Tarte skincare review

Hi everyone! Look at me being all beauty bloggery. Today a Tarte review, tomorrow two million Instagram followers.

Okay, so basically one of my resolutions was to create a solid skincare routine because well, I don’t have one. My skin is terribly dry and sensitive and finding something that is vegan, cruelty-free, and works on my skin type is not easy.

A few months ago, I discovered Tarte Cosmetics and was blown away by their (mostly) vegan, cruelty-free, and natural line of products they have.

After trying a few skincare brands, and the only thing I’ve gotten out of them is red, dry, and utterly damaged skin, I decided since I use Tarte for a bunch of my makeup products, why don’t I try it for skincare?

They had a sale where I could get a bunch of their skincare products, in sample sizes for only $20 so I had to give it a go.

I received two sets of products: The Scrub Clean set and The Make a Splash skincare savers set. I also got a freebie travel size of my favorite mascara, so that’s definitely a bonus.

In the Scrub Clean set, there was Tarte’s Frxxxtion stick, Tarte’s Deluxe Deep Dive Cleansing Gel, and a cleansing scrubber.

Scrub Cleanse Set

The Frxxxtion Stick’s job is to remove any dead skin cells. You apply the stick to wet skin and then massage in with the cleansing scrubber and then rinse off and pat dry. After this Frxxxtion stick application, my skin hasn’t been this soft in I can’t even remember how long. Also, for being a travel size, I didn’t use that much of it so I will definitely get a lot of use out of it. Fun fact: the little scrubber can also be used for brush cleaning, even though I make my sister clean all of my brushes so for the day that I do clean my own brushes, I’ll be able to use the scrubber.

Following the Frxxxtion stick was the Deluxe Deep Diving Cleansing Gel, which for starters smells like a rainforest. I don’t know what a rainforest smells like, but I have to assume it’s this. It’s a face wash that can also be applied with the scrubber. It’s really refreshing when you put it on your skin and definitely gets anything that the Frxxxtion stick missed off of your face. I really enjoyed this face wash and didn’t dry my face out, which is totally a first when it comes to face washes for me.

For the next set: The Make a Splash skincare savers set, there was the deep diving cleansing gel (the same as the other set so I won’t go over it again), Rainforest of the sea Setting Spray, and the Drink of H2O hydrating boost.

The Make a Splash Skincare Savers set

After I used the cleansing gel, I spritzed on some of the setting spray, which smelled exactly like Sprite. I don’t even like Sprite but this was phenomenal. It’s supposed to be a setting spray or makeup primer, but can also be used as a skin refresher. I didn’t use it before or after makeup, but it was refreshing. I definitely will have to use this as a primer or setting spray at some point and see if it lives up to those uses.

The final Tarte product was the Drink of H2O hydrating boost. This is actually the main reason I bought this set in the first place. It’s a lightweight gel moisturizer that is said to help quench dry skin. It is literally supposed to be a drink of water for your skin, and it is. With all of my old skincare regimes, I had to reapply lotion every hour or so, but I had this product on all day and never reapplied once. I thought it would be oily on my skin, based on how gel-like it was, but my skin absorbed it really quickly and easily.

All in all, if you’re vegan/ use cruelty-free products, and have dry and sensitive skin (or any type of skin really), these products are for you!


6 thoughts on “Tarte skincare review

  1. Wow I will have to have a look at their skincare range! I have a few of their make-up products which I really like. And I love that they are vegan/cruelty-free! Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. Oh yes, I’ve been dying to read a review on these products. Especially on the Drink of H2O hydrating boost my skin is always so dry even after applying moisturizer and oils etc….nothing seems to break through the dryness but I’ve been hearing about this tarte product but I wanted to know what people really thought of it because I went and spent money on it! Thanks for sharing your opinion, I feel more apt to go and get it now!

    xo, JJ

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