An oldie but a goodie: Homemade Valentines

Hi everyone, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, my least favorite holiday, I have decided that I would make some fun homemade Valentines for some super cool people; dogs, my sister, some friends, etc. Before I start this post, I figured I would give you all a little college update: Literally right after I posted my college update post I got an email saying I was accepted into DePaul University and then the next night I checked my Ohio University application and saw that I was also accepted. I AM OFFICIALLY GOING TO COLLEGE. I still have to visit Ohio (tomorrow) and compare financial options but at least I have options.

I mentioned that I missed making homemade Valentines with glitter and doilies and glue and messes and my sister and mom agreed. So, my mom and I raided the $1 section of Target, or as we like to call it the “don’t need anything but want everything” section and got some doilies, glitter, stickers, and some other cheap Valentine making pieces and got to work.


I honestly forgot how fun it was to make Valentines and how much it makes people smile receiving them. It’s one thing to send someone a text saying Happy Valentine’s Day, or to buy those pre-made Spongebob Valentines to bring to school, but sitting down and placing stickers delicately on a doily and then writing ever so neatly a few sweet words and topping it off with glitter is: A. So much more sentimental and B. So much more fun.

Now, while I attempt to get as much of the glitter remnants out of my tablecloth and clothes before I give up and just throw them in the washer, enjoy some photos of the Valentine’s my sister and I made this year for our family and friends.

Our mess of a table
All of the glitter that didn’t make it onto the Valentines
The Valentine’s I made



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