Hot doctor… Hairy legs

Nov. 29: What was your most embarrassing or scary trip to the doctor?

Preface: I hate myself and think about this visit a lot so thank you BlogHer for bringing it up once again.

I think I may have talked about me injuring my knee on here before but if not… or you’re new to this blog let’s take a trip down memory lane.

When I was a freshman in high school I played on my school’s basketball team. It was more rigorous and intense than my middle school and recreational teams so it took a toll on my left knee. It was always swollen and hurt… a lot.

Fast forward to that following summer. I was playing in my school’s summer league, playing 5-6 basketball games per week and working out on my own. I improperly did a lunge which resulted in a lot of swearing, doctor’s appointments, crutches, etc.

My junior year of high school, my knee still wasn’t 100% but I was determined (or my dad was…) to play varsity basketball. While playing against arguably the best girl on our team, I went up to rebound the ball, as did she, and we both came crashing down, and haha for me, I landed right on my left knee.

That winter, I couldn’t bend my knee, and it hurt to stand on it for any period of time… which made showering quite the task. To keep my showers short and sweet, I decided to not shave for the entire winter. Mainly because I was curious to see how long my hair would be and after not shaving for that first week, it becomes a habit to not.

I went to the doctor so many times that winter and spring… so many. All of my doctors were old men who had definitely seen worse than a girl who didn’t want to shave, or women who totally felt my pain (my leg hair became a topic that ritually came up during physical therapy).

During a trip to visit the orthopaedic surgeon, only for him to tell me that there was nothing physically wrong with me and he had absolutely no idea why my knee looked like a grapefruit and I was in an obscene amount of pain, there was an assistant (I think a resident) doctor who was BY FAR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON (definition tall, dark, and handsome). He came in after the surgeon had looked at my knee so my yoga pants were pulled down, hiding the forest on my leg.

The surgeon told the assistant (Brad) that I would need a shot of cortisone in my knee and that none other than Brad himself would be administering that shot.

Shit, I thought. He will see my leg and my dreams of having a surgeon husband will be gone forever.

WAIT… it get’s worse.

Not only did I need a shot of cortisone in my knee, my knee had to be bent at 90° for the shot to be administered. So, Brad had to spend about 5 minutes bending my knee (it hurt that bad) while holding onto my poodle of a leg, all the while I am crying hysterically telling him to stop because of how bad it hurt. Once my calf was finally perpendicular to my thigh, Brad gave me my cortisone shot (I am still bawling by the way), gave me an empathetic look before leaving, never to be seen again. Also, cortisone is supposed to relieve pain and I can say, without a doubt, it did not work. So, Brad had to see my hairy leg AND my ugly crying face for no reason whatsoever.

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10 thoughts on “Hot doctor… Hairy legs

  1. Oh Alicia, I couldn’t help but to giggle a little because I could totally envision that being a scene right out of a movie. Your “poodle of a leg” lol Your too funny. But I totally feel you, shaving is SO tedious and who wants to shave when their injured, I sure wouldn’t.
    I had a similar experience; I had pneumonia back in the day and I would go to the doctors and each doctor I saw was old and meh so I’d go to these appointments with no make up (which is not that bad) but when your wicked sick your bags are darker and hang lower and I’m pale as a sheet of copy paper… but who cares when you have old doctors. But one time I went in for a visit they had me meet with a lung doctor and oh my lordy lord he was like God sent with that face, I literally was like GREAAAAAAAT, hot doctor seeing me with zero makeup looking like absolute death….real nice lol

    xo, JJ

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  2. Omg, I’m so sorry!! XD Once I broke my leg when I was 5 years old. It hurts your soul!!!!! My doctor was really old and I was too little so I didn’t go through those feelings, but I currently have a crush on one of my teachers so I kinda relate to how it feels. 😛
    I never shave my legs in winter, LOL! You shouldn’t have worried about that, humans grow hair!!
    I love this post and the story! I couldn’t help laughing! XD

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  3. Wow! So sorry this happened to you. Yes, the story gave me a chuckle, but did anyone ever find out what was wrong with your knee since Brad’s teaching doctor had no clue why it was the way it was? (Yes, not the point of the story, but I got curious)
    I’ve also had a similar but not so painful experience. I had my own flat. It was great! I love old buildings and that’s a main reason why I chose it. The building didn’t have a lift but it was only 4 floors (plus a basement) anyway, so it wasn’t really that bad. My flat was on the 4th floor and on the “front” side. I was taking out my rubbish one Sunday, after cleaning and washing, so you can imagine how I looked, and possibly smelled, and having a kitchen sized bag of rubbish didn’t help. My hair was in a messy bun and I was in a t-shirt and yoga pants, no makeup and with sweat dripping down my forehead. By this time, I assumed I knew most of the neighbours in my building, and there was no one who sparked my interest. Boy, was I wrong. I headed down the rear stairs to get to the bins outside and those stairs are narrow. I was almost to the basement area when I heard a male voice say, “oh, sorry, go ahead” and I automatically said, thanks. I kept looking at my footing since the last 2 steps were slightly off, and then I looked at the male voice to smile. I was in shock when I saw him. I think my mouth was open and I was confused as to what to do. He smiled at me and said, “oh let me get that for you” which meant he opened the door to the rear patio area so I could get to the bins, since I assume he knew, only because he saw my fully filled, white Glad kitchen bag. I again said thank you, and stepped outside. Luckily he was a resident as he knew that the door locked automatically and you needed you building key to get in (as there was an exit to the street there) and he stayed and actually asked if I wanted him to keep the door open as he didn’t see any keys with me. I did have my keys with me and I was so embarassed that he was baing so nice and attentive to me when I looked like a complete mess. I replied and said, oh, no thank you, I have my keys, (showed him my keys) so I don’t wan to keep you. Thank you so much for your help. He lingered for a bit longer and when I was coming back inside he opened the door for me. At this point, I had 2 options, (we both did really) 1 was to go up the narrow staircase or 2, go into the basement are, as there are some flats and the washing room there. I was doing the washing but I didn’t have to go there just yet. He, the beautiful man that was standing in front of me, holding the door, made it known that he was going back up the stairs, as I held him up from that. I was so embarassed at the state I was in, that I made a stupid excuse that I needed to check on the wash, so I thanked him again and proceeded to go opposite of where he was going. He smiled and said, oh, ok then, bye, and I said the same, and then completely forgot how to open a door. He saw that because I heard him say, Oh, let me help you, its a heavy door, and I was flustered, said, oh, I don’t want to keep you, I got it, and then figured out how to open the door that I had opened most every weekend I lived there, and step through. When I stepped through, I turned around, and he was standing on the base of the narrow stairs and was smiling at me, waved and I stupidly waved back and practically ran to the washing room. I never got his name or saw him again. I was a so nervous, I missed an opportunity to get to know a really nice guy (from first impression) and I haven’t forgiven myself for my behaviour. This was around 5 years ago.


    1. No they never found out what was wrong with my knee and I literally hate when that happens. It happened to me in my dorm in college and I was so upset.


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