College update post Part… no clue

Hi, everyone. Well, with Peru approaching and then summer and then oh yeah, college, I have my decision narrowed down to two schools; Ohio University and Depaul University. I have yet to be admitted into either school because my high school screwed up my transcript requests and I wasted $18 for them to lose my forms so my applications weren’t finished until like a week ago… anyway, I am visiting Ohio on the 13th, and can really visit DePaul whenever since it’s so close.

As far as I know, I would be down with attending either school, and not that this is impacting my decision at all, Ohio is in the top 5 vegan-friendly universities in the country, something I hadn’t found out until I was exploring the campus’ website the other day.

Anyway, they both have a plethora of majors, because I have decided that I can’t choose what I want to do, because I want to do everything. I am a ‘Renaissance Man Woman’ wannabe. However, for when I change my major 85 times I’ll have the ability to because both schools have far more than that.

I’m visiting Ohio on a school day, and I really hope to do the same with DePaul because I feel that this is how you get a feel for the campus. When you can see all of the people you will be attending school with, you can see if you fit well on that campus.

When I visited San Diego State, I fell in love with the campus, from the smooth Spanish curves of the buildings, to the swaying palms, and how the sun cast so gorgeously across the entire campus.

What I didn’t see were the students. I visited the campus over my spring break, which coincidentally was their spring break as well. I didn’t get to gauge the student body and stalking the school’s Instagram’s page doesn’t do the best job.

When I got to State, I realized that I didn’t fit in with the student body, and I may have chosen a different school in the first place had I seen the school as a whole.

Basically, I just need to get accepted into the schools, figure out how much money I get from either school and then pick one (unless there is only one option, but I don’t really think there will be).

So, I’ll talk later about how my Ohio visit was and then my application status of both schools as I hear.

Until then,

I’ll be here, waiting to get out of this stuffy house and back to school before I claw my own eyes out. Whoever told me that once I took a break from school I would never want to go back, must never have taken a break from school themselves.


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