Tarte Cosmetics review

Howdy everyone, hope everyone is doing well. Over winter break I bought a few Tarte products and thought I would review them. I did another tarte review a while back and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, so why not make another one.

Tarte always has the best sales (which is when I buy from them usually)  randomly so whenever they do I grab what I can. For this haul, I got the be happy. be bright. be you. set, the 3-in-1 frxxxtion stick exfoliating cleanser, and the no makeup magic beauty essentials.

While this is all I ordered, I also received the Swamp Queen eye and cheek palette by mistake. This actually happened to be the last thing I purchased from tarte as I got it for my sister for Christmas, so now we both have one! Now, onto the review!

be happy. be bright. be you.

Okay, for this one, If I’m being honest the main reason I bought this one was for the bag. It’s super cute and I LOVE the “be happy be bright be you” quote on it. Now, just because I loved the bag, doesn’t mean that I don’t also love the products it came with.

Highlighter duo- I’ve always been a girl that likes to glow. However, I’ve never tried cream or liquid highlighters so both of these sides were a first for me. I was SHOCKED by how pigmented these both were (liquid was more so) and a little went a LONG way. I’ve been wearing the liquid on my cheeks and the cream on my nose and upper lip (it’s easier to keep it in a small area) and I am in love!

 Lippie duo Everyone knows there’s not been a lipstick I’ll turn down and these are no exceptions. I’m not much of a lipgloss person but I’ve been putting the gloss over the lipstick and it looks super cute (in my opinion haha). They’re both nude colors which I love (especially in Ohio because I can look put together and nice without people being like “why do you have so much makeup on”).

Blush- I’m not really going to review the blush because I’m not a blush person. My cheeks are rosy enough I don’t need them to stick out any more than they already do

Ready. Set. Radiant. Setting Spray- I never realized how important setting spray is until you use it and your makeup still looks good after 10 hours. It smells amazing (kind of like wood and citrus and mint) and keeps you looking good all day.

Sweet Tarte perfume- I’m not usually a gal who likes sweet and girly scents (I’m more of a natural perfume wearer) but this smells so good! I wouldn’t say it smells like sweet tarts the candy but it does smell fruity just good???

3-in-1 frxxxtion stick exfoliating cleanser- I reviewed this one in my last review but it was so good that I got it again! I have very sensitive skin so I don’t exfoliate a lot to keep my skin healthy and not dry but when I do, I use this! It’s sort of on the small side so if you exfoliate a lot I might not get this but if you do it more sparingly like me, this is for you! After I use this, my skin isn’t dry, itchy, or red AND it’s so soft! This is by far my fave skincare product they have 🙂

No makeup magic beauty essentials

This was another set that consisted of the brighter days highlighting moisturizer, and a lip quench. I really wanted to try the moisturizer to see if it would work well with my skin but didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on the full size one in case it irritated my skin or I just hated it.

Brighter days moisturizer– I love this. Once I finish buying books (kill me) I’m going to definitely grab this in the full-size option. It’s got little glitters in it which is what adds the highlighting aspect and it leaves you (me anyway) moisturized WITHOUT BEING SHINY which is so hard for me to find.

Lip Quench- this ended up being very moisturizing I just wish it wasn’t as tinted. The color is nice (sort of an orange-brown) however, I would’ve liked a more muted color or to be able to pick the color that came with the set.

Swamp Queen eye and cheek palette- As I mentioned before, I got this palette for my sister for Christmas. First of all, this smells heavenly. Most eyeshadow palettes smell like eyeshadow. Nothing special This palette smells like birthday cake or frosting and honestly, I’d buy it just for that! As for colors, I really like them all and the contour and highlight colors are good for my skin tone, but not for many others, which stinks for those of you who aren’t super fair skinned.

I’m always wanting to get better at makeup and I can’t wait to get experimenting with this palette!!

All in all, I loved all of these tarte products!