Ways to my heart

Despite today being my least favorite holiday on the planet, Jenny over at sitbackandjustlive made a post about some ways to her heart, and because I definitely related to a few of them, I thought I would make one too, cough cough at all of you potential boyfriends out there, read on.

  1.  You love my dog/my dog loves you: While I don’t have a dog right now, I will at some point and I heard once that dogs are the best judge of character. Basically, if my dog doesn’t love you, you have to go. And if you don’t like my dog, just move along. adorable-cute-funny-dog-puppy-animated-gif-35
  2. We have the same/similar Political Views: Basically, if you voted for Trump or accept him as a president, I can’t date you.
  3. Food:This is pretty self-explanatory. Food makes everyone happygiphy-1
  4. Take candid or not so candid photos of me: I need a boyfriend who does this, hell I need friends that do this because my Instagram feed does not have nearly enough pictures of me being uncandidly candid on it.
  5. You know my Starbucks Order: I have 4 Starbucks orders, which can be difficult, but they switch from the seasons, so as long as I get something close, I’ll love you forever.giphy

Well, these are the ways to my heart, what are the ways to yours?


10 thoughts on “Ways to my heart

  1. #4 Is the absolute best!!!! Right, like it should be known as a boyfriend/best friend that you need to be my professional photographer and snap some cute candid’s that I can post LOL I’m with you girlie!!!! Thanks so much for linking back to my post- love itttt xoxoxoxo

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  2. *cough* *cough* I’m good on everything besides #1, being I’m not a dog guy.

    For me…books, NFL football, food, and Fall Out Boy.


      1. Ok I get that, I am definitely more a big dog person myself. And that’s pretty tough but I’d have to say Young Volcanoes or Sugar, We’re Goin Down!

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      2. Yeah. Most people it’s Sugar, or Dance, Dance. My personal faves are Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes and This Ain’t a Scene, but yeah…I’m a little surprised.

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