Back to school series: school year goals

Finishing up my back to school series by doing something I love making; lists of goals. Whenever I start something new; a year, a school, a job, etc. I love making a little set of goals for myself. Here are my goals for school this semester

  1. Go to the gym 6 days a week
  2. Drink 64oz of water daily
  3. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night- Usually, I’d want 8 but let’s be honest
  4. Finish all of my homework before the day it’s due- Usually pertaining to essays and studying
  5. Get 10,000 steps in daily- With my job on the opposite end of campus, this should be no problem
  6. Try not to skip class more than once a month- The goal is not missing at all but it’s bound to happen a few times a semester and that’s okay.
  7. Use my planner!
  8. Visit my professors at least once each- Nothing says dedicated like going to office hours no matter how small the question may seem
  9. Join an extracurricular  activity (or 6)- I’ve already got a few ones I I’d like to join, it just depends on whether or not they fit into my schedule
  10. Aim for Straight As
  11. Read a book or two that wasn’t assigned- I love reading but sometimes I find that Netflix and napping are higher on my list of priorities
  12. Save money

What are your goals for the next 6 months?


One thought on “Back to school series: school year goals

  1. Good luck!
    You remind me that “Go to professor office hour at least once” is a forever goal for me and I never did it in my college life and I kinda regret now XD
    For me, I want to workout 10 minute HIIT everyday!

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