A letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

Today is your last day as the President of the United States. I can’t begin to wrap my head around that. That tomorrow, you, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Bo, and Sunny will no longer be the first family and will no longer live in the White House.

I was 11 when you were elected. I sat on my couch, watching as the votes began to add up, as you took quite a lead over John McCain. My mother was walking around the house, excited, and my dad took no interest in the matter, typical.

I still have the newspaper from when they announced you as President. I’ll always keep it. You were the first black president, and dear lord I hope not the last. I remember going to school the next day and you being the talk of the town. Everyone was talking about you. You were everywhere. In my English class, in my social studies class, even in my science class. You were the shiny new toy everyone had to talk about.

I remember the day you were inaugurated. The 8th-grade social studies teacher invited the entire school into the auditorium to sit on the creaky, old, wooden, and broken seats, as he projected the inauguration onto the stage. I don’t remember what you said, I don’t remember what anyone said, but I remember that my heart fluttered when you said, “So help me God.” You became the 44th president of these United States that I had called home for the past 11 years. I didn’t know who you were, I didn’t know your policies, but I had an inkling that your time as president would be one for the books.

Flash forward to today. You have accomplished so much. After 8 years of this country crumbling to pieces, you had 8 years to fix a broken nation. A broken nation in need of dire help. You came in, picked up the pieces of the country you had called home for so long and began to rebuild. You began with reversing the Bush torture policies, which we all know desperately needed to be removed. You kept going with passing the Affordable Care Act and Wall Street reform. Not to mention repealing the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy and ended the war in Iraq. You acknowledged that veterans are important and passed bills to help support every last one of them. You appointed the first ever Hispanic Supreme Court Justice and you were the first president in decades to completely avoid a scandal.

After your presidency Gay marriage is legal. The housing market is doing better, and you have begun aiding in combating global warming. You have done so much for this country and I am forever grateful for you and your time in office.

While there are many people that didn’t approve of you and are going to nitpick each and every move you or your family makes, there are so many that love you and so many that will be sad to see you go. I am one of those, One of those people who will be forever grateful for all you did for women, blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQIA+ and other minorities alike.

You have been a ray of sunshine in this dark dark time we live in and I am deeply saddened that you are leaving. I will miss your sense of humor and your love for not only the country but for your family and everyone you meet. I will miss you dearly but I know you have so many things left to accomplish in your lifetime.

Thank you Barack Obama, for giving me hope for the past 8 years and for years to come.

14 thoughts on “A letter to President Obama

  1. Thank you for this! 😀 Though not all of his policies were successful, a good number of them were. He’s done so much for this country and I’m just so sad to see him go. He and his wonderful family will definitely be missed ❤

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    1. His policies were bad for America and for We the People. Obama was a HORRIBLE president. A dismal Failure. Thank GOD that We the People overwhelmingly VOTED for DONALD J. TRUMP. He has already done far more in one month then that Failure of a pRESIDENT we had in office for 8 years! The Progressive Liberal Domestic Terrorists Polices were REJECTED. It’s going to be a GREAT 8 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Not to be rude but fuck off. I don’t need you flooding my notifications with your close minded bullshit. I’m sorry you felt the need to type out all of this because it’s so much easier for me to delete your rude and unnecessary comments than it took you to write all three of them. I stated in many of my posts that if you don’t agree with my views to leave and it seems you, much like our president can’t fucking read so you have a good life with no healthcare, no diversity, and no education. I’ll be here for the next 4 years (not 8, mind you) protesting and standing up for what I know is right.


      2. Also, little fun fact for you. Donald trump lost the popular vote by over 2 million voteds. I don’t think the people overwhelmingly voted for him but nice try


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