Spring bucket list

Ok, now back to your usual content… all things Spring!

Keep an eye out the next few days for a pretty large life update. Until then, I wanted to share my Spring bucket list with you all!

  1. Do some Spring cleaning- My parents are coming next weekend to visit and I’m going to have them take home everything I don’t use/don’t plan on using for the rest of the semester so there are fewer things we have to bring home in May
  2. Go kayaking (and don’t fall in)
  3. Go to Athen’s farmers market- this is something I told myself I would do since August and I still haven’t. I really want to check it out and see what this all has to offer.
  4. Visit a conservatory- Conservatories make me so happy with all of the lush green, flowers, flowing water, and breathing is sooo nice I love it.
  5. Complete a 5k- This may not happen in the spring because I have yet to sign up for one but I do want to complete a 5k because the last time I did was 4 years ago?
  6. Create a journal- My sister has this really cool leather (hoping faux) bound journal that she writes in, draws in, and puts magazine clippings in and it looks so cool and I want to make something similar!
  7. Go to a concert- my roommate and one of our friends are planning on going to an AJR concert in a few weeks!
  8. Finish this semester strong- I currently have straight As so with one final push in these next 5 weeks I’m sure my grades and future self will thank me.
  9. Have a bonfire- there is something so relaxing about bonfires on crisp nights when it’s still light out and that’s one thing I cannot wait for when I get home
  10. Get my nails done- After a long long year, this is something I totally deserve and yes. I’m going to ‘treat myself”
  11. Ride my bike
  12. Go to a baseball game
  13. Have a great 21st birthday!

What are on your Spring bucket lists?

❤ Alicia ❤

4 thoughts on “Spring bucket list

  1. We have a thing is Eastern Nebraska called Junkstock. I really want to go this Spring. Other than a few things for myself, it’s mostly working on stuff for my house. Finishing the basement…maybe start the deck on the back of the house lol things that need to be done… Annoying adult stuff that needs to be done.

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  2. I’ve been meaning to visit my somewhat local botanical gardens in Kew (London) for the longest time, but I’m most certainly going to make it happen before June! I usually go to gigs quite often, but my next one isn’t until June, but I’m so excited. Until then, I just really need to focus on meeting my university deadlines.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

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  3. I love reading posts like this! They’re always so enjoyable to read. I think above all I just want to celebrate my birthday this year. Last year my birthday was right inbetween finals and I wasn’t feeling my birthday AT ALL. And it’s a shame because it was my 18th. So hopefully I get to make up for it this spring!

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