The joys of spring cleaning

Happy Monday everyone! This upcoming weekend my family will be heading down to visit me for Mom’s weekend. Because of this, I’m going to be sending some things home so that my dad’s car isn’t packed to the brim as it was when I was moving in. Before Spring break and since returning my roommate and I have cleaning quite a bit and I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about Spring cleaning.

  1. Feeling instantly like you have your shit together- there is something about vacuuming and swiffering that makes me feel like I have my entire life together. Until I do, doing these things often will suffice.
  2. Feeling cleaner in general- The smell of cleaning supplies will always make me feel clean. Even if I literally just wiped down my desk with a Clorox wipe, I immediately feel like I just bathed in hand sanitizer
  3. Finding old things you forgot you had- Just last week I found a shirt I thought I’d lost when doing laundry and it’s always nice to find things you thought you’d never seen again.
  4. I can breathe better- Dust, mold, etc. can build up after a while and just cleaning it up and opening a window I can immediately breathe better and what’s nicer than that?
  5. I get motivated- with the end of the semester hitting me like a ton of bricks and completely questioning my education (coming soon) something as simple as cleaning up my bedroom can make me feel motivated to finish this semester strong and not give up.

Do you guys like Spring cleaning? Why?

❤ Alicia ❤

5 thoughts on “The joys of spring cleaning

  1. I love spring cleaning! Nothing better than that clean feeling, especially if I do it before I need to start doing homework or studying, just makes it even more satisfying. Clorox just recently came out with a lavender version of wipes and they smell AMAZING. I love lavender so when I clean with those, the whole room smells great and I feel great 😂


  2. I love being able to open the windows! We have been pretty busy or busy with work and all I want to do is clean up so I feel like I’m in control of my house again. Everything feels crazy right now. Never underestimate the power of a Clorox wipe! Haha 🙂

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