Prance the Cat

Nov. 28: What was your most precious possession when you were a kid?

Hey everyone… I can’t believe that November is basically over and that Christmas is in less than a month! I had a successful Black Friday and cyber Monday and only have to buy presents for two more people.. Success.


This is Prance. Prance was the literal love of my life when I was little. So much so that Prance still lives on one of the shelves in my bedroom. I don’t remember getting Prance but I do remember when I was in first grade we got to bring a stuffed animal to school. We got to carry it with us all day, write about the animal, and then read what we wrote to the class.

I do not know why I remember this but I do. I had written out my little spiel about Prance and I brought it to my teacher Mrs. Kadlec for her to edit for spelling and grammatical errors. The cat’s name was Prance (it said so on the beanie baby tag and I wasn’t going to confuse the poor cat by changing her name obviously).

Mrs. Kadlec had insisted I was spelling the name wrong. I was a pretty smart 1st grader and also wasn’t good at admitting I was wrong. She went on for about 5 minutes how the cat’s name should be spelled “Prince” and not “Prance.” After I let her give her side of the case, I once again told her she was wrong, left my seat, retrieved my cat, and showed her the tag,  which showed the name of “Prance” written clear as day. With her mouth agape and her stunned facial expression, she accepted defeat and dismissed me back to my seat with a smile on my face and Prance in hand.

While there are tons of pictures of me and that cat and my mother remembering how she didn’t leave my side, this is my only memory of Prance. I think it’s funny that my sass and need for being correct started so early on

Until tomorrow