Back to school series: essentials for your emergency bag

Hi everyone, tomorrow I am leaving for Tennessee to see the total eclipse (yes, I’m pumped) so I’ll be queueing a post or two while I’m gone to finish up my back to school series because once I get back… I go back to school. I am super excited to go to school and my room looks like target and bed bath and beyond exploded in it. Nevertheless, Poppy and I can still make our way to my bed which, of course, it all that matters.

Now for the fun stuff. I’m usually known as the parents of the friend group because I’m prepared for everything (I’m only the dad too because I handle everyone’s money when we go out to eat). My backpack will be nothing short of a mom’s as well. In my backpack (or purse when school is not in session) I keep an emergency bag of things that may come in handy to me, a friend, or a random somebody in my Spanish class.


  1. Tampon/Pad– This one is sort of a given and you NEVER know when it may strike anyone while wearing white jeans.
  2. Bandaids- Whether you get a paper cut in class or stab yourself with a knife, having a band-aid (or 10) never hurts
  3. Tide stick- I have a long history of spilling on myself and cleaning it right away prevents staining and people thinking that I  don’t know where my mouth is.
  4. Hand Sanitizer- For before you eat or you touched a foreign sticky substance.
  5. Tissues- For when September comes and literally everyone starts getting sick
  6. Chapstick- To prevent triple lip in winter months
  7. Writing utensil- For when you lose yours or that really attractive human next to you needs one
  8. Safety pins/bobbie pins- For bad hair days or when your clothes just aren’t cooperating (not pictured because I used the ones I had and my containers of them are already packed away)
  9. Hair ties- When its lab day and your usual hair is missing or it breaks
  10. Brush/Comb- for windy days or class after the gym

Another thing I like to keep in my backpack is a sweatshirt or something for if you have a large spill or its freezing in a lecture hall

What do you always have on you no matter what??


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