Things that are keeping me happy during these times

2020 has been a crazy time filled with disease, riots, natural disasters, etc. I am fortunate enough that I can take a break from these things [Black people never get a break from fighting for their rights, sick people don’t get a break from being sick, etc.]. When life is too hectic or the news is too upsetting to watch, I need something to keep my spirits high in these times of uncertainty.

I’ve been baking bread, gardening, reading, writing, drawing, whatever I can to take up my time, and not just watch TV and scroll through TikTok. I’ve been trying to find things to keep my spirits up and to keep me busy. Here are some of my favorite things! Let me know yours in the comments below.

  1. Drawing – I’ve recently started drawing and while I’m next to terrible at it right now, it’s something I find to be really fun. I’m working on drawing animals [elephants are easiest for me], RedBubble sticker themed drawings [iykyk], and the human body. Like I said, I’m not great, but it’s something for me to do.
  2. Baking – I’ve been doing an awful lot of baking recently. From bread [oh yes] to dog treats, I’ve made it all. It keeps me busy and it gives me something to look forward to once all the work is done!

  3. Walking – Getting outside other than when walking my dog is HARD. I have a huge backyard which I love to spend time in, however, my neighbor’s house is undergoing construction and there are a plethora of middle-aged men in the yard next to me five days a week making it hard to enjoy being out there. I’ve been trying to go on walks during the week, sometimes bringing my sister with, just to get out of the house!IMG_9052
  4. Gardening – I have my own garden this summer! I built a raised garden bed and I planted everything over the past few weeks. This will give me something to be accountable for [weeding, watering, harvesting, etc.] and I can’t wait to grow my own food!
  5. Writing – I’ve been writing a bit lately. I want to write a book so I’m doing a bit more of fictional work than blogging but it’s still something J

What has been keeping everyone happy recently?

❤ Alicia

23 things I’ve learned in 23 years

Happy Friday! It’s June 12th which means it’s my 23rd birthday! This has been by far the craziest year of my life and there were a few times I didn’t know if I’d make it through. Despite all this, I’ve learned the most in these past 365 days and I wanted to share that with everyone.

  1. Go with the flow – If this year has taught me anything, it’s that I have to go with the flow. From my purse getting stolen in Spain to the coronavirus canceling my Greece trip to not having graduation, and everything in between, just take a deep breath, let it all out, and move on. Obviously, you can be angry that not everything works out, but it’s a part of life. Everything will work out in the end.
  2. Ditching people based on their pollical views is totally fine – Black Lives Matter has been prevalent for years [however, now a lot more people are using their voice either for or against the movement], and either you believe that Black Lives Matter or you’re racist. There’s no neutral, no grey area, etc. I’m not friends with people that don’t believe in basic human rights. Not sorry.
  3. Friends that can’t communicate aren’t friends you want – I’ve had my own troubles with communicating in the past but I’m too grown to have to question if someone wants to be your friend if someone is mad at you etc. If you can’t be real with a friend why are you even friends?
  4. Splurge on things you love – Not everyday of course, but it’s okay to treat yourself to things you love every once in a while
  5. Getting into a routine is the best thing you can do or yourself – Because of quarantine, I was in a rut. I forced myself to get into a healthy routine and it’s been the best thing I ever could have done for myself. I feel better and more accomplished with what I get done in a day.
  6. Absorb everything – There are so many opinions, sides of stories, etc. out there. Absorb as much as you can and figure out your opinion that way. Don’t read or watch one thing and think you know everything. It doesn’t work that way.
  7. Live life with no regrets
  8. Be yourself – Do what you want, make decisions based on what you want not others and watch how your life changes
  9. Try new things – Try baking, give drawing a go. Even if you aren’t inherently good at something doesn’t mean you won’t find something you like in the process.
  10. You have to learn to love yourself – This is something I’m still working on but it’s the best journey I’ve ever been on.
  11. Travel – I’ve learned more from traveling than I ever have in a classroom.
  12. Crying in public is okay – Reference #1. I’ve cried on a train from Madrid to Toledo, I’ve cried in bars in Athens, and the Thessaloniki airport. It’s okay. No one cares.
  13. There’s a lot of hate in this world
  14. There’s a lot of love in this world too
  15. I deserve to live – there’s nothing like living out your dreams, graduating college, and getting ready to live out more dreams that really get you to know your worth
  16. I’m stronger than I know
  17. Losing a pet can be harder than losing a person – My gecko got murdered [rip] by my roommate’s gecko while I was in Greece and I was devastated
  18. Everyone needs to know how to cook
  19. I’m okay on my own – Living alone and being single [haha] isn’t always so fun. However, I’m fully capable of doing both
  20. I have no idea what my future holds – there are so many options and I’d be happy with any of them, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see
  21. I want to do everything
  22. I learn more from my students than they learn from me – All of my time in Greece taught me just how much I have to learn and how much they can teach me
  23. I have so much to learn

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

So so so so much love,

Alicia ❤

Coconut Bowl Review

Disclosure: some of  the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you,
I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Hi all, I hope social distancing is going well for everyone! During this whole crazy time, I’ve been doing a bit of online shopping, like many others. Instagram ads really are getting the best of me [three of my recent purchases have been because of an Instagram ad haha] and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what I’ve been buying because reviews are IMMENSELY important to me before making a purchase, especially to ensure that I’m not being scammed by random sites!

One of my most recent purchases has been a Coconut Bowl. Coconut bowls are handcrafted coconuts turned into bowls based out of Australia. Coconut everything has been all the rage [coconut candy, oil, milk, etc.] but the outside of the coconut often goes unnoticed and is discarded. Coconut Bowls offer a sustainable use for the shell of the coconut and have turned them into bowls and candles made completely of coconut. They also sell cookbooks, bamboo straws, reusable bags, and wooden silverware to eat from your bowl with.


I honestly just wanted the cookbook, because I can always use a new recipe or two, but with how cute the bowl was, I had to get one to show off my creations in.

I ordered a set of one bowl + one spoon as well as the vegan cookbook. The bowl and spoon came within 2 days of ordering which I was pleasantly surprised by. My cookbook is a PDF because I prefer to view recipes from my device rather than have them out in a book.

The bowl was wrapped up, along with my spoon, accompanied by a thank you card saying to follow on social media and a discount on my next purchase. Everything came in one piece and the packaging was safe and secure!

The bowl is great as is the spoon. I use them both all the time although, I did hear a crack in my bowl after I put really hot food in it [I can’t see a crack so I’m not sure where it is]. The cookbook is phenomenal. There are all sorts of recipes [all that can go in a bowl] ranging from breakfasts to desserts and everything in between. My favorite so far is the sweet potato mac and cheese because it combines my favorite things in one I’ve been using the cookbook whenever I’m feeling something new and modifying when I need to go grocery shopping. If I lived on my own, I’d definitely go with their eco starter set [or 2 of them] because that comes with two bowls, two forks, two spoons, and two bamboo straws. However, since it was my first purchase, I wanted to make a small purchase in case I wasn’t a fan. If you choose to make a purchase, use code: Alicia-10 for 10% off your order!

Even if you don’t decide to purchase from Coconut Bowls, give them a follow on Instagram. Their whole feed makes you feel like you’re in Hawaii on a beach, not stuck in your house quarantining.

What are your favorite sustainable household items?

Alicia ❤

Trying one new thing a day

Throughout the month of May, I had been working on keeping my mental health higher than the bare minimum [aka what happens when I lounge around and do nothing all day]. Nothing gets my serotonin levels as high as when I’m doing something new. I made a pact at the end of April to do one new thing a day for each day in May. I recommend everyone do this as well because you get to try new things and might find a new hobby! Here’s my new thing a day for May, let me know what new things you’ve tried since quarantine!

May 1- Make bread [soda bread]

May 2 – Build my garden [I made a raised bed using cinder blocks]

May 3 – Started a sourdough bread starter [it failed but I started it haha]

May 4 – Make whipped coffee [or the Greek frappe]

May 5 – Accepted a job! [headed to Spain]

May 6 – Made dog biscuits

May 7 – Started drawing

May 8 – Tried graphic art

May 9 – Moved out of my college apartment

May 10 – Took college graduation pictures

May 11 – Applied for my teacher license

May 12 – Became a brand ambassador [Orgain protein… use code LIVINGOFFLEESH30 for 30% off your order hehe]

May 13 – cleaned out my linen closet [I found expired shampoo from 2006…]

May 14 – Started using bar shampoo [I’m trying to lessen my plastic consumption]

May 15 – Wore shorts outside! [I’m v self-conscious of my legs so this was a huge milestone]

May 16 – Added soil to my garden + added plants

May 17 – Got short hair [for the first time since 8th grade]

May 18 – I learned to cut a watermelon [this was actually a big accomplishment]

May 19 – Went through everything I own

May 20 – Planned all my blog content for the whole summer!

May 21 – Made monkey bread

May 22 – Merged my college and home rooms successfully

May 23 – Planted seeds in my garden

May 24 – Had a picnic

May 25 – Started a workout program

May 26 –  Tried the VEGAN Dilly Bar

May 27 – Rebranded my blog

May 28 – Made a tofu scramble [one that actually tasted good]

May 29 – Celebrated my sister’s high school graduation

May 30 – Worked out consistently for one week! [I’ve been all over the place s this was HUGE]

May 31 – Only had 1 hour of screen time

Some of these weren’t super new but were things I hadn’t done in ages so it was nice to revisit some old things I’d done in the past

Let me know if you try some new things in June

❤ Alicia

I graduated college!

I have so many things I want to write about and have gotten a ton of motivation to do so recently. However, my laptop has officially gone to shit so I’ve created a new nook in my room at my desk [after rearranging all of my furniture… a very typical high school Alicia move] for writing at my desktop. Albeit more difficult for me here, I spent most of my laptop owning days lounging on my couch and writing as well as watching TV and talking to people, I think this change in scenery [my neighbor’s house midst consturction] will be good for me.

So… I graduated college? Technically, I’m a college grad but due to coronavirus and the actual ceremony being postponed indefinitely, it doesn’t feel like it. Nevertheless, my Instagram bio now says “OU alum” so obviously it’s official 😉 I’m also heading back to Athens this weekend to move out of my apartment which will, of course, entail taking some graduation photos and crying on every part of campus. What screams college grad more than this scenario?

Posting this is beyond weird for me. I started this blog almost five years ago [how??] when I was a wee little freshman in college. Now, I’m a college graduate [sorry I’ve said college graduate like twelve times I’m just proud]. This blog was created to document my college experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Little did I know I’d still have it almost five years later and I’d be documenting my college graduation.

When I first started this blog, I was pretty positive I’d be leaving San Diego, but I had thought I’d be moving to Phoenix to go to Arizona State University to study chemical engineering. I only thought about SDSU and ASU because I wanted to be closer to my then best friend [funny what’s important to your 18-year-old self haha]. Little did I know I’d be transferring to a school much closer to home [and a hell of a lot colder] to study Spanish and Education.

And as of Saturday, I am officially an alumna of Ohio University, with a double major in Spanish Education and Spanish Language who will most likely be taking a teaching position in Galicia, Spain, or the upcoming school year 🙂 

As for the fate of this blog, I’m going to keep her alive, documenting all my post-grad endeavors of course, because nothing is more me than that. 🙂

All the love,


A thank you letter to Athens, Ohio

For one city to change your life, it has to be pretty magical. Little did I know, three years ago, when I chose to transfer to Ohio University to pursue a degree in Spanish Education, just how much magic this little city in Southeastern Ohio had. 

I didn’t have a traditional senior year, not in the slightest, and, if I had it my way, I’d be getting ready to graduate right about now, probably reminiscing on college memories with my friends. Instead, I’m crying at my desk in Chicago. Funny how life has different intentions than our own. Despite this, I still have a lot I want to say to that magical city before I’m technically a graduate. 

There’s so many people, restaurants, homes, dorms, etc. that I could thank but there aren’t nearly enough words in the English language to thank each of them for all they’ve done for me… but I’ll try. 

To Adams Hall, when I first moved into my dorm on August 25th, 2017 I was absolutely scared out of my mind. Going away to college once was a lot to handle… but twice! I didn’t think I could do it. Thankfully, room 143 blessed me with the absolute best roommate a girl could ask for and to this day is still one of my closest friends. Although we didn’t talk much junior year [no thanks to either of us], I’m so glad we rekindled our friendship senior year because a friend like Olivia only comes once in a lifetime. If I ever need a late night run to Walmart for a fish or to find a roomie if I ever move to LA, Olivia is my girl. Thank you Adams Hall. 

To the Patton College of Education, I never knew if I wanted to be a teacher… If I’m being honest, I’m still not 100% sure and now I have a degree! Nevertheless, you gave me some of the best professors and classmates to prepare me to become a teacher. Anna, Paige, Sara, and Maddie were the biggest help in getting me across this finish line. Long nights of group projects, studying for exams, and the longest portfolios ever were made possible because of these people. Anne Scott, however, is the real reason I’m ready to be a teacher. No one has ever believed in me the way Anne does. She is a gift to this university and I’m so fortunate to have met her. Thank you PCOE.

To McCracken Hall, some of my latest nights were spent here. As much as I hate to admit that, they were. Thank you for being arguably the best and nicest building on campus with the best study rooms which definitely got their use out of me. I’m glad to never use one again, but I appreciated the resource when I needed it. Thank you McCracken Hall. 

To the Office of Global Opportunities, most college students don’t get to study abroad once, let alone twice. I’m forever grateful for both my Spain trip as well as the COST program and learned more about myself and the world abroad than I ever did in any classroom. Thank you for giving me Mary, Allyssa, Kayla, Rory, Alejo, and so many others. You don’t meet people as good as them very often. Thank you OGO.

To Donkey Coffee, I spent a lot more time here than I ever did in any class [or anywhere for that matter]. From CHAARG coffee dates, to Sunday study seshes with my gorls, and even first dates, you were always there with a red iced tea and a vegan chocolate cherry cookie when I needed one. I’ll be back one last time to spend all my donkey points 🙂 Thank you Donkey Coffee.

To Boyd Market, I mean… where do I even begin? I met some of my best friends through this on-campus job that I only applied to because OU claimed it was the most vegan friendly place on campus. Some of my best times were spent inside of Boyd Market from finding dead birds behind Smooth Moves, writing the newsletter, making Tik Toks, register 1 tea parties, and of course WORKING [on occasion]. I never would have met my Boyd bestie Olivia, which would have meant I would have been drunk a significantly less amount than I was. To the Boyd student leaders, thank you for welcoming me into the group, always being down to hear gossip, making Tik Toks, taking pictures, and going to  PigSkin and Overhang. I’m forever grateful for all of you. Thanks BM 😉

To CHAARG, thank you for saving my life. I was in a terrible place when I got to OU and you really helped me get out of it. Not necessarily by yourself, but by giving me mental health resources, my best friends in the entire world, and an all around lovely [usually] community to send wine drunk videos in the group chat or make fun of myself whenever deemed necessary. Thank you for teaching me how to be a leader and deal with shitty people. Thank you for teaching me how to take a stand for what I believe in and to never back down. I am who I am today largely due to CHAARG and I’m forever indebted to this wonderful org. Thank you CHAARG. 

To 14M, the best apartment and roomie combo you could ever have hoped for. I treasure our nights spent in the living room watching The Good Place [much to Liz’ shagrin], listening to our good vibe playlists, and our Homecoming and Santa Fest gatherings. I wish we could have built the gingerbread houses. Sorry I spoke to the ceiling in Spanish 😉 Liz and Anna, I love you both. 14M, keep the next gen girls in good hands. [also I included Kelsey in this section and you know why hehe].


To my gorls, I know we all aren’t the closest right now, but that doesn’t change how much each of you mean to me. All five of you helped me make it through college in one piece thanks to our donkey dates, Biddle study nights, every CHAARG event, post CHAARG dins at Shively, the choffice, and Harbour the Band concerts. Kenzie, I’m so excited for you to go to LA and make it big in the film industry. Don’t forget me when you’re famous. Jess, you’re going to be the best journalist to walk this planet and I’m glad you’re following your dreams and not going to Law school rn. There’s always time to be Elle Woods another time 😉 Hannah, you are one of the most kind and beautiful souls I know and I’m honestly honored to be your friend. I’m so proud that you’re graduating a semester early and I know no matter where you end up, you’ll succeed at whatever you do. Grace, oh Grace, I’m sorry I didn’t follow you back when we were bolt babes lol but look at us now! I’m so proud to be your friend and to cheer you on from the sideline for all of your victories from LVNG Limitess, By Her For Her, BackDrop, Cincy Mag, and whatever else along the way that you take on. You’re going to be a phenomenal journalist and I can’t wait to keep reading everything you write. Finally, Sami, I’m not too sure what happened to us but I’ll always consider you one of the best friends I’ve ever had. From bonding over One Direction, to you being in my small group, to getting a job at Boyd and everything that went with that, I’m always glad that I was in your life for at least a bit, even if that’s over [I honestly don’t know if it is l o l]. I love all five of you with my whole heart and I’ll never forget any of you. Much love for my gorls. 

Finally to Athens Ohio, five semesters in the best city is not nearly enough. Thank you for packing my five semesters full of great people, places, and memories. Athens has truly shaped me into who I am today and I would be nowehere without at least one of the things I mentioned above. Although my time in Athens is coming to a close, I’m fully prepared for wherever the wind takes me. Thank you for that, Athens. 


Much love, Alicia

Wanting to do nothing and everything all at once

It’s day 19 [or is it 91…?] of quarantine [since I’ve gotten home from Greece] and much like everyone else, I’m bored out of my mind. 24 hours in a day. I could have [should have] picked up a new hobby, a few new skills, written pages and pages, worked out every day and tons more. What have I done? Sat on my couch and played Mario Kart. I have to admit, I’ve walked my dog a time or two each day, written a bit, applied to jobs, gone through literally everything I own to discard, donate and keep, as well as worked on my last two classes that I have work for. I still feel unfulfilled. I want to accomplish the world in these next few weeks, but I also have no motivation to do anything. I have, however, been working on a few ways to keep myself away from screens [excluding blank word documents hehe] and doing things that are in fact actually productive. Are they always working? Of course not, so I’d love to hear what you’re doing in this mess to keep your spirits high and your productivity up.

  1. Maintaining a sleep schedule- After finally adjusting back to Central time, I knew I had to get into a sleep routine. I aim to go to bed at around 9:30 and wake up around 6:30-7. On weekends I sleep in and go to bed a bit later, but that’s the same as what I would do during work/school.
  2. Eating at the same time each day – When I first got home, I was eating breakfast some days at 7am, some at 11am. Lunch would be at noon or 4pm. And dinner might be at 5pm or 9pm. I can’t really control dinner since everyone in my family eats at the same time. However, I can control when I eat my other two meals. I try to eat around 9am and 1:30pm and dinner is usually around 6pm. This keeps my schedule the same every day which is nice to have.
  3. DO something creative every day- Whether it be writing, journaling, coloring a mandala, doing something creative gets me actually doing something and keeps me focused. You won’t catch me coloring outside of the lines now or anytime soon.
  4. Moving my body – Whether I’m doing yoga, running, going for a walk, or doing an early morning HIIT workout, doing anything to get my body moving even for 15 minutes if a good day. I’m taking my dog for a few walks each day so no matter what, I’m getting myself up and at ‘em.
  5. Getting OUTSIDE – Being in quarantine is no fun. Normally right now, I’d be wearing short sleeves walking to class, hammocking with my friends, and having coffee on the porch of my favorite coffee shop. However, I’m inside… CONSTANTLY. My walks with my dog [we get it! You have a dog] and even just taking the garbage out to the dumpster makes me remember that it’s SPRINGTIME and even if that means sitting in my backyard doing basically nothing, I still deserve to enjoy that nice springtime breeze and sunshine.

What are you doing to make these abnormal times seem a little bit more… normal?

❤ Alicia

Reflecting on my time in Greece

I’m officially home now, not jet-lagged, and readjusting to my schedule [or lack thereof] in America. I’m stuck at home, due to the forced self-quarantine after returning from a European country and I also cannot return to school [well I can but there’s no point since no one’s there] because school has been pushed to online learning for the rest of the semester. This whole coronavirus has absolutely shit on my senior year and I just want it to be over. I’m thankful, of course, that no one I know is sick and that I have adequate food, water, etc. [and toilet paper lol] at my disposal. However, I do wish I were still in Greece, just beginning my final week of teaching.

I miss Greece, I really do. I miss every single part of Thessaloniki, my school, all of it. I miss the everyday sunshine and I miss my balcony which gave me the perfect view of every sunrise and every sunset. I miss taking the bus to school even when it came 15 minutes late. I miss all of my students and I miss teaching them and talking to them about America and home and school and their home countries and literally anything and everything in between. I miss Thessaloniki. The city was my home for over two months and even though my time there was cut short I am so very appreciative of every single thing that it gave me.

I wish I could go back today. I’d hop on the next flight out of Chicago just to do it all again. I want to say goodbye to my students. I’m still heartbroken I didn’t get to. I wish I could drink one more frappe [I bought some coffee grounds to bring home but it’s not the same as from an authentic Greek café]. I wish I could walk along the seaside, smelling the salty air, feeling the wind in my face, while basking in the glory that is Mount Olympus.

Finally, I wish I could live alone again. It sucked while I was doing it, but I learned about myself and how to take care of myself which was more beneficial than anything else on that trip. I loved my cute little studio apartment with the smallest fridge and no washing machine.

Thessaloniki, I’ll be back one day. It might not be soon, unfortunately, but without a doubt, I’ll be back to see the White Tower, the Arch of Galerius, and Aristotelous Square, all while sipping on a frappe with a mediano amount of sugar, and eating Dolmathakias.

Much love to Thessaloniki and you all,

❤ Alicia

Explore: Amsterdam, Netherlands

While making my way through some new European countries, I was able to make a visit to the Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam. I’ve always loved seeing people go to Amsterdam and share photos of the beautiful architecture, the canals, and more, so I KNEW I had to visit this remarkable city.

I, of course, did the free walking tour of Amsterdam. This two and a half hour walking tour took us all around the canal belt, taking in the sites that Amsterdam has to offer. Through this tour, as always, I found places I wanted to revisit closer, as well as learned a lot. I found out that Amsterdam was built on a marsh and all of the buildings are built on top of 20-50 tree trunks that were pushed 10 meters or so into the ground. That is why a lot of the houses and buildings are basically sinking and some of the facades are leaning in all sorts of directions. In order to get this whole ordeal fixed [the government goes around weekly telling homeowners which homes need new foundations], you have to pay a mere 250,000-500,000 euros and move out of your house for roughly two years while the tree trunks are pulled up and replaced with steel beams. No wonder this country is one of the most expensive to live in. I loved visiting, but I definitely will not be moving here anytime soon.

Of all the things I enjoyed in Amsterdam, the flower market was by far my favorite. There’s something about thousands of beautiful tulips and other flowers that just gets me going. Besides the tulips and tons of other flowers at the market, there’s also bunches of souvenirs available that I had to browse through. I found a few postcards, a tulip bulb in a box, and then a man gave me some fake tulips for free. It was very beautiful and definitely a top recommendation of mine if you do visit Amsterdam.


When planning my trip to Amsterdam something that completely slipped my mind was that the Anne Frank house is in Amsterdam. On the walking tour, we walked right past it and then talked about the history of it and how tickets sell out four months in advance [so obviously I will have to return to the city because I didn’t get to enter the museum or house]. I’ve been a huge fan of the Anne Frank Diary ever since I read it as a child and felt very connected to her as well because we share a birthday, so I’ve always wanted to see the house and learn more about her life. If you are planning on going to Amsterdam and have any interest in going to Anne Frank’s house, make sure you get your ticket in advance and be sure to be respectful of everyone visiting.


The canal belt in Amsterdam is what the city is probably most famous for. Following the canal belt is an easy way to not get lost in the city because if you pick a canal and follow it, they all lead back to the main river, the Amster river. On the river as well, you can see some of Amsterdam’s most famous architecture, tons of houseboats [which cost upwards of 1,000,000 euros just to buy the spot on the water… not even the boat itself], and a hell of a lot of bikers [in the Netherlands, there are roughly 2 bikes for each person and it’s the most common mode of transportation], that yes, will hit you if given the opportunity. I loved walking along the canal belt, seeing all the birds, greenery, families on bikes and walking around, cute dogs, and of course, all the homes that were tilting every which way. I could have spent days walking along all the thousand or so canals in Amsterdam if given the opportunity.


Something that I knew but had completely slipped my mind until I arrived in Amsterdam, was the amount of marijuana that people smoke there. When the hippies arrived in the 1970s, bringing with them all sorts of drugs ranging from weed to heroine to LSD, the government knew they had to step in. They saw that some of the drugs were killing people and others weren’t, so, they made drugs that were killing people like meth and heroine illegal, and they ignored the drugs that weren’t causing death or addiction such as marijuana. So, while marijuana isn’t legal in Amsterdam, it also isn’t illegal and the police just bat an eye at people smoking, eating, and buying any weed because it’s not causing harm to anyone. “Coffee shops” in Amsterdam are the hot spots to buy marijuana and there are roughly 90 locations that are allowed to sell it. So, if that’s your thing, head to any tourist destination or a coffee shop and enjoy a bit of weed if you have time.


The English reformed church is another place that I would highly recommend visiting. Located by the Begijnhof, the English reformed church is one of the oldest buildings in Amsterdam that hundreds of secular nuns used to live in and that women still live in today. You can walk through the courtyard and admire the statues and greenery while still being considerate of those who are living there.

All in all, Amsterdam was absolutely stunning and didn’t rain at all while I was there, so I lucked out 110%. I can’t wait to go back, buy some flower seeds and a ticket to Anne Frank’s home.


What’s your favorite European city?

❤ Alicia

My skincare routine

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Something I’ve been a stickler about recently are my routines. I’ve perfected my morning and evening routines when I was in Greece and I couldn’t be prouder. One of the biggest routines I’ve made is my skincare routine.

Gone are the days of not taking my makeup off before going to bed and washing my face only when I’m in the shower. I’ve created my foolproof, all-natural, all vegan, and all sensitive skin approved skincare routine that I do twice a day.

The first part of this routine is wash my face. At night I just use a makeup remover and my take the day off washcloth. In the mornings I use the Earth Science Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser to wash my face. This is a very light, good scented, face wash that makes my skin glow as well as feel incredibly soft and clean. Plus, it’s great for dry and sensitive skin, both of which I have.


I next follow up with a toner. I use witch-hazel for this because it removes any leftover crap on my face as well as lighten up my skin. It keeps irritation on my face at a minimum as well as keeps my skin soft and pimple free.


I continue with rose water. I’ve been using rose water for a long long time and I think it really helps even out my skin tone. I have the reddest face usually, but the rose water keeps it toned down and a normal color. It also smells good and really perks me up in the morning.


Finally, I finish with the Everyone for Every Body Face Nourishing Moisturizer. I love the smell of this and the argan oil keeps my skin smooth and without any dry spots. I have a pretty oily T zone [thank you combination skin] so this keeps my dry skin supple but doesn’t make my oily spots unbearably oily. It’s a win-win.


I have only been using both my lotion and face wash for about a three months but I am having the best results with them both. I always struggle to choose and to maintain a lotion and face wash because my skin gets immune to them and either breaks out or remains dry. I will definitely update if I have the same effects with these but from what I’ve experienced so far, they are both working for me.

What do you use for skincare? Please tell me I love trying new things!!

❤ Alicia