. Yes, I know people will be able to get black market guns, there really is nothing we can do about it now, however we will be able to control the amount of kids who find their parents’ guns and kill themselves or their family members, how many domestic disputes that end in a gun casualty, and so many other things. There are so many school/airport/ theater shootings recently (almost all of which the guns were legally bought) that could have been prevented had we had harsher laws on gun ownership.
  2. Better funding for education: Education is a necessity. Education helps us get jobs, which helps give back to society, which helps the country function. Once again, in Chicago, year after year, schools are being shut down because of lack of funding and it needs to stop. This is causing classrooms to be overfilled, or for students to have to drop out because the nearest school is not within reach. With better funding, children will be able to continue their educations so they too can give back to society.477703351922915034-party-logo-donkeyhotey-flickr.13.4.971.492.full.jpg
  3. No more political parties: The party system in the United States needs reworking or complete removal. People tend to vote with their parties despite their candidate’s views and that isn’t right. We should be educated on the candidates we vote for and vote for people based on their views on issues, not whether they stand in front of a poster with a donkey or an elephant on it.
  4. Rewrite the Constitution: When the Constitution was written, the founding fathers thought that the Constitution should be rewritten every 20 or so years. However, we have not done that in the 250 or so years we have been a country. People get so stuck on the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms) because when it was written, it was necessary; WE WERE BATTLING AT ALL TIMES. Which is also why the 3rd amendment (prohibits soldiers from temporarily residing in private homes during peace time without getting the permission and consent of the owner) was created. However, we no longer need soldiers to reside in private houses, so this amendment and quite a few other amendments/pieces of the constitution are null and void.img-plannedparenthood-logo
  5. Make it illegal to band funding to Planned Parenthood: Old white men seem to think that the only thing Planned Parenthood does are abortion procedures. Planned Parenthood funds so many other things from mammograms to STD testing. Planned Parenthood is a necessity to people across the US and it cannot be defunded. Also, what people seem to forget: Defunding Planned Parenthood will not eliminate abortions, it will eliminate safe and sanitary abortions!

Like I said, there are so many things that the United States needs to change, but these I feel are of the utmost importance. What would you like to see the US change?







11 thoughts on “Change is good

  1. January 20, 2016 at approximately 12:15 or so is when everyone should be scared. Trump and company are going to take a wrecking ball to the country and those who voted for him don’t realize they are going to be the ones most impacted with the repeal of the ACA, reduced school funding and so much more. I also fear another cold war is on the horizon too. Someone really needs to take away his phone to keep him from Tweeting too. Dark days are ahead. Be ready.

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    1. Oh trust me, I know, these next four years (and then the time after correcting all of his mistakes) are going to be some tough times, and no one is truly ready


  2. I love your outlook. Though you are nervous for Trump you understand the reality of it is what it is, and instead of considering how terrible and doomed the world is, you are focusing on your hopes and dreams, and that is beautiful. It’s refreshing to say the least.
    And I agree with you, some areas do need serious reconsideration when it comes to the entire education system not only the distribution of funds, but of course everything education is decided at state level. We have so many schools in Texas that you can’t go a mile without seeing a new towering Hogwarts going up, even in the most rural of small towns. While here in Alabama they seem to be tearing them all down? It’s quite perplexing the variation of growth and decay across the nation.

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  3. You have really hit the nail on the head with the things that need changing in the US. So, I am in Australia and we have tough gun laws – some people think they are too tough. Yes, people can still use knives, axes etc. as weapons, however there hasn’t been a mass shooting since the 90’s. People in the US are really scared about going down the same road as Australia…and it probably doesn’t need to get that strict, however something isn’t working. It makes me so sad to see the constant shootings and how it has become normal. The right to bear arms is the constant argument, but things were sooooooo different back when the constitution was formulated. I know Obama tried to fix things, I don’t know how it will go with Trump, but we can only remain hopeful.

    And Planned Parenthood…why, why, why do they want to ban funding?!?!? Women should have the right to decide whether they want an abortion, not a bunch of rich white men who have NO idea. It’s scary to think what people will resort to if PP is defunded.

    Awesome post by the way. I have just returned from the US and didn’t meet one Trump supporter, it was actually astounding the amount of people I met who were against his presidency. I really hope things aren’t going to be as bad as everyone is expecting.

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    1. It makes me so sad when people from other countries know more about a country they don’t live in than people who live here. I know quite a few Trump supporters and really they just don’t like Hillary. They don’t know anything about what Trump wants or says he wants, they just hate Democrats. I have done quite a bit of research on Australia and their gun laws and you’re right, they might not need to be so strict but we have to do something or everyone is going to be killed with a gun. Also it’s not so much him, but also the fact that the Senate and House are a majority of republicans so who knows what they can do in the next 2-4 years…

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      1. Australia know everything that is happening in America, we follow the American news very closely. I guess because whatever happens with your country affects the rest of the world as well, especially where a president is concerned. I think the biggest issue with Trump is going to be his tendency to tweet without thinking….he has already done some damage with his silly tweets. I hope at least his tweets can be brought under control!

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  4. I always appreciate and respect those who are brave enough to share their opinions. Whether they agree with mine, or not. Now, here’s the kicker…I am Canadian and just as worried as you (as are many Canadians) about Trump becoming President. Your points are all valid. Thank you for sharing them…when are you running for office?! 🙂

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    1. It’s so ironic that there are more people from other countries concerned for the future of the States than citizens are. I won’t be able to run until 2032 so if things aren’t getting better, then!

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  5. Tbh I was sitting down yesterday thinking all of these same things. I’m quite in shock that this is actually happening. The entire world is laughing at us. I completely agree about the planned parenthood issue, they Make it easy for girls to get birth control, and provide so many things for people in this country. I cant believe this is where we are headed

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