Get this… I like being alone

Nov. 21: What is the one thing you wish people better understood about something in your life?

I wouldn’t consider myself an extrovert, but I also wouldn’t consider myself an introvert either. I love spending time with my friends, family, etc. but only to an extent. I have never been one of those people who can spend every day of the week, weekend, summer, etc with their friends. After I use so much of my energy spending time with people, whether it be family or friends, I need a day or more to recuperate and regain my energy.

Not only do I need time to reenergize,  I also hate last minute plans. I am one of those people who definitely has plans for doing nothing and have allotted time in my week for doing so. If I am laying on the couch, watching TV or doing nothing at all and someone asks to hang out with me, I can’t say yes. I always make up some excuse that I have to go somewhere soon and that we should hang out that weekend or what not. It’s not that I don’t want to see that person, it’s just I am emotionally ready enough to leave the house and socialize.

People never seem to understand how I am not always ready to go somewhere and do something. I just really wish people wouldn’t question my need for doing these things and would accept this and simply try to make plans a day or two in advance.

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The life of an extroverted introvert

Wanting to do absolutely everything and absolutely nothing all at the same time. Have a weekend free from work, homework, and obligations, and not being able to decide whether or not I should lie in bed for the entire 48 hours or see as many friends as I possibly could.

Why am I like this I wonder. Why is it, that despite wanting to see my friends and spend time with them and use every valuable ounce of time I have available to see them, I somehow still manage to retreat to my bedroom and stair at the ceiling while listening to my music on shuffle.

It’s strange too. When I choose to leave the solace of my room to spend time with others, I also seem to be wishing I was back home in bed, and that I’d never even left bed that day. Yet, when I stay in bed all day and I see my friends hanging out with other friends, I tend to wish I had accepted their invitations all too often.

Somedays I wish I could be one of those people who sees 5 or more friends in a day and has a party while doing it. Some days I wish I would be content with staying curled up in my room all day. Yet, I am tragically blessed that I get to live the life of both of these people, making me truly and extroverted introvert.