A trip to Bobcat nation

Hi everyone, well as I mentioned in a few of my most recent posts, I had a visit at Ohio University on Monday. My dad and I left for Ohio bright and early Sunday morning for the six and a half hour drive to Athens.

Now for those of you who live in the Midwest of the States, you can probably feel my pain on any long drive. There is nothing to look at except for corn, and when it isn’t the season for corn, you see dirt and the occasional small city with a population of 17. So, those six or so hours were agonizingly boring, however, we were able to boost the mood by listening to music and spotting some cows, horses, llamas, and the occasional cool barn. When we were about an hour or so away from Athens we began to see some hills and really cool rock forms on the side of the hill because we were getting closer to the Appalachian mountains. So, the end was at least pretty.

When we arrived in Athens, we checked into our hotel, stretched out for a bit because after driving for 7 hours all you want to do is get out of that damn car, and then left again to check out Athens.

Athens is a weird city. It has that small town feel but since it is also a college town, a ton of people live there. However, there wasn’t a Target so hypothetically if I attend that school, I’m going to have to deal with WalMart and Aldi, which isn’t great, but I’ll live.

I really didn’t feel like walking around, since we were getting a tour the next day, so my dad and I drove around the entire campus and then around Athens. This campus is very car accessible, meaning we could get to almost any point on campus by car (we later learned this is partially due to the 40 residence halls located all across campus), so we did. We drove all over campus and the surrounding area multiple times, checking out the football stadium, convocation center, the rec center, the student union, and a bunch of other buildings I don’t remember.

Although some of the buildings are over 200 years old, they are all in remarkable shape. The campus also has its original cobblestone roads from 200 years ago as well. My dad didn’t like driving on them, but they do add to the beauty and character of the campus.

After we drove around in circles, squares, triangles, ovals, and more, we decided to make our way to a Ruby Tuesday (which had one vegan option other than the salad bar) and then back to the hotel.

Convocation Center Parking lot at sunset.

The next morning was the day of our tour, meeting with an undergraduate advisor, and then another 7 hours drive back home. The tour was super laid back, as was our tour guide because it was a tour of solely transfer students (me and another girl) and our parents. It was nice not to have to be with all of the incoming freshmen because we didn’t have to listen to their questions about shower shoes, and the freshman 15. We were able to see the library, the union, some other class and admin buildings, and then 2 dorms, an older dorm and a newer dorm, however, they were both in impeccable shape, no matter the year they were built.

The walk back to our car. Didn’t get too many photos but the buildings are lovely

After our tour was over, we waited for the admissions advisor, which was sort of pointless. I thought she was going to have some information for me but it was basically just me thinking of random questions that I had already googled or could easily google. Nevertheless, she did give me a few resources to check out as I await for my big envelope in the mail, so it wasn’t terrible.

See you (hopefully) soon Athens 🙂

After that, we got in the car, stopped at a gas station and were homebound. And after countless wrecks, a closed highway, a detour, and a few wrong turns (thank you apple maps) we were home with a big decision to make.

We may have had a 20 mile detour but the sunset was well worth it

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