Orgain Protein Review

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Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to treat my body as best as I can because I’m trying to love myself and part of loving yourself comes from treating your body right. I’ve been trying to eat a balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. However, as a vegan, it can be a little harder to get in all of my protein daily, so, I usually have a protein shake or smoothie after my workout each day. I’m also trying to eat less processed foods which, unfortunately, a lot of vegan meats are high in chemicals and words I don’t know so, I was stuck in a rut with my diet for quite a bit.

I’ve used quite a few vegan proteins in my day however, there were none that I ever loved [either the price or the flavor] until this summer. While scrolling through vegan protein recommendations on a blog I was reading in April, I discovered Orgain Protein. Orgain protein is very plant-heavy and doesn’t have the chemicals that other proteins I’ve had have.

I’ve been using this protein for about five months and have loved every product I’ve tried. From their protein shakes, powders, and bars, everything is good!

My biggest thing when it comes to protein is taste. A lot of proteins don’t taste good and it can still be tasted when added to food. I’ve put the powders in smoothies and oatmeal and to my surprise, it tastes good!!! Depending on what flavor I use [PB or chocolate fudge are the powders I’ve tried and keep coming back to] it adds to the food I put it in and you can taste the chocolate or peanut butter in the food I’m eating. I also enjoy drinking their protein shakes plain or in a fruit smoothie with granola after a workout.

My favorite thing about Orgain protein is that there are tons of flavors and options for products. I love their creamy chocolate protein shake and their peanut butter chocolate vegan protein powder. The biggest thing I love about these is that they are soy-free [my stomach does not tolerate soy which is why I’m opting to eat less soy in my diet].

Overall, if you’re looking for a protein, in whatever form, I would recommend Orgain.

I loved them enough to become an ambassador. If you decide to give Orgain a shot, you can use my code: LIVINGOFFLEESH30 for 30% off your first order [they even had nonvegan protein and collagen]

Much love,

Mahalo Purse Review

Alicia here with another review of something quarantine + Instagram made me buy!

Ever since my purse got stolen last summer in Spain [RIP to the Goodwill crossbody bag… you were a real one] I have been on the lookout for a purse as good as that one. It was big enough to fit a large water bottle for long days of walking as well as everything else I needed and I haven’t’ been able to find anything quite like it. While I still haven’t been able to find the perfect purse, I’ve come across a few bags in the past year that I’ve added to my collection that get the job done as they should. I have a couple larger bags [my teacher bag that can fit my whole life into it, a pretty big brown shoulder bag, a smaller grey cross body bag, etc.] but I have never had a small purse before. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized there are some times when you really just need a small bag. Going out with friends, grocery shopping, etc. all really don’t require a large bag but that’s really all I have.

While scrolling through my Instagram saves [one titled ‘Things to Buy] folders and eliminating ones I don’t need anymore, I came across an ad I had saved for Mahalo cases… Mahalo Casessell phone cases and wallet duos. Ok, a matching wallet and phone case… who cares? The phone cases are magnetic and attach on the inside of the wallet. You can’t lose your phone when it’s literally attached to the purse you’re wearing. The best part about it? The chain from the purse can be removed and replaced with a wristlet strap for when you don’t want to carry a whole purse. Or, if you want it to double as your wallet in your super big purse which I’ll definitely be doing whilst teaching.

I bought the RFID blocking quilted crossbody wallet phone case in black. It’s the perfect size for a purse or as a large wallet. There are two sides both with ample card slots as well as a spot for change and cash not to forget the spot in the back of the case where the phone attaches. The wallet itself is very well made and I can fit almost everything I need in there even though it is quite small. I’m very glad about the purchase and think the whole idea is genius because I’ll have the perfect spot for my phone in my purse and won’t lose it.

As far as the phone case goes, it’s a pretty basic black phone case. I definitely don’t think it’s the cutest case however if I only use it when I use the wallet I don’t have a problem with it. I love the wallet design because I don’t like big patterned accessories, however, when I get a new phone I’ll probs get a new phone case that’s prettier than this one. I would love it if you could mix and match purses and cases!!


Overall, I can’t wait to actually get to using the purse and wallet duo when the country opens back up. Until then, I’ll keep walking around my room with it. J

Much love,


Coconut Bowl Review

Disclosure: some of  the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you,
I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Hi all, I hope social distancing is going well for everyone! During this whole crazy time, I’ve been doing a bit of online shopping, like many others. Instagram ads really are getting the best of me [three of my recent purchases have been because of an Instagram ad haha] and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what I’ve been buying because reviews are IMMENSELY important to me before making a purchase, especially to ensure that I’m not being scammed by random sites!

One of my most recent purchases has been a Coconut Bowl. Coconut bowls are handcrafted coconuts turned into bowls based out of Australia. Coconut everything has been all the rage [coconut candy, oil, milk, etc.] but the outside of the coconut often goes unnoticed and is discarded. Coconut Bowls offer a sustainable use for the shell of the coconut and have turned them into bowls and candles made completely of coconut. They also sell cookbooks, bamboo straws, reusable bags, and wooden silverware to eat from your bowl with.


I honestly just wanted the cookbook, because I can always use a new recipe or two, but with how cute the bowl was, I had to get one to show off my creations in.

I ordered a set of one bowl + one spoon as well as the vegan cookbook. The bowl and spoon came within 2 days of ordering which I was pleasantly surprised by. My cookbook is a PDF because I prefer to view recipes from my device rather than have them out in a book.

The bowl was wrapped up, along with my spoon, accompanied by a thank you card saying to follow on social media and a discount on my next purchase. Everything came in one piece and the packaging was safe and secure!

The bowl is great as is the spoon. I use them both all the time although, I did hear a crack in my bowl after I put really hot food in it [I can’t see a crack so I’m not sure where it is]. The cookbook is phenomenal. There are all sorts of recipes [all that can go in a bowl] ranging from breakfasts to desserts and everything in between. My favorite so far is the sweet potato mac and cheese because it combines my favorite things in one I’ve been using the cookbook whenever I’m feeling something new and modifying when I need to go grocery shopping. If I lived on my own, I’d definitely go with their eco starter set [or 2 of them] because that comes with two bowls, two forks, two spoons, and two bamboo straws. However, since it was my first purchase, I wanted to make a small purchase in case I wasn’t a fan. If you choose to make a purchase, use code: Alicia-10 for 10% off your order!

Even if you don’t decide to purchase from Coconut Bowls, give them a follow on Instagram. Their whole feed makes you feel like you’re in Hawaii on a beach, not stuck in your house quarantining.

What are your favorite sustainable household items?

Alicia ❤

Saalt Period Cup Review

Hi all, Happy Thursday! Slowly but surely getting into that routine // self-care practice of writing when I can. As you’ve probably seen from my Instagram or blog posts here and on LVNG Limitless [RIP], I’ve been actively working to live a more sustainable lifestyle. One of the many ways that I produce waste every month is through period products. Tampons and Pads produce an obscene amount of waste over the course of a lifetime and I was 100% over that. So, after much self-debating and a trip to Target, I came home with the Saalt cup, a silicone cup that replaces single-use period products.



In short, I’m in love. The Saalt cup has truly changed my life in such a short time and I am NEVER going back. After just six months of using this cup, I’ve saved over 24 pads and 60 tampons.

Short story long, I don’t have to worry about my period anymore. I will not lie, the first period I used the Saalt cup for, I was PARANOID. It’s a weird feeling at first, I cannot lie. I thought it would leak and I wouldn’t know, I thought it would get stuck, millions of thoughts flooded my mind during those first five days, and guess what? None of them were true! I didn’t need to worry about a thing [although I am glad I paid extra careful attention just in case].

the cup itself

During all of the periods I’ve had that have followed using the Saalt cup, I do not worry about my period. Most days [except for day three which is my heaviest flow] of my period I change it in the morning after my shower and before I go to bed and that’s it. No leaks, no ruined underwear, no pain, nothing. It’s just like a regular week, with a little bit of added silicone.

the storage pouch

So, of all period cups, why the Saalt cup? Well, besides the fact that it’s roughly half of what other name brand period costs retail for [Diva cup in particular], it comes in two sizes [most do], with the bigger size being blue [what could be better ??], the packaging is absolutely adorable, it comes with a carrying case, and three little pamphlets about usage, helping communities, and how to follow it. Not only this, but for every Saalt cup you buy, it gives one to a menstruating individual in need of period care.

the how-to guide and their mission

The how-to guide was extremely useful [especially because I was quaking in my boots because I didn’t know if it would hurt] and reading about how women in 3rd world countries have to miss a month or so of school or work every year due to their period. Due to this, many people drop out or quit their jobs because it is so difficult to work or go to school while menstruating without the proper period products.

In my opinion, you don’t need to buy both sizes. I have the larger size and even on my lighter days, it does the job well.

I would recommend the Saalt cup [or any period cup for that matter] to every single menstruating human not only because of the lack of waste you are creating but also because of the care that they give to those in need.

A huge 5/5 stars for the Saalt Cup. Thank you for giving back, being affordable, and being the absolutely cutest period cups to line the shelves.

*Please note: If you use an IUD you cannot use the saalt cup because of the suction. You would run the risk of having your IUD come out.

❤ Alicia

Review: The Happiness Project

Hi everyone and Happy Tuesday! As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I recently finished Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, and I decided to share my review with you all!

This book shows Rubin’s journey through her 12 month-long Happiness project. After realizing that she isn’t as happy as she wanted to be, she set intentions, created secrets of adulthood, paradoxes of happiness, and set off on a journey of being happier. She deals with family frustrations, work frustrations, and more but she always remembers her goals and tries her hardest to not be set off her path and be the happiest she can be.

First off, I should say that I loved this book. I found myself, multiple times, thinking “Wow I do that and I want to stop.” or “Wow, I’ve never thought about doing that but I should.” and also “I love doing this so why don’t I do it already?”

There were 2 chapters of the book I didn’t really care for, April “Parenthood” and August “Contemplate the Heavens” were the two. I’m 21 so I don’t plan on having kids anytime soon (if at all) which is why the parenthood chapter I didn’t resonate with. Also, the Heavens chapter I didn’t care for because I’m not religious or care to learn about religion so while I liked reading about the comical life of Saint Therese in the convent, I wasn’t really feeling the rest of the chapter.

However, all 10 of the other chapters I absolutely loved. March, July, September, and October’s chapters about work, money, books, and mindfulness were my absolute favorites in the whole book. I have so many pages folded over in the book of quotes, ideas, and inspiration for my own happiness project (look for a future post about this soon)

My absolute favorite part of this book, however, is the extra material section at the end of the book. Throughout the book, Rubin mentions her secrets of adulthood and paradoxes of happiness and at the end, she adds a list of them all so that the reader doesn’t have to go back and find them one by one. She also adds tips and tricks for life and a little guide on how to start your own Happiness Project which I will definitely be utilizing sometime soon.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book. I now want to read another one of her books, Better Than Before because I’ve heard rave reviews on that one as well. I also highly recommend her podcast “Happier with Gretchen Rubin,” as I am learning a lot from that podcast just as I’d learned from her book.

What book(s) // podcast(s) would you recommend to me?

❤ Alicia ❤

Review: Gearbunch Leggings

Happy Friday everyone, sorry about my absence. I’ve been busy with midterms and job applications but here I am. It is currently pouring outside and I have a class in 2 hours. So,  I figured I would write a bit to pass the time.

A few weeks back, I was contacted by the company GearBunch, a company that specializes in custom leggings and other various customized apparel. Their prices range for leggings from about $85- $120. Gearbunch was lovely enough to send me a pair of leggings to review! So, that’s just what I’ll be doing today!

I received the Black and White Mandala leggings from Gearbunch (different from the B&W Mandala leggings which is what I thought I asked for haha), which are white with black print (as opposed to the other which is black with white print with a different design).

P.S. I apologize in advance for not using my own photos. My camera is doing this thing where NONE of the pictures are clear (unless they’re super close up) so bear with me.


First, let me say that I am normally an all black leggings kinda gal or like a little bit of mesh on the side and call it a day. These leggings are the complete opposite. With intricate designs (mine were probably one of the most simple designs they had) of all shapes and colors their website just makes you want to get creative. I definitely do like the patterns available and might start branching out and trying other patterned leggings in the future!

Anyway, these leggings are so comfy, sort of squat proof (I did 2 squats, one with black underwear and one with like a light purple and the black ones were a bit visible which was expected since they are white pants but the pair with the purple were not but I never wear black underwear with leggings anyway just in case), and super cute!

The only negative thing I have about these is that the inseam on the legs is done really simply. I always appreciate a sturdy inseam on leggings especially when they’re super expensive because on some of my cheaper leggings they tend to rip at the thighs which is so sad ++ I would HATE for that to happen to some more expensive leggings. Obviously, I can’t say that will happen as I have only worn them twice but it does make me a tad nervous that it might happen in the future.

Note the thin inseam

All in all, I am a huge fan of these leggings! I was a bit hesitant on the white but they have definitely grown on me! I wore them to yoga last week and a lot of people asked where I got them from. So, Gearbunch, hope I got you some new customers and thank you for the leggings!

I would definitely recommend checking them out sometime!

Check out my 3 favorite pairs (1 2 3)

Are you more of a simple leggings person or are you all for designs??

❤ Alicia ❤

Tarte Cosmetics review

Howdy everyone, hope everyone is doing well. Over winter break I bought a few Tarte products and thought I would review them. I did another tarte review a while back and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, so why not make another one.

Tarte always has the best sales (which is when I buy from them usually)  randomly so whenever they do I grab what I can. For this haul, I got the be happy. be bright. be you. set, the 3-in-1 frxxxtion stick exfoliating cleanser, and the no makeup magic beauty essentials.

While this is all I ordered, I also received the Swamp Queen eye and cheek palette by mistake. This actually happened to be the last thing I purchased from tarte as I got it for my sister for Christmas, so now we both have one! Now, onto the review!

be happy. be bright. be you.

Okay, for this one, If I’m being honest the main reason I bought this one was for the bag. It’s super cute and I LOVE the “be happy be bright be you” quote on it. Now, just because I loved the bag, doesn’t mean that I don’t also love the products it came with.

Highlighter duo- I’ve always been a girl that likes to glow. However, I’ve never tried cream or liquid highlighters so both of these sides were a first for me. I was SHOCKED by how pigmented these both were (liquid was more so) and a little went a LONG way. I’ve been wearing the liquid on my cheeks and the cream on my nose and upper lip (it’s easier to keep it in a small area) and I am in love!

 Lippie duo Everyone knows there’s not been a lipstick I’ll turn down and these are no exceptions. I’m not much of a lipgloss person but I’ve been putting the gloss over the lipstick and it looks super cute (in my opinion haha). They’re both nude colors which I love (especially in Ohio because I can look put together and nice without people being like “why do you have so much makeup on”).

Blush- I’m not really going to review the blush because I’m not a blush person. My cheeks are rosy enough I don’t need them to stick out any more than they already do

Ready. Set. Radiant. Setting Spray- I never realized how important setting spray is until you use it and your makeup still looks good after 10 hours. It smells amazing (kind of like wood and citrus and mint) and keeps you looking good all day.

Sweet Tarte perfume- I’m not usually a gal who likes sweet and girly scents (I’m more of a natural perfume wearer) but this smells so good! I wouldn’t say it smells like sweet tarts the candy but it does smell fruity just good???

3-in-1 frxxxtion stick exfoliating cleanser- I reviewed this one in my last review but it was so good that I got it again! I have very sensitive skin so I don’t exfoliate a lot to keep my skin healthy and not dry but when I do, I use this! It’s sort of on the small side so if you exfoliate a lot I might not get this but if you do it more sparingly like me, this is for you! After I use this, my skin isn’t dry, itchy, or red AND it’s so soft! This is by far my fave skincare product they have 🙂

No makeup magic beauty essentials

This was another set that consisted of the brighter days highlighting moisturizer, and a lip quench. I really wanted to try the moisturizer to see if it would work well with my skin but didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on the full size one in case it irritated my skin or I just hated it.

Brighter days moisturizer– I love this. Once I finish buying books (kill me) I’m going to definitely grab this in the full-size option. It’s got little glitters in it which is what adds the highlighting aspect and it leaves you (me anyway) moisturized WITHOUT BEING SHINY which is so hard for me to find.

Lip Quench- this ended up being very moisturizing I just wish it wasn’t as tinted. The color is nice (sort of an orange-brown) however, I would’ve liked a more muted color or to be able to pick the color that came with the set.

Swamp Queen eye and cheek palette- As I mentioned before, I got this palette for my sister for Christmas. First of all, this smells heavenly. Most eyeshadow palettes smell like eyeshadow. Nothing special This palette smells like birthday cake or frosting and honestly, I’d buy it just for that! As for colors, I really like them all and the contour and highlight colors are good for my skin tone, but not for many others, which stinks for those of you who aren’t super fair skinned.

I’m always wanting to get better at makeup and I can’t wait to get experimenting with this palette!!

All in all, I loved all of these tarte products!


A Review of “A Christmas Prince”

Hi everyone! Today’s Blogmas post is a review of the Netflix original “A Christmas Prince.” So many people have been debating watching it because it’s not an ‘original’ Christmas movie. However, I figured I would watch that 92-minute movie to see how it ranked.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the movie, straight from Netflix comes this brief synopsis: “Christmas comes early for an aspiring young journalist when she’s sent abroad to get the scoop on a dashing prince who’s poised to be king.” I don’t want to give anything else away so you’ll all have to watch the movie for yourselves to see what happens with that journalist and the prince. 😉


  • Ben Lamb (Prince Richard) is a cutie
  • most of the actors  in the movie I’d never heard of so it’s always nice to see new people playing bigger roles
  • Princess Emily and Amber’s relationship is so cute
  • A plot twist I actually wasn’t expecting
  • The cliche


  • Lady Sophia and Simon are so annoying (but what is a cliche movie with no annoying people)
  • That period of time where shit hits the fan and you have 10 minutes to resolve
  • The cliche

Overall Review: Overall, I adored this movie. I am a sucker for a cliche but if you aren’t you’ll probably hate it. It sort of reminded me of a Christmas Ella Enchanted just without the violence. I really liked the plot twist in the movie (that I will not share) and it was just overall a very cute and sweet movie. I’d say a 9/10 from me tbh.

Until next time


Tarte skincare review

Hi everyone! Look at me being all beauty bloggery. Today a Tarte review, tomorrow two million Instagram followers.

Okay, so basically one of my resolutions was to create a solid skincare routine because well, I don’t have one. My skin is terribly dry and sensitive and finding something that is vegan, cruelty-free, and works on my skin type is not easy.

A few months ago, I discovered Tarte Cosmetics and was blown away by their (mostly) vegan, cruelty-free, and natural line of products they have.

After trying a few skincare brands, and the only thing I’ve gotten out of them is red, dry, and utterly damaged skin, I decided since I use Tarte for a bunch of my makeup products, why don’t I try it for skincare?

They had a sale where I could get a bunch of their skincare products, in sample sizes for only $20 so I had to give it a go.

I received two sets of products: The Scrub Clean set and The Make a Splash skincare savers set. I also got a freebie travel size of my favorite mascara, so that’s definitely a bonus.

In the Scrub Clean set, there was Tarte’s Frxxxtion stick, Tarte’s Deluxe Deep Dive Cleansing Gel, and a cleansing scrubber.

Scrub Cleanse Set

The Frxxxtion Stick’s job is to remove any dead skin cells. You apply the stick to wet skin and then massage in with the cleansing scrubber and then rinse off and pat dry. After this Frxxxtion stick application, my skin hasn’t been this soft in I can’t even remember how long. Also, for being a travel size, I didn’t use that much of it so I will definitely get a lot of use out of it. Fun fact: the little scrubber can also be used for brush cleaning, even though I make my sister clean all of my brushes so for the day that I do clean my own brushes, I’ll be able to use the scrubber.

Following the Frxxxtion stick was the Deluxe Deep Diving Cleansing Gel, which for starters smells like a rainforest. I don’t know what a rainforest smells like, but I have to assume it’s this. It’s a face wash that can also be applied with the scrubber. It’s really refreshing when you put it on your skin and definitely gets anything that the Frxxxtion stick missed off of your face. I really enjoyed this face wash and didn’t dry my face out, which is totally a first when it comes to face washes for me.

For the next set: The Make a Splash skincare savers set, there was the deep diving cleansing gel (the same as the other set so I won’t go over it again), Rainforest of the sea Setting Spray, and the Drink of H2O hydrating boost.

The Make a Splash Skincare Savers set

After I used the cleansing gel, I spritzed on some of the setting spray, which smelled exactly like Sprite. I don’t even like Sprite but this was phenomenal. It’s supposed to be a setting spray or makeup primer, but can also be used as a skin refresher. I didn’t use it before or after makeup, but it was refreshing. I definitely will have to use this as a primer or setting spray at some point and see if it lives up to those uses.

The final Tarte product was the Drink of H2O hydrating boost. This is actually the main reason I bought this set in the first place. It’s a lightweight gel moisturizer that is said to help quench dry skin. It is literally supposed to be a drink of water for your skin, and it is. With all of my old skincare regimes, I had to reapply lotion every hour or so, but I had this product on all day and never reapplied once. I thought it would be oily on my skin, based on how gel-like it was, but my skin absorbed it really quickly and easily.

All in all, if you’re vegan/ use cruelty-free products, and have dry and sensitive skin (or any type of skin really), these products are for you!

Thrive by GoMacro Nut Bars Review

Hi everyone, a couple weeks back, I won a giveaway done by Lazy Girl Vegan, sponsored by GoMacro. The prize was a sample pack of their new Thrive ‘Ancient Seeds Superfood Nut Bars.” I have tried some of GoMacro’s bars before but never these (since they are new) and decided to share with the blog world my opinion of them. Let’s get started.

The box containing all 12 bars
The box containing all 12 bars

The Thrive bars are available in 6 flavors: Ginger Lemon, Almond Apricot, Caramel Coconut, Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, and Blueberry Lavender.

All six of the flavors
All six of the flavors

They have quite a few flavor combinations for all kinds of palettes. I tried all 6 flavors and will share the pros and cons of each, and some of my favorites.

*The bars are listed in order from my favorite to least favorite*

Almond Apricot
Almond Apricot

Almond Apricot: I can honestly say I had never tried an apricot before this so I had no idea what I would be in for. I really really really really liked this one. A ton. I am always hesitant on fruit flavored bars unless they are strawberry because you never know what you’re going to get. This was surprisingly good and very refreshing. If there is one I am most excited about buying it is the Almond Apricot because it’s unlike any other bar I have ever tried

    Pros: It was a very refreshing taste, almost like eating the fruit right then and there.

    Cons: The almonds in the bar are whole almonds am personally not a huge fan of when there are full almonds in bars. I like them sliced or whatever.

Chocolate, Nuts, and Sea Salt

Chocolate, Nuts, and Sea Salt: Being a firm believer in the chocolate and sea salt combination, I grabbed this one first. This one takes the cake for my favorite of the sweet ones (without fruit). If you are a chocolate lover like myself, BUY THIS BAR.

    Pros: Very tasty and nothing was too overpowering

    Cons: For me, nothing

Caramel Coconut
Caramel Coconut

Caramel Coconut: I was never a coconut fan. Every Halloween, had I been given any Almond Joys they went straight to the trade pile. However, after living in California for a year, the love of coconut has been ingrained in me. I liked these a ton as well.

    Pros: You could really taste and feel the coconut flakes which to me is always a good reminder real coconut is used

  Cons: Couldn’t taste an extreme amount of caramel and the coconut did overpower it

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup: Your average chocolate chip peanut butter combination. Nothing too special about it. Good nonetheless.

  Pros: One of those, you can’t mess up the formula and is good no matter what.

   Cons: Nothing really.

Blueberry Lavender
Blueberry Lavender

Blueberry Lavender: Well, blueberry lavender. Lavender. I was a bit terrified of this name because when I think lavender I think of freshly washed sheets but was curious as to how the two would taste together. Curiosity killed the cat… and my taste buds. I was not a fan. The blueberry part was good but whatever lavender I was tasting, was not good. I made my dad try it and he wasn’t displeased with the bar. He said it was a bit bland but not terrible.

    Pros: The blueberry half was good, very sweet.

    Cons: The lavender was mainly the aftertaste but still, not a fan

Ginger Lemon
Ginger Lemon

Ginger Lemon: Preface before even tasting: I hate ginger. So naturally I wouldn’t like this bar… I didn’t. Not to be overdramatic but I couldn’t even swallow it. This is by far my least favorite. But I knew it would be because I hate ginger. I had my mom eat what I couldn’t bare to and she loved it. So, this one is definitely palette dependent

    Pros: The lemony aftertaste

    Cons: The ginger.

All in all, I love the brand in general and will continue to buy the bars that fit my palette. Something I love about not only these bars, but the entire GoMacro company is that they are certified Gluten-Free, Vegan, Organic, and Non-GMO. Perfect for so many people trying to live health-conscious and those with allergies as well.

If any of your try these bars please let me know what you think of them! Also remember to check out Lazy Girl Vegan because I wouldn’t have had the chance to try all of them had it not been for her.