Back to school series: guide to moving in

Officially one week until I leave for Ohio and 8 days until move in. In honor of this, I would like to share my guide to moving into college. Obviously, every college is different but I’ve talked to a few friends and we all agree that for the most part, these things are universal (at least at our schools). Move in can be a fun time but when you start to stress and your parent(s) does the same it can be less than enjoyable.


  1. Talk to your roommate(s) about what you are bringing- By doing this it can save you from having 2 printers or 2 vacuums or 2 of any bulk item really. Things like toilet paper and paper towels are fine to bring a lot of because they’re cheap, but why spend $200 on a printer when you don’t have to. Also, if your roommate is bringing something big offer to bring something else (my roommate is beginning a printer so I am bringing printer paper and ink).
  2. Talk to your roommate(s) about which side of the room you guys want- This may seem minuscule and odds are neither of you will care, however, trying to make a good first impression can set the tone for the entire year. Always be considerate to your roommate, even with the small things.
  3. Check before you arrive to see if your dorm has an elevator– This will drastically change how you pack. If your dorm has an elevator, odds are you can use bins to haul up all of your stuff to your dorm. However, if your dorm does not have one, you may want to enlist your siblings to come with and to pack a heck of a lot lighter.
  4. Check what you can put on your walls- Will command strips stick? Can you use nails? How much of your walls can be covered? All of these are really good questions to ask when packing for school and avoiding fees at the end of the year.
  5. Bring a door stop- If your door automatically locks, this makes it easier and quicker to open it with constant trips to and from the car. Also, if you keep your door open, people can stop and say hi while moving in so you can make a few new friends.
  6. Get there early- The earlier you arrive on campus, the fewer people that are there so you get first dibs on the move in carts and the elevator. Also, you’ll be done sooner which means you can relax and hang out with your family before they leave.
  7. Pack smartly- Pack desk items together, pack toiletries together, etc. It will make the unpacking and moving in a lot less painful if everything is sorted and neatly in its own place.
  8. Put your bedding on last- When you’re moving in, and your roommates are also moving in, the floor is not a safe space to put your things.When I moved in at San Diego, I threw everything on my bed and then unpacked accordingly. When I was done unpacking, I put my bedding on and then I’m all ready to relax… I mean study.

What other move in tips do you have to make move in day a breeze?


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