March goals

Happy March everyone! I am pumped that it’s March because Spring is right around the corner and who oesn’t love Spring?????????? Anyway, as always, here are my goals for the month. Some are the same as my other months and some are different. Get ready 😉

  1. Read 2 books- As mentioned in my February wrap-up post, I didn’t read a book last month so I want to read 2 this month
  2. Actually get things done over Spring Break- I have plenty of homework to do over Spring Break and since I’ll be home for 10 days, I should have ample time to get it all done
  3. See my friends over Spring Break- With that being said, I also need to make time to see all of my friends… and snuggle my dog/
  4. Go to bed earlier- I am going to have some wake up at 5am days this month so obviously I’ll have to get to bed earlier so that I’m tolerable
  5. Finish ALL final projects (that I can) so I don’t have to worry about them in April- just one less thing to worry about during the hectic finals time
  6. Reach my step goal (12000 steps) 6 days a week minimum I was soooo good with this these past 2 weeks (probably because of this lovely weather) so I need to keep getting out there and active
  7. Do some Spring cleaning of my dorm and take home stuff i don’t use/need- I want moving out to be as painless as it can be so I’m going to try to bring some stuff home for break and then have my family bring things home when they come for mom’s weekend so I have a lot less things to trek home at the end of the semester
  8. Get outside and enjoy the weather- last week it was 80 degrees so let’s hope this continues on!

Those are my March goals, do you have any? If so, what are they?

❤ Alicia ❤

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