Review: Gearbunch Leggings

Happy Friday everyone, sorry about my absence. I’ve been busy with midterms and job applications but here I am. It is currently pouring outside and I have a class in 2 hours. So,  I figured I would write a bit to pass the time.

A few weeks back, I was contacted by the company GearBunch, a company that specializes in custom leggings and other various customized apparel. Their prices range for leggings from about $85- $120. Gearbunch was lovely enough to send me a pair of leggings to review! So, that’s just what I’ll be doing today!

I received the Black and White Mandala leggings from Gearbunch (different from the B&W Mandala leggings which is what I thought I asked for haha), which are white with black print (as opposed to the other which is black with white print with a different design).

P.S. I apologize in advance for not using my own photos. My camera is doing this thing where NONE of the pictures are clear (unless they’re super close up) so bear with me.


First, let me say that I am normally an all black leggings kinda gal or like a little bit of mesh on the side and call it a day. These leggings are the complete opposite. With intricate designs (mine were probably one of the most simple designs they had) of all shapes and colors their website just makes you want to get creative. I definitely do like the patterns available and might start branching out and trying other patterned leggings in the future!

Anyway, these leggings are so comfy, sort of squat proof (I did 2 squats, one with black underwear and one with like a light purple and the black ones were a bit visible which was expected since they are white pants but the pair with the purple were not but I never wear black underwear with leggings anyway just in case), and super cute!

The only negative thing I have about these is that the inseam on the legs is done really simply. I always appreciate a sturdy inseam on leggings especially when they’re super expensive because on some of my cheaper leggings they tend to rip at the thighs which is so sad ++ I would HATE for that to happen to some more expensive leggings. Obviously, I can’t say that will happen as I have only worn them twice but it does make me a tad nervous that it might happen in the future.

Note the thin inseam

All in all, I am a huge fan of these leggings! I was a bit hesitant on the white but they have definitely grown on me! I wore them to yoga last week and a lot of people asked where I got them from. So, Gearbunch, hope I got you some new customers and thank you for the leggings!

I would definitely recommend checking them out sometime!

Check out my 3 favorite pairs (1 2 3)

Are you more of a simple leggings person or are you all for designs??

❤ Alicia ❤