31 days of self-love challenge: Day 28

Who are your role models and what qualities do you share with them?

I am not really a big fan of the whole role model thing if I’m being honest. To me, a role model entails that there is a person (or people) we want to be like. And if I’m being honest, I don’t want to be like anyone. I am myself and that’s all I want to be. There are bits of other people I like and would like to base myself off of, but nothing too notable.

However, if I did have to pick a role model, it would most certainly be Marilyn Monroe. I have been obsessed with her since I was in 8th grade when people told me I looked like her when my hair was curled. I have her on post-its, purses, wallets, posters, and I have quotes of hers all over everything. I think I look up to her because she was an incredible actress, human rights activist, and person in general but people just remembered her for her looks. She knew this, yet she kept doing what she loved.

What qualities do I share with Marilyn? We both struggle(d) with some mental things, however, we perservere(d) through as best that we could. We are (were) both loving, caring, individuals. We both want(ed) to change the world. We believe(d) in equal rights for all. There are also some things about her that I want to be still, such as more confident and wealthy (kidding sort of) and I’m slowly working on both of those things.

Who are your role models or do you not have any?


One thought on “31 days of self-love challenge: Day 28

  1. I think my Dad is my biggest role model. But if I had to pick someone famous, it would probably be Kesha. She’s fun and an awesome, caring person who’s gone thru so much but found the light on the other side. Or Demi Lovato because she’s the same way. Many powerful women to look up to in this generation, luckily. 😊

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