31 days of self-love challenge: Day 29

What words or beliefs do you (want to) live your life by?

In my 2018 intentions post, I posted a few quotes that I wanted my 2018 to go by, however, I really want to live past 2018 by them as well. Here they are again as well as a little snippet as to why I have chosen them.

“She designed a life she loved” I discovered this quote during the summer of 2016. During that summer, I took a much needed break from social media AND dropped a lot of negative people from my life. I like this because I needed to create a life that I loved and because of this quote. I have been actively trying to do just that.
> “I just really want to be the warm yellow light that pours all over everyone I love” This is something I have also always wanted to do. I love making people happy and I really hope that my actions reflect my goal of making others around me happy. There is something so rewarding about seeing others smile because of you and I just hope that I can make as many people happy, even for the smallest amount of time, as I can.
> “You just have to surround yourself with people that have the same heart as you” Something I tend to do is to try and fix people. I know how hard it is going through shit and I want to help others and hope they do the same in return. Most of the time, however, it doesn’t work that way. I need to surround myself with people who put in effort in relationships and who can put in 100% when I can’t (because I do the same because that’s how relationships work) and it’s a struggle for me because I really try to see the best in people and it can totally backfire for me. It’s hard to tell especially at first how they’ll fit (if at all) into your life and I just really need to listen to my gut to see if certain people are worth keeping around or if I may be better off not starting things or removing them from my life ASAP

What words do you want to live by?


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