February wrap-up

Happy Wednesday everyone! Can you all believe that today is the LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY???? I sure cannot. It felt like February was a week long. Well anyways, I will be on my way home in 1 week for Spring Break and then by the time that is over, March will be half over and then I’ll be almost done with my first year at OU. Time is flying by and it’s so crazy. Well, let’s see how my February went in terms of my goals.

  1. Go to everyone CHAARG event (if my schedule permits)-I  went to every CHAARG event except one and it was because I had a work conflict
  2. Make a list of every assignment I have that’s due before Spring Break  so I can start getting head-I did this and I’ve been slowly but surely making my way down that list of things I have to do before and during Spring Break.
  3. Pick up more shifts at work!- I picked up 1 shift this month. Every single shift that people are asking off for I cannot take it. UGH
  4. Drink 64 oz of water- Same as every other month. Some days I hit it… other day I do not.
  5. KILL my interview I have next week- I think i did pretty well with this goal. I only messed up one question but I was able to recover from it. I still don’t know if i got the position but I will keep everyone updated.
  6. Read one book- Ugh this one didn’t happen but I’m going to try to read 2 books over Spring Break to compensate for this.
  7. Less screen time that isn’t for school!- I’ve been doing better but there isn’t really a way for me to measure this. However, i feel like I’ve improved.
  8. Workout every single day- For almost every day this month I’ve hit my step goal. There are only a few days (usually Sunday) that I’ve been very sedentary but I’ll work towards that this next month!

Well, that was my February… how was yours??

❤ Alicia ❤

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