Wanting to do nothing and everything all at once

It’s day 19 [or is it 91…?] of quarantine [since I’ve gotten home from Greece] and much like everyone else, I’m bored out of my mind. 24 hours in a day. I could have [should have] picked up a new hobby, a few new skills, written pages and pages, worked out every day and tons more. What have I done? Sat on my couch and played Mario Kart. I have to admit, I’ve walked my dog a time or two each day, written a bit, applied to jobs, gone through literally everything I own to discard, donate and keep, as well as worked on my last two classes that I have work for. I still feel unfulfilled. I want to accomplish the world in these next few weeks, but I also have no motivation to do anything. I have, however, been working on a few ways to keep myself away from screens [excluding blank word documents hehe] and doing things that are in fact actually productive. Are they always working? Of course not, so I’d love to hear what you’re doing in this mess to keep your spirits high and your productivity up.

  1. Maintaining a sleep schedule- After finally adjusting back to Central time, I knew I had to get into a sleep routine. I aim to go to bed at around 9:30 and wake up around 6:30-7. On weekends I sleep in and go to bed a bit later, but that’s the same as what I would do during work/school.
  2. Eating at the same time each day – When I first got home, I was eating breakfast some days at 7am, some at 11am. Lunch would be at noon or 4pm. And dinner might be at 5pm or 9pm. I can’t really control dinner since everyone in my family eats at the same time. However, I can control when I eat my other two meals. I try to eat around 9am and 1:30pm and dinner is usually around 6pm. This keeps my schedule the same every day which is nice to have.
  3. DO something creative every day- Whether it be writing, journaling, coloring a mandala, doing something creative gets me actually doing something and keeps me focused. You won’t catch me coloring outside of the lines now or anytime soon.
  4. Moving my body – Whether I’m doing yoga, running, going for a walk, or doing an early morning HIIT workout, doing anything to get my body moving even for 15 minutes if a good day. I’m taking my dog for a few walks each day so no matter what, I’m getting myself up and at ‘em.
  5. Getting OUTSIDE – Being in quarantine is no fun. Normally right now, I’d be wearing short sleeves walking to class, hammocking with my friends, and having coffee on the porch of my favorite coffee shop. However, I’m inside… CONSTANTLY. My walks with my dog [we get it! You have a dog] and even just taking the garbage out to the dumpster makes me remember that it’s SPRINGTIME and even if that means sitting in my backyard doing basically nothing, I still deserve to enjoy that nice springtime breeze and sunshine.

What are you doing to make these abnormal times seem a little bit more… normal?

❤ Alicia