Food fights

Nov. 18: What’s the dumbest thing you and a partner have ever fought about?

Hi everyone. Okay, I hate to say this but I can be very passive aggressive when it comes to disagreements. So typically, when it comes to significant others, friends, and family, there aren’t many fights.

Despite this, I am also a very indecisive person. The only thing I ever really argue/fight about with anyone is where to eat.  Like I can honestly say it’s never caused any actual fights or a strain on any relationship but it is such a hassle.

Being vegan, my options can sometimes be limited, so every time I go out my friends make me pick where we go. After rolling my eyes, I tell them that most places they pick have vegan options and that wherever they pick will also be fine. After they roll their eyes, they tell me “You’re the one with the dietary restrictions… so you have to pick.” After go back and forth for awhile we both finally decide on a place to eat.

Sometimes however, it isn’t that easy. I was once with my friend and we both couldn’t decide what to eat. This was actually before I went vegan so there were no excuses for places we couldn’t eat. We spent an hour driving around debating over where we would eat. We then went mini golfing and drove around for another hour before finally settling on Denny’s.

I hope you all don’t struggle this much with where to eat.


4 thoughts on “Food fights

  1. Girl! In my family, I christened it The Great Dinner Debate. When my husband would say he didn’t care where we ate, he would proceed to veto every suggestion I made, which led me to come up with our solution: When in doubt, pick Chinese (he could est Chinese 8 days a week).

    I think a lot of people have the issue of picking a place to eat. I have been known to have people write suggsstions on slips of paper to draw out of a hat. Or ask everyone separately, in private, where they want to eat. This is a sure fire way to get my kids to agree… if each knows what the other has picked, they refuse to pick the same thing.

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    1. We definitely have picked out of a hat and even asked other people where we should go! It is such a simple thing to choose and yet people make it so difficult


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