Tips for eating vegan in a dorm

Hi, all and happy Monday. I have been having a lovely weekend. I got out of my room, worked out, I’ve been drinking water, had classes canceled today (flooding and we are literally next to a river sooooo) and have been getting ahead on school work, writing a lot, and I’m feeling pretty good.

A question I get asked a lot is how I eat vegan in my dorm room. Eating vegan in California is as most people would assume, easy. However, since moving to Ohio, a state where many schools have the first day of hunting season off of school, how is eating vegan possible? Especially living in a dorm.

The answer is sooooo easy. OU is in the top 10 most vegan campuses in the country (this only impacted my decision to go here a smidge) so it’s actually super duper easy to eat vegan on campus, and off campus too!

Here are some tips I have for eating vegan in a dorm (mainly specified to OU but can apply to other universities as well)

  1. Always opt for fruit and veggies- either in markets, dining halls, etc.
  2. Make sure your parents stock your fridge and pantry with vegan snacks (granola bars, fruit, oats, cookies, etc.) when they visit
  3. The salad bar will be your friend- just remember you can add so many things to salads and they don’t have to be just spinach and balsamic!
  4. Find dorm-friendly recipes
    1. Overnight Oats
    2. Gardein meats (microwavable)
  5. Before eating out, make sure there are vegan options where you’re going
  6. Stock your own fridge and pantry with vegan items- I go to Walmart or Kroger every other week to get oatmeal, peanut butter, almond milk, fruits, veggies, granola, cereal fake meat and more so I always have vegan goodies with me
  8. Choose the most flexible meal plan- This allows you yo spend your meal plan in the dining hall and markets so that you can still eat even if your dining hall isn’t too vegan in general or isn’t having a very vegan day.
  9. Invest in some kitchenware- Check with your university to see what it legal to have but at least keep Tupperware and bowls, plates, etc. so that you can prep food and then save it for later!
  10. Don’t be afraid to try new things- I’ve  tried curry, so many new vegetables, and soy chicken + ribs and it’s all been so good!

Now that you have these tips… go vegan!!

❤ Alicia ❤

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